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Exploring the Best Free Proxy Services of the Year

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Exploring the Best Free Proxy Services of the Year

In the quest for online anonymity and unrestricted access, free proxy services are a sought-after solution for many internet users. This article provides insights into the best free proxy services available this year, highlighting their features and benefits.To get more news about proxy residential, you can visit official website.

What Are Free Proxy… Continue

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Black Box Testing

Functional Testing:

Functional testing is defined as the process of ensuring that each feature of a software programme performs in line with the requirements and specifications. This type of testing does not concern the application's source code. The software programs various features are assessed by inputting test data anticipating the outcome and comparing the result with the expected one. This evaluation focuses on inspecting elements like user interface, APIs, database…


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Odoo Development Company | Odoo ERP Development Services

Choose from a powerful stack of 10,000+ Odoo supported applications. Avail our end-to-end Odoo application development services to steer clear of your operational complexities and build resilience for your enterprise systems.

Industries We Serve

We, at Oodles, provide custom Odoo ERP development, Odoo customization and implementation services to cater to the diverse industry-specific needs of our clients.…


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ReactJS and ERP: A Combination for Modernizing Enterprise Application

Also, Read ReactJS Components and Data Communication

Why ReactJS for ERP?

Modular Architecture

ReactJS promotes a modular technique for application development, which aligns flawlessly with the modular nature of ERP structures. Each element of an ERP device, such as finance, inventory management, or human resources, can be developed as a separate React element, making it easier to keep and update character modules without affecting the complete device.

Seamless User…


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Use Case Testing and its element

Use Case Testing

What is the Use Case?

A use case is an approach for system analysis that identifies, clarifies, and organises needs. Use cases are a collection of conceivable sequences of interaction between the system and the user in a specific environment to achieve a specific goal.

It is a document of action performed by the user and how the system behaved on it.…


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Continuous Planning Optimization with Pinning: Efficient Motion Planning

In the modern world of robotics and autonomous structures, efficient movement planning is the linchpin for permitting safe and most fulfilling navigation via problematic environments. Legacy motion-making plan algorithms have grappled with multidimensional configuration areas, dynamic limitations, and the pressing need for actual-time replanning. This is where Continuous Planning Optimization with Pinning (CPOP) has emerged as a sport-converting answer, embraced via enterprise leaders and…


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Stripe Payment Integration in Odoo: A Comprehensive Guide

Configuration Part

First You Need To create a Developer Account in Stripe after that go to Developers Screen.

Inside the“Api Keys” tab you can get the “Publishable Key and Secret Key”which will be used in the Odoo Stripe configuration part later.

Now go to the Settings>Payments

Inside the Payment Method tab you can activate the available payment method that can we available on the payment screen according to the currency.

Now Need to Install the Stripe…


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Software Testing Life Cycle : A Comprehensive Guide

Software Testing Life Cycle

As we all know that software development is carried out by various methods that have different sequences of steps, and through following these steps a new software could be developed. The method is called a Soft Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The Software Testing is part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), software testing is completed by following the sequences of activities, these states will be carried out collectively in a sequence to…


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Strengthening Supply Chain Management Solutions Using RPA

Enterprises invest millions of dollars in building their supply chain infrastructure. While most businesses use different types of supply chain management solutions, complete process automation and data integration remains a challenge.

Besides, digital transformation is playing a crucial role in SCM and changing the way enterprises conduct operations, fulfill orders, and deliver products. The rapidly evolving RPA technology can boost an enterprise’s overall supply chain efficiency…


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Python for an ERP software development

ERP is an integrated system that overviews organizational tasks in a well-regulated way. According to a report by Statista 94% businesses claim that their data security has improved using ERP technologies. Oodles ERP is a dedicated custom ERP development company with a goal of furnishing enterprises with robust, enterprise-wide ERP software.

Many people believe that python is good as a prototyping language but in my view, the strength of Python is :- one could specialize in business…


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Augment Your Sales Efforts With Odoo CRM Development

Gaining a foothold in today’s competitive market can be challenging. As a business owner, you have to cope with dynamic customer needs, volatile market conditions, and stern regulatory policies. Above all, the cut-throat market competition in every industry makes things more difficult for most startups. That said, it has become essential for businesses to improve their customer services, augment sales efforts, and build healthy customer relationships. Developing an enterprise-grade CRM…


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Progressive Web App Development For eCommerce

The growing popularity of mobile devices made it essential for enterprises to develop apps separately for native mobile platforms. The process, however, is increasingly complex and requires a hefty financial investment. Since you are developing the same application to run across multiple platforms, it involves the use of multiple frameworks, tools, and SDKs. Thus, the development process becomes more expensive and time-consuming. Perhaps, a better alternative to native mobile apps is a…


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The Importance of Mobile ERP Solutions For Financial Management

The Importance of Mobile ERP Solutions For Financial Management

ERP application development and implementation have become increasingly important for businesses operating in all major industries. Implementing ERP systems renders an integrated software architecture for business process management with a focus on automating complex repetitive tasks. At the same time, it streamlines mission-critical business workflows, improves business communications, and builds resilience for the…


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ATS vs HRIS: Selecting The Right Software To Achieve Business Success

In today’s competitive business landscape, enterprises strive to gain complete control over their day-to-day business processes. That said, it is increasingly important to develop and implement a 360-degree enterprise software to sail through routine operational complexities. Managing human resources is one of the most crucial business functions that directly impacts the overall business productivity and profitability. As an enterprise grows and expands, human resource management becomes a…


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Cost Estimations For ERP Software Development

The average cost for an ERP software solutions depends on the features, scalability, support, and lots of more factors. We’ll even have to require under consideration the training needed for workers to get about the software, maintenance,up-gradation, etc. Depending on all those factors, the worth of ERPsoftware can vary. So let’s get to understand the kinds of ERP software, what proportion do they typically cost, and what we should always consider when picking one.

What Is ERP…


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The Best UX Practices For eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce websites and apps have gained significant traction over recent years mainly due to radical changes in customers’ buying patterns. With an increasing number of retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers opting for eCommerce, it has become a popular means to drive sales through online channels. However, developing and launching an online store does not offer a guaranteed increase in sales. As a matter of fact, a majority of newly built eCommerce websites fail to strike a chord due to…


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The Multi-Cloud Strategy For Legacy Application Modernization

The Multi-Cloud Strategy: Why Does It Matter?

As of today, the hybrid and multi-cloud models are gaining popularity worldwide. According to TechJury, 81 percent of enterprises either have a multi-cloud strategy in place or it is currently in progress. An extensive survey conducted by ParkMyCloud revealed that 74 percent of the respondents claimed to have benefited from a multi-cloud strategy. Now the question worth asking here is, ‘what is a multi-cloud strategy?’

The term…


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Role of developers in developing Web based ERP software solutions

The most important thing for developing an ERP system is that you should begin with a vision and build a blueprint for it. The blueprint is necessary for developing an ERP system and it includes each business function leader, the IT department, and the ERP Software developers who eventually develop the ERP systems. Determine the modules to be included and for each module, there will be an ERP application development.

The Technologies – ERP Software Development

-Information in a…


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Intelligent Enterprise Web App Development Using Machine Learning

Machine learning has gained significant traction in enterprise applications as it aids in delivering personalized user experiences across devices. When it comes to enterprise web app development, the use cases of machine learning have increased by leaps and bounds. After surpassing the $15 billion mark in 2021, the machine learning market is headed for new milestones. As predicted by the leading market research store, Research and Markets, the machine learning market is expected to hit the…


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Significance of a Cloud-based ERP software development for Education

Features of Cloud-based ERP for Education

>Interactive Dashboards

Cloud ERP development services features a well designed, easy-to-use interface where administration, employees, and students can interact with the system and each other. Dashboards are interfaces that comprise profiles for stakeholders to log on. Here, they can access data relevant to their position and the processes they are involved in. Also, it provides a view of KPIs pertaining to required CGPA or…


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Basics of ElasticSearch And Its Components

Elastic search is an analytics and search engine which is open source and distributed. It is developed in Java language and built on Apache Lucene. It allows you to store, search, and analyze large amounts of data faster and even in milliseconds. It is able to receive such a fast response because rather than searching the data directly it searches for its index. It uses a structure based on documents rather than database schemas. You can just imagine Elastic Search of a server receiving a…


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