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Team Building Activities in Pune: Building Strong and Cohesive Teams with Taal Inc

Team building activities are a critical aspect of organizational development and play a crucial role in the success of a company. A strong and cohesive team can improve employee morale, increase productivity, and drive overall business success.

In Pune, team building activities have become increasingly popular, and companies are investing in these… Continue

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Is there any age limit to attend these sessions?

All our sessions and Online Drum Classes are designed in a way that anyone over the age of 10 years can attend them and the fact that you’ll be attending these sessions from home, you can Learn To Play Drums Online and can certainly join with your wife, children, parents, relatives, neighbors or just about anyone.

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Revisiting Taal Inc.s’ Memorable Performance At Damru 2012

What do you get when you mix the tremendous energy of youth, a few grandmasters, an unparalleled zeal and millions of beats? What you get is ‘Damru’ one of the country’s biggest Percussion Festivals and we at Taal Inc. have been fortunate to play at a few of them but there’s one that stands out, ‘Damru’ 2012 where we the Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble not only performed but our founder director and Djembefola Extraordinaire, Varun Venkt also curated the finale with some of the biggest and most…


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Taal Inc. 1 on 1 Online Classes: Djembe Classes + Kids In Rhythm

Here we are again, in the middle of a sequel we didn’t ask for. The almost lockdown is upon us again and it brings back some bitter memories. But let’s not forget all the good things that the previous lockdown introduced us to. Let’s go back to things that kept us going in in the long months of the lockdown. From connecting with our friends and loved ones on a daily basis to the dalgona coffees. From all the dishes we perfected to online classes and since we’re talking of online classes,…


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The Musical Brainchild of Varun Venkit and Taal Inc.’s SUPER band!

Taal Inc. & Friends is a band featuring some of the country’s finest musicians and that plays traditional West African folk tunes in a contemporary and modern way.

This project is an amalgamation of traditional West African folk songs, afro rhythms, percussive melodies, groovy basslines and devastatingly exploratory improv sections. All in all – it is a treat for every kind of listener. Each song tells a story…


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Taal Inc. Holi Drum Circles: A Celebration of Rhythm And Colours

We’ve recently celebrated the festival of colours in the country and where I come from, Rangpanchami is also celebrated with equal enthusiasm and as I’m writing this blog on the day of Rangpanchami, I can’t help but trace the cultural interpretations of the festival and the diversity of it makes me wonder joyfully. Apart from the use of colours, another common factor that’s always associated with holi is music and that association brought back memories from some of the Holi Drumming sessions…


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The Places Taal Inc. Has Been. Part I

Taal Inc. was started nearly 15 years ago with introducing and pioneering the art of facilitating Drum Circles in the country. Having the foundation in the vibrant city of Pune, we first had our base in this very city and for a few years initially, we mastered our art right here, organized sessions for Team Building Activities In Pune and Drum Circles for Healing and mental health but it was…


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Drumming Circles for Healing

We as Taal Inc. have previously conceptualised and facilitated these junk percussion sessions as Team Engagement Activities in Pune and elsewhere and also as Drumming Circles for Healing but never before have we used such a unique set of instruments in our sessions. It was such an unusual yet melodious blend of pieces like old briefcases,tyre rims, old utensils and plastic buckets, shakers made of plastic…


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Online Djembe 1 on 1 Classes with Varun Venkit

Learn Djembe online with the country’s one and only Senior Certified Djembe Instructor, a powerhouse drummer and an internationally acclaimed Drum Circle Facilitator.

Always been fascinated with Djembe and wanted to learn how to play? Well, What better time to do it than now? You can now take up Online Drum Classes with the man himself, Varun Venkit from the comfort of your home. Varun is the only Senior Certified…


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How long lasting are the effects of a drum circle?

The first group drumming session(team building Pune) creates the most euphoria and high energy. This helps us ask many reflective and introspective questions regarding the self, our connection with others and the organisation as a whole. However, the longer we drum (over a period of time), the more nuanced and long-lasting will be the results or takeaways.

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Creative Art Therapy | Taal Inc.

The good news is, we at Taal Inc. have in-house experts for both who have worked with a wide range of populations such as special needs children, geriatric populations, at risk groups, hearing or visually imapaired adults/ children and individuals seeking counseling and therapy using Creative Art Therapy through modalities such as Drumming, Music Making, Theatre and Creative writing on individual and group level with the…


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Why are we sharing this information with you?

One, because it’s important and two because we’re going to shed some light on the importance of therapy in corporate setups in this article. People spending long hours on work, fulfilling tasks and meeting deadlines, facing competition and financial insecurities often find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance resulting in compromised productivity and stress. Therapy at work can help them achieve overall well-being by dealing with their issues in constructive ways.



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Expressive arts therapy is a whole other modality

Note that if you have done many of these more-focussed and privately-run dance, music or visual art based courses, this does not make you (as you would intuitively like to conclude) a creative arts therapist or an expressive arts therapist. In short, dance therapy + visual art therapy + music therapy ≠ expressive arts therapy. Expressive arts therapy is a whole other modality and is to be treated that…


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Self-care Through Creative Arts

Welcome to an experiential session, using the medium of creative arts therapyfor enhancing self-awareness, leading towards self-growth and development by expressing, exploring and loving the true self.

My journey of Arts began when I started to move/dance authentically, to express myself. Up until then, dance meant only performance. I then explored various arts as a medium to achieve non-performance goals. As I moved…


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Lack of meaningful relationships at workplace

We as humans crave for meaningful connections in life and also at work. Not having good friends to share joy, achievements and lows at the workplace can take a toll and cause stress to employees. A Taal Inc. Drum Talks session is one of the most effective team-building activities in pune in the list corporate training tools and helps participants improve interpersonal relationships and make…


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Taal Inc: The Best Drum Circle Experience!

Whether it is a Taal Inc. Drum Circle at a Company as their Team Building Activity in pune or a student reviewing his experience after a three month West African Djembe Module, the aim is to bring out the best in each and every one through rhythm, music and the arts.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Needless to say, client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We make sure…


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Learn How to Facilitate a Drum Circle

The Taal Inc. Find Your Inner Rhythm Intensive program has been running for 5 years and counting. It is a certified, graded training course to learn how to use rhythm and music in a group setting in various forums namely educational, recreational, corporate training and for kids. This course is for ANYONE who wants to learn how to facilitate drum circles and bring about positive change through experiential learning. Come, learn how to become a Drum Circle Facilitator



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Creative Art Therapy

Now since work from home or WFH is becoming the new normal and getting out of our houses freely is still a little far, it can take a toll on the mind and cause stress and anxiety and for you to deal with that effectively. The Creative Art Therapy facilitators at Taal Inc. have put together a list of 15 art therapy activities for you to try at home to get in touch with the creative child within you by working with the Building…


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Expressive Arts Therapy at Taal

Over the last decade we’ve moved from a proprietorship to a private limited company. I am happy and proud to be on the board of directors along with my colleagues Mr. Janak Vadgama and Dr. Anand Godse. To truly spread the benefits of group drumming and events across the country, we started a train the trainer course. We’ve progressed from having just one drum circle facilitator and two employees to having a thirty member team, of which, twelve are facilitators and teachers, all of whom have…


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Aman Joshi speaks to Anshu Kering Jodhawat about Art Based Interventions for Special Needs Groups

In our latest addition in the ongoing series of Vlogs, I got to interact with Anshu Kering Jodhawat (who is a Drum Circle and Art Talks Facilitator with Taal Inc.) about Taal Inc. Art Talks. This is an umbrella under which she has facilitated many art based projects for special groups. Along with the awe inspiring and goosebump inducing anecdotes, we also talked about the lives that Taal Inc. Art Talks has impacted or it’ll be safe to say, transformed. Another topic we touched upon is an…


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