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The Capacity of Mica Powder Production

The capacity of cement will rise for 10-15% if added with mica, and will rise for 20-30% if added mica and slag. It will also increase corrosion stability.

When producing mica powder, it can take the method of jointly grinding or separately grinding. The feeding mica fineness should be around 0.08mm (200 mesh), much smaller than other material.

Jointly grinding is to send the raw… Continue

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An Overview Of Gypsum

Gypsum is an important renewable resource, containing phosphorus, fluorine and other magazines, the main chemical components are CaO and SO3. gypsum mainly exist in four types of crystalline needles, tabular crystals, dense crystalline, crystal nuclei form. In phosphoric acid production process, part of the phosphate rock is not decomposed, gypsum washing the filtration process is not completely and the addition of additive are all reasons of gypsum containing phosphorus, fluorine and other… Continue

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1000 Mesh Quartz Stone Ultrafine Vertical Mill Operation Site

The main component of quartz stone is silica, which has good oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and stable physical and chemical properties. It is a commonly used industrial mineral raw material and has a wide range of applications. Quartz stone is generally processed into powder and used more, and quartz stone ultrafine vertical mill needs to be used.

With the development of industry, the demand for ultra-fine powder is getting higher and… Continue

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Factors Affecting Ultrafine Vertical Mill Running

the operating resistance of the ultrafine vertical mill determines the energy consumption, filtration efficiency and cleaning cycle of the dust removal system. once the operating resistance is too high, the work efficiency of the ultrafine vertical mill will be reduced, resulting in insufficient dust removal capacity, and will also affect the load of the entire system.

1. dust concentration at the entrance of the ultrafine… Continue

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The Structure Of The Vertical Roller Mill

The vertical roller mill is mainly composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotating part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and so on. Its main working part is a low-speed rotating cylinder mounted horizontally on the bearing, and the cylinder is equipped with a grinding body. The supporting device of the vertical roller mill should bear the rotating part of the whole mill, the grinding… Continue

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Blockage Or Wear Of Ultrafine Mill

Blockage of sieve holes generally causes the blockage of ultrafine mill sieve holes because the mud content and water content in the feed are high, which makes the material stick to the sieve holes and block the sieve holes. Solution: The screen holes should be cleaned first, and then the amount of water spray and the inclination of the screen surface should be adjusted… Continue

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The Shaking Of The Ultrafine Mill

During repair welding, the weld should be along the longitudinal direction of the pipe beam, and no transverse weld is allowed, otherwise the pipe beam will be easier to use. Fracture from transverse weld.

Beam fracture The ultrafine mill is mostly due to the long working time at the critical frequency, and the relaxation of a large number of high-strength bolts that fasten the… Continue

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Treatment Of Ultrafine Mill In Operation

The radial clearance of the bearing is too small, and the radial clearance of the ultrafine mill bearing is too small, which will cause the bearing to over-grind and heat up, mainly because the bearing has a large bearing capacity, a high frequency, and the load keeps changing.

Solution: It is recommended that the bearing adopts a large clearance. If it is a bearing with… Continue

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The Screening Effect Of The Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine mill is a kind of screening equipment that can be classified, dehydrated, de-slimed, de-intermediated and sorted. The vibration of the screen body is used to loosen, stratify and penetrate the material to achieve the purpose of material separation.

The screening effect of the ultrafine mill not only has a great impact on the product value, but also has a direct impact… Continue

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Improper Operation Of Kaolin Mining Plant

During installation, the bolts should be loosened, and the welding seam of the side plate and the bottom rib plate connecting the foundation and the flange should be cut open, and the pre-tightening bolts on the joint surface should be processed according to the above operation, and then welded.

If the location and cause of the leak cannot be determined, or if the operation effect is not good, you can try to fill the sealant around the kaolin milling equipment on-line surface flow… Continue

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During Routine Maintenance Of Grinding Mill

When the grinding mill leaves the factory, the head shaft of the scraper mechanism and the reducer are often installed together. When installing on site, the head shaft and the reducer mesher should be disassembled first, reconnected to the scraper shaft of each slot, and the scraper shaft should be checked.

If the rotation is not flexible, you can add an adjustment pad between the scraper bearing seat… Continue

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Vertical Roller Mill Maintain Regularly

The partition board or grate seam is blocked by some sundries or debris. In severe cases, it is completely blocked, and the grate hole becomes smaller, which causes the vertical roller mill to be "full grinding". If the vertical roller mill is not maintained regularly or is in disrepair for a long time, the partition plate may be partially broken off or perforated, causing the steel balls to pass through the warehouse and reducing the… Continue

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Lining Plate Of The Vertical Roller Mill

The water content of the grinding material is too high (usually 2.0%), and the ventilation in the cylinder is poor, so that the water vapor and fine materials generated during the grinding process cannot be taken out of the vertical roller mill in time.

It is too large and adheres to the surface of the steel ball and the lining plate of the vertical roller mill, which slows down the flow rate, makes the discharge of the… Continue

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Check The Main Bearing Hydraulic Station

To check the oil quantity and cleanliness, the oil quantity and cleanliness can be checked through the oil flow indicator, the observation hole on the hollow journal bush cover, the oil level indicator in the fuel tank, etc.

In addition, if the parking time is long in winter, the three-way cock at the water inlet of the main bearing can be turned to the waterproof position, and the siphon action can be used to discharge the accumulated water in the spherical tile through the water… Continue

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The Vertical Roller Mill Lining

Check whether the bolts between the connections are loose or abnormal, whether the mineral water supply is uniform, whether the gaskets and linings are seriously worn, and generally the wear degree of the vertical roller mill lining does not exceed 70%; 

Check whether the air compressor pressure is normal , Whether the operation is normal, whether the motor voltage and current are normal, whether the motor is overheated, whether the air duct leaks, etc. 

Check the wear of the steel… Continue

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The Process Of Ultrafine Vertical Mill

Ultrafine vertical mill debugging In the process of debugging, the motor should be turned first, and then the motor should be idling for 6 hours, and the voltage potential should be within the designed range, so that the bearing temperature should be maintained at 40 °C up and down.

During the debugging process, the load ultrafine vertical mill should also be operated to make it run for 20 hours for debugging.

If the ultrafine vertical mill runs smoothly, there is no abnormal… Continue

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Adjustment Of The Calcium Carbonate Mill

If there is a large misalignment of the bolt holes, then reconstruction work must be carried out. Secondly, according to the corresponding standard requirements, the datum point and the corresponding center mark should be buried, both of which are the basic basis for the installation and adjustment of the calcium carbonate mill.

In addition, before installation, the… Continue

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Mini Cement Plant Continue Production

The sliding shaft of the mini cement plant is worn for a long time and reaches a certain thickness, the spherical body of the mini cement plant and the tile lining are difficult to combine, and scratches will occur. In general, this kind of situation is mostly because the temperature of the clinker of the hollow shaft is too high, and the temperature of the outer surface of the hollow shaft is also high, which causes the lubricating oil to be too diluted, lose its viscosity, and it is difficult… Continue

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The Hollow Shaft Of Mini Cement Plant

The barrel screw and hollow shaft of the mini cement plant are broken. In the process of connecting the barrel and the hollow shaft of the mini cement plant, the barrel needs to have a through hole with the flange, and the pin is connected by a turnbuckle, and the through hole only needs to be connected with ordinary screws. , in which the hinged hole is mainly used for limit and positioning. 

After the mini cement plant runs for a long time, due to thermal expansion and cold contraction,… Continue

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The Power Of The Dolomite Powder Machine

When the dolomite powder machine is running empty, let the motor run for 2 hours under the condition of no load of the dolomite powder machine. During this period, ensure that the motor rotates in the correct direction and the accident button works normally and reliably to ensure safety.

If the motor runs normally when idling, the reducer should be idling for 2 hours. Connect… Continue

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