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Discover the best B2B Jewellery App for Wholesale Purchases online

Goldsetu offers an innovative B2B jewellery app that offers over 1 lakh gold and diamond jewellery designs. In addition to being the largest jewellery wholesaler, the app is designed to meet the specific needs of modern jewellery businesses with features such as client management, digital inventory, and marketing tools. Goldsetu offers a free e-commerce website to showcase and sell jewellery products to a wider audience. Retailers can also access a range of ready-to-use jewellery banners to…


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Why Choose Goldsetu - Jewellery Store App?

In the digital age, a B2B jewellery app like Goldsetu can be a game-changer for jewellery retailers. With access to a vast collection of jewellery designs at wholesale prices, ready-to-use banners for promotion, a free eCommerce website, and tools to create digital inventory and catalogues, jewellers can easily organize their inventory, promote their business, and expand their reach. Goldsetu's user-friendly app and skilled design team make it easy for jewellers to find the perfect jewellery…


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Discover The Best Jewellery Online Shopping App for Jewellers

Are you a jeweller looking for the best jewellery shopping app in India? Look no further than Goldsetu. With its advanced features, Goldsetu is rapidly transforming the Indian jewellery business and providing jewellers with a one-stop shop to buy, market, and sell their gold collections. With the Goldsetu B2B store, you can access over 1 lakh products with a premium finish, including jhumkis, bangles, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. The "My Store" feature allows you to manage your…


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Tested Ways That Will Make Your B2B Jewellery Business Boom

Goldsetu is a cutting-edge B2B jewellery app created to assist jewellery business owners in expanding, boosting sales, and enhancing profitability. It has many features, like a B2B store, an eCommerce website, social media marketing, business management tools, and jewellery designs that are popular right now. Retailers can focus on their best-selling items and manage their inventory with the help of the Goldsetu app, which gives them access to a wide variety of gold and diamond B2B jewellery…


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What You Need to Know When Buying B2B Gold Jewellery?

Goldsetu is a B2B gold jewellery app that provides a solution for retailers struggling to find the right products for their stores. It offers over 1 lakh BIS hallmark certified designs that can be added to a custom-built website or app using the "my store" feature. The app also provides promotional banners for social media marketing, and the company provides safe and insured counter delivery with no minimum order size. Retailers are reminded to check for authentic certification and proper…


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Facts making Goldsetu the best Jewellery Shopping App for jewellers

Goldsetu is a jewellery shopping app for Indian jewellery retailers that provides a platform for transforming their offline business model into an easy and amazing online setting. With over 1 Lakh jewellery designs in the app, retailers have access to a digital catalogue and can create a jewellery reselling app and a website filled with Goldsetu's digital jewellery. Read more about it here.…


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What are the Benefits of Customised gold jewellery?

Customised gold jewellery is gaining popularity among jewellery buyers as it offers unique and personalised jewellery pieces. It can help businesses increase customer satisfaction, improve profit margins, and build their brand. Goldsetu is a trusted brand that offers a wide range of high-quality custom-made gold and diamond jewellery at aaj ka sone ka bhav that can help jewellery stores take their business to the next level. Read more here.…


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Reasons Why Goldsetu's B2B Gold Jewellery is The Best Option for Retailers

Goldsetu is an innovative and reliable supplier of B2B gold jewellery designs. Their Jewellers app offers a range of features, including a B2B store, My store, and Marketing tools, to help Indian retailers purchase, showcase, market, and sell gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery in one convenient location. The B2B store has an extensive collection of over 1 lakh trendy jewellery designs, including gold bangles, earpieces, necklaces, rings and more. Additionally, every product purchased is…


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Goldsetu's Bandhanam event Showcases the Number 1 Jewellery App for Jewellers

Goldsetu’s Bandhanam event showcased to retailers why their B2B business app is the best jewellery app for jewellers to take their business digital.

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Celebrate Akshay Tritiya With These Outstanding Gold Jewellery Designs

Akshaya Tritiya is a significant festival on the Hindu calendar, and people believe that buying gold on this day brings them luck, prosperity, and success. With the festival approaching, many customers will use online jewellery shopping apps to buy gold jewellery online, making it crucial for jewellery sellers to stay updated on the latest customer buying trends. The blog recommends selling bridal jewellery items like Mangalsutra, Kanthi, long and short necklaces, chokers, and bangles, as…


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Buy These Attractive Ladies And Gents Gold Rings This Akshaya Tritiya

The popular sone ki ring styles for Akshaya Tritiya and how Goldsetu's B2B store can assist jewellers in meeting their customers' needs.

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Choose From The Best Gold Coins Online This Akshay Tritiya

The article guides you on what factors to consider while you buy gold coin online in India during the popular Akshaya Tritiya holiday. It emphasises the importance of considering purity, denomination, certification, making charges, and packaging and recommends buying from credible sources such as banks or government mints. Goldsetu-partnered jewellers can assist with any confusion, and researching the market is crucial.…


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Rising Sone Ka Bhav Boosts Lightweight Jewellery Sales

The growing popularity of lightweight jewellery in India is primarily due to the rise in sone ka bhav. Jewellers are investing in lightweight jewellery to cater to changing consumer preferences, and many are turning to online platforms like the Goldsetu app to sell their products. The Indian government's decision to raise the import duty on precious metals is expected to affect the sone ka bhav in India. Overall, the jewellery industry in India is adapting to changing market conditions and…


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5 Tips for Styling Your Outfit with Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is a timeless and versatile accessory. Jewellery shopping apps make it easy to find the best gold jewellery. To style your day with awesomeness, you can shop for various types of jewellery, including fox kanthi, necklaces, bracelets, and many more. You can read a detailed styling guide here.…


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A revolutionary Jewellers App for your Business

The Indian jewellery industry is going through a digital revolution due to increased demand and inflated prices. Goldsetu's Jewellers App streamlines businesses, provides access to HUID-certified jewellery designs, and allows easy customisation. It also offers marketing tools and helps manage inventory and payments. The app is a reliable and trustworthy partner for jewellers. Read here to learn more about what you can gain with the app and how it can boost your sales. Know More…


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Beautiful and Stylish B2B Gold Jewellery for Your Shop with Goldsetu!

Retailers and jewellers are becoming more and more interested in the high finish of Goldsetu's B2B gold jewellery. Jewellers provide their customers with Goldsetu's finest gold jewellery, which leaves them mesmerised and ecstatic. To learn more about the reasons Jewelers prefer Goldsetu. Learn more about this here.

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5 Timeless and Beautiful Jewellery Gifts ideas to gift her this spring season

Jewellery gifts are a timeless choice for any remarkable woman in your life. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or holiday, a thoughtful piece of jewellery can show how much you care. From choker necklaces to diamond bracelets and earrings to necklace sets and rings, endless options exist to fit any style and budget. To make the process easier, you can browse a jewellery online shopping app from your home. Whether you choose a classic piece or something more unique, you're sure…


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The best B2B jewellery app in India

Goldsetu's App is one of the greatest online jewellery apps in India, setting the way for the digital jewellery industry. You're sure to discover the perfect goods to satisfy your clients' requirements with so many styles and designs to select from, from traditional, timeless pieces to contemporary jewellery that's currently on trend. Goldestu's app is the first b2b jewellery app that provides jewellers with more than wholesale rates on the best quality gold and diamond jewellery.…


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Khidri Dates

Buy Khidri dates unmistakable sweet, raisin-like flavor and caramel aftertaste, which are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Soft, chewy and loaded with health benefits, these are deep red in colour and have light, flaky skin. Relish these as an after-dinner dessert, but ideally at room temperature, not straight out of your refrigerator.

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Dazzling bridal jewellery sets available on B2B jewellery app in 2023

Weddings are important events, and the bride wants to look her best on her big day. Getting the right accessories, especially bridal jewellery, can change how the wedding dress looks as a whole. Bridal jewellery comes in many different styles, from antique to diamond, from floral to temple and polki. The most popular types of bridal jewellery are vintage, diamond, floral, temple, and polki. These styles stand for beauty, grace, and a commitment that will last. Indian brides especially choose…


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