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Best batsman in the world

Skilled batsmen made the game of Cricket their own. Some greatest batsmen dominated Cricket throughout their careers. Since the cricket was born, there were far some greatest batsmen that the fans have witnessed. Those masterful strokes, trademark strokes, footwork, drives, hooks/pulls, and several other skillful strokes makes them lovers of the gentleman’s game go crazy. These are determined by their playing styles, statistical… Continue

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Best wicket keeper in the world

Wicket-keeping is a difficult job that necessitates complete focus and attention while on the field in order to extract a dismissal. A role that necessitates constant talent, intelligence, and adaptability. During a match, wicketkeepers are in charge of keeping the wickets, making crucial catches, and stumping. Throughout the entire game, wicketkeepers are an excellent observer. There have been some wicketkeepers who are also superb batsmen in the history of cricket.

Here’s a list of… Continue

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Best Captain In The World

Cricket is a game in which the captain’s job is very essential for the team's success. Equally, cricket captaincy is a very difficult role that requires not only superb cricketing skills but also outstanding leadership and management abilities. The captain is responsible for leading the team on and off the field, making vital decisions during the game, and maintaining team morale and unity. There have been some great captains from different nations in the history of cricket who made their teams… Continue

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Best finisher in the world

Cricket games are decided by incredibly small margins, so a batsman who can use a testy circumstance as a chance to lead the team becomes invaluable to victory. Players who can easily finish the game under pressure are known as finishers. Finishers are among the most thrilling to witness and have the capability to turn a game around. They are absolute game-changers and had pulled off miracles from nowhere. With their shrewd and powerful hitting on the cricket field, a number of finishers have… Continue

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Best all rounder in the world

The bowlers and batsmen are crucial to the team and frequently the ones who decide games. But what separates the two teams is the ability—or, in some circumstances, the mere existence of an all-rounder. An all-rounder is one of a cricket team's most important player. Every team makes an effort to have an all-rounder in their lineup in order to reach the ideal team balance. An all-rounder player is a team saviour who help team to win matches at any stage of the game.

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Fastest Bowler In The World

The fastest bowlers are always the most thrilling to watch in cricket. Cricket world has been endowed with some brilliant fast bowlers who have made a mark with a deadly combination of speed and precision. For top-tier batters, sheer pace has always been a challenge. Many batsmen scared by fast bowlers due to their incredible speed and accuracy. It has always been difficult to bowl fast because so takes a lot of strength and accuracy to do it consistently.

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Father of cricket

William Gilbert Grace, 18 July 1848–23 October 1915, an English amateur cricketer, is regarded as the father of cricket. Grace, a right handed batsman and bowler, controlled the game for most of his career. His profound influence and technical discoveries left an enduring legacy. 

WG Grace was a superb all around player who was exceptional at all three key positions of batting, bowling, and… Continue

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Best Spin bowlers of All Time

In all forms of cricket, spinners have been deceiving the batsmen for years with their web of spin. Since its inception, spin bowling has developed as an art form. Any batsman's ability to stay on the wicket is hampered by the abundance of variations available, including googly, topspin, slider, and flipper. Only after developing the ability to spin the ball well against the opposition can it be employed as a weapon. Any team they play for would be lucky to have them as a match… Continue

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