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Which Italian marble is best For Flooring?


If you want to make your home look more elegant and luxurious, Italian marble flooring might be the way to go. But which type of Italian marble will give your home the most attention-grabbing appearance? In this blog post, we'll take a look at three types of Italian marble flooring as well as their pros and cons so that you can decide which one is right for your… Continue

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Reasons Why Marble Is Perfect For New-Age Architects And Interior Designers

A precious rock with many different qualities, marble. It is one of the relatively few rocks of its kind. The extraordinary beauty of this rock is the main factor in its usage in art and building. Contrarily, its exceptional chemical characteristics make it one of the greatest materials for use in medicines and agriculture.

Marble is ideal for use in paper, paint, and cosmetics because of its optical qualities. Marble is employed for various construction projects due to its… Continue

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Why We Choose Imported Marble ?

Marble is an excellent choice for flooring or an antique, extravagant, opulent, and aesthetically pleasing piece of stone for bathtubs and countertops. It can be a daunting task for people who are unfamiliar with these beautiful naturally occurring natural stones.

1. The marble looks spectacular: When it comes to appearance, no other stone comes close to marble. It is the most valuable naturally occurring stone. Marble is… Continue

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How to Select Italian Marble for Flooring?

Italian marble is the most popular type of marble in the world. It’s a natural stone that’s been used for centuries to create beautiful floors and other building materials.

Its one of the most highly sought-after types of marble, but it can also be expensive. If you want to use Italian marble in your home or business, you need to know how to select Italian marble for flooring.

Why People… Continue

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Best Luxurious Marble Wall For Living Room

You spend a lot of time and effort in your living room or front room. The living room is where all family members spend the majority of their free time. It is typically used for unwinding, spending time with family, or entertaining visitors. The family room can serve a variety of functions depending on the design of your home. It is frequently used as a traditional sitting area, a place to stare at the television.

The great combination of dark marbled and rich wood grain has an… Continue

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Natural Marble Vs Trendy Marble

Marble is a popular choice for versatile use these days. But with natural marble so expensive, many homeowners are opting for engineered trendy marble instead. This blog will look at some of the features of each and help you to decide if you should choose trendy marble over natural marble.

Natural marble is a natural stone that has been subjected to intense geological pressure and heat. The textures are a result of other minerals present around the stone.

Engineered marble is… Continue

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Tips On How Can We Choose The Right Marble For The Bathroom

Marble is world-famous for its distinct veined texture and wide range of colors. It is a metamorphic rock with a long history, used to adorn castles and palaces for hundreds of years. Because of its durability and versatility, this natural stone has found its way into average home designs all over the world, adding lasting value and marketability to a home.

Marble has a natural warmth that adds a refined element to any space it is used in. Its distinct appearance, variety of… Continue

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What You Will Choose Between Tiles And Granite For Flooring?

Both tile and granite are natural stones having extraordinary features such as long-lasting, classy, study choices for flooring in interiors.

It is very important to choose the right building material for flooring purposes. When choosing between granite and tile, it all depends upon the space where it's being used and also the ease of installation, and cost.

Granite marble and tiles both are… Continue

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What are the variety of natural stones marked by exquisite designs?

Radhamadhav Marble p ltd is a leading company in India as traders, importers & exporters of various marbles, and different stones. We offer a rich variety of natural stones marked by exquisite designs.

Exotic White Marble Range

The range of Exotic White Marble is designed in highly attractive style with unmatched polishing to make it the best option to utilize in enhancing the beauty of interiors. This stone… Continue

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Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Ways To Use Marble In Inetrior

Marble has a comeback in the interior design world. We'll guide you through innovative ways to use marble to add a classic touch to your decor while keeping it modern

Use Marble Columns To Delineate Space

The concept of a life is becoming more and more common. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a spacious family home, this floor plan opens up the space and makes it feel less stuffy and cramped

Make marble part of a wall or floor

If the… Continue

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Things to Recognize Before hand Choosing and Installing Marble Flooring

Because of the alluring look, nowadays natural stones are growing in popularity, especially in the case of the marble floor. Its heat-resistant landscapestypes, the flawless choice for the kitchen. By correct sealing and shining, this porous stone developswater-resistant. So, you mightcan repeatedlycustom it in your restrooms.

Mean while marble grows its shinyarrival by polishing it, you might can…


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Purpose to Select Marble for Your Interior

If you are looking to renovate your interior then there is a moral fortuitous that you’ve originated across the marble. After all, meanwhile ancient times this natural stone is the first prodigious choice for the interior. Interior with marble in bid numerous paybacks and here in this blog we will discuss the few reasons as to why select marble for your interior.

After reading this, you will get to know why marble would the best option for the interior.

1. Beautiful natural…


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The Art Of Wall Cladding With Marble by Radhamadhav Marble

Marble inserts character to your walls. It describes the space and delivers sense to the area. Wall cladding through light-colored marble stretches a broader intelligence of space, and aids procedure a beautiful background for the creation and additional interior accompaniments; however duskier, leading colors bounce a single individuality prompting ace of the space. Marble cladding allows the space to stance the trial of time and styles preservation calmer.

Exterior Wall…


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Pro Tips While Shopping For Marble

Nothing can beat marble as a luxury material for the interior. Let’s deliberate the worth and natural exquisiteness of marble. Each chic of marble is hard-wearing and relaxed to uphold. Respectively piece proposals an exclusive kind of attractiveness.

Here are your one-stop marble buying pro tips to take care of all your marble necessities.

• Each piece is unique with a marble countertop, so your neighbors will not take the same stone-like you. Natural stone especially marble…


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Nine Must - Have Marbles That Would Woo Your Interiors

Marble has been a renowned stone among architects and constructors for ages and is chosen by almost every homeowner for kitchen and bathroom countertops who want an elegant look for their house. This natural stone has been chosen for years because of its performance and ability to create an aesthetic space. What is overlooked, is the capability of the natural rmm stone to be used for flooring. Many present-day…


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Why Are Granite Countertops Great For Outdoor Kitchens?

Having an outdoor kitchen is perfect if you enjoy your occasional barbeque party or get-together on the patio. Choosing the right countertop for your outdoor kitchen also depends on a few things like exposure to the surroundings and the changing weather conditions. Granite is considered a better option when it comes to outdoor kitchen countertops because of the virtue that it is one of the most sought-after stones.

A home will always need to have a welcoming look to make guests feel…


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The Biggest Suppliers Of Best Quality Marble

Radhamadhav marble, one of the biggest Suppliers of Best Quality Marble. We Deal in various types of Marbles. Visit our website to check out our best quality products collection.

At Radhamadhav Marble, we offer our clients a high-quality cluster of Marble. Marble is manufactured using advanced tech tools as per the set industry standards. Our marble is very demanded its advantages like it provides beautiful texture, strength and perfect finish.

Our range of marble is highly…


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Is Granite marble better For wall and Flooring?

Granite are opted by innumerable lucrative projects whose main aim is to make the space look sophisticated and look elite. Thus , if you're not new to the beauty of this amazing Marble stone or limit yourself to use of granite just for kitchen or bathroom countertops , listed below are few beneficiaries of installing granite marble for…


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Which Marbles are the best for your wall?

Marbles are a thing of beauty and are known by everyone for their quality. They have been engineers' and architects' top-prioritized products for ages. Thus, no matter which colours or variant of Marble you choose for your space it can never go in vein and would show out the best results. Marbles are a perfect fit for your interior for flooring, wall cladding, and Countertops.

Marbles have a very wide variety of colours that starts with the purest whites to the most intense white…


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What country has the cheapest marble?

Marble, in all its glory, is found in many countries all over the world. From Michelangelo’s David to the Taj Mahal of Mughal era, are living proofs of the timelessness and elegance of Marbles. Marbles are mined in many countries some of which include China, Spain, Italy, India, Turkey among others .

Spanish Emprador and Red Chigenare famous marbles from Spain; Grey Gohara stoneis mined in Iran; Volakas, Thassos, Achilles, and Arcadia Greyare from Greece; Carrara, Statuario, and…


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