Why Are Barongs Still Popular Today

When we talk about cultural attires, there’s something appealing and different about the classic Filipino suit – the elegant pineapple fiber made Barong Tagalog.

Commonly seen being used in formal events in the Philippines, the barong tagalog, or simply known as barong, is a long-sleeved shirt praised as a national dress. From the way it looks to how it’s actually made, the barong’s exquisite taste in both fashion and history is a treat for anybody who’s seen it. However, one notable characteristic about this national dress isn’t about how it looks but how it withstood the test of time. Despite being old-fashioned, it seems like the barong tagalog has made its way into the hearts of many today in the world of fashion.

The fact that the barong hasn’t gone out of style yet is truly something worth taking notes on, considering it’s obviously not supposed to be worn in today’s era. But despite its seemingly old design, how come it’s still being held as one of the world’s most unique dresses? From its design, comfort, and the way it’s made, maybe we’ll know exactly why this piece of clothing is timeless on its own.

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