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Navigating currency conversion and understanding exchange rates

Currency conversion is a fundamental mechanism that fosters economic relationships between nations. It enables businesses to expand globally, travellers to explore new horizons, and investors to diversify their portfolios. As we delve deeper into the intricacies of currency conversion, we uncover its profound influence on the interconnected web of the modern world's financial landscape. 

In this article, we will delve into converting British Pounds (GBP) to Indian Rupees (INR) and…


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A Brief on NRE FD Features

Fixed Deposits are a favourite investment choice for all Indians. Whether you reside in the country or overseas, you save money and invest it in different financial instruments to earn decent returns. Travelling abroad for better opportunities has become common in India. But one habit that remains constant is the accumulation of funds for emergencies and future expenses.

The… Continue

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Who Should Invest in Money Market Funds?

Investors with a low-risk appetite always seek investment opportunities that maintain the liquidity of their funds and offer decent returns. Various Debt Funds are designed keeping this in mind, and Money Market Funds are one of them.

About Money Market Funds

Money Market Mutual Funds refer to short-term Debt Funds. They invest their corpus in different…


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Answering Common Questions about Online Remittance to India

You want the best for yourself and your family. You want to pursue higher education and secure a decent job. You would also like to financially support your loved ones when you move away to pursue any of these dreams. As you move overseas, your citizenship status changes from an Indian citizen to a non-resident Indian. As you gain the NRI status, your priorities change. Remittance becomes a primary banking priority.

You may need to…


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Can You Convert Your Resident Savings Account into Nre Account?

If you are moving abroad soon and aiming to attain non-resident Indian status, you should know that you cannot continue with your existing Resident Savings Account. But what should you do with the funds saved in it? Can you convert it into a Non-Resident External Account? Or does it need to be a Non-Resident Ordinary Account?

The Reserve Bank of India has allowed NRIs to operate three accounts in India: NRE, FCNR, and NRO Account. You can select whichever is suitable depending on your…


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how to Use a Currency Converter for USD to Inr?

Today, if you are a non-resident Indian living in the USA, you might want to convert your earnings from USD to INR, for various reasons. Similarly, if you travel to the USA for vacation, business, or study, you should know the prevailing conversion rates between the two currencies.

Presently, doing so is easy. You can simply use an online currency converter to calculate the USD to…


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Currency Exchange Secrets To Know Before The Next Overseas Trip

Everyone is excited to go on a trip, especially out of India. Very few things can beat the thrill that foreign travel affords. However, you must set a budget before packing your luggage and booking the tickets. Since travelling abroad is expensive, we all love to get the most value for our money. Currency conversion significantly affects the tour budget.

Usually, when you convert US Dollar to Indian…


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What Are The Benefits Of The Currency Converter?

Do you reside in a foreign country? Are you frequently sending money to your family in India or repatriating money back to your current country of residence? Thanks to the online currency converter tool, you can now calculate the foreign exchange rates of all the major global currencies. Evaluate the exchange rates between two currencies in seconds using the calculator.

A currency converter is an online mechanism designed to convert and calculate…


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Functions And Benefits Of Using Currency Converters

Most universal currency converters are available freely. They accommodate travellers and forex traders who want to know how their home currency will increase or decrease when visiting a different country. Currency conversion is necessary. A currency that cannot be converted creates substantial obstacles to commerce and tourism.


What functions does the converter serve?


Using universal currency converters offers several advantages for forex…


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What Are The Perks Of An Online Currency Converter?

Forex Trading is one of the lucrative businesses attracting many investors from around the globe. Learn how to trade with and convert currencies with the help of many tools and finance applications. The online mode has led to the development of many online currency converters. These tools are well-designed to answer all the questions related to currency exchange rates.

They make it easier to convert…


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SENSEX is one of the most buzzing words that each one of us comes across every single day. Most of us read about it in the newspapers, watch on a news channel and hear from our friends or colleagues who regularly invest in stock markets. Further, phrases like Sensex today live, Sensex went up by 200 points, etc are common too. So, what does SENSEX actually mean? What is it? Let's find out!



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What Is Margin In Stock Trading?

What Is Margin?

Margin is the amount that is assigned by a broker in order to buy an investment, and it represents the gap between the investment's total worth and the loan sum. Margin trading is the procedure of using money borrowed from a broker to trade a financial asset that is used as security for the broker's loan. These margins allow the trader to hold their positions for a specific time period, generally, the number of days the position can be carried forward in addition to…


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8 International Money Transfer Tips Nris Should Know

According to the law, a non-resident Indian is some holding Indian citizenship but residing out of India for employment, business, study, or other purposes for an unknown period. There are plenty of growth opportunities available overseas. But your family residing in India relies on you during an economic crisis.

Therefore, international money transfer assists your loved ones even while…


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Principles To Follow While Using Remittance Services

Over the years, the number of Indians moving overseas has increased. The common reasons include employment opportunities, business, higher education, etc. Shifting abroad does not make them lose ties with their homeland. Staying connected becomes crucial to fulfilling financial responsibilities back home. This is where banks assist with their money transfer services.

Using such Remittance channels is…


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A Rundown On How Bank Remittance Works

With technological advancements, the world has become smaller and more connected. Today, interacting with someone across borders is as convenient as communicating in the same vicinity. The same goes for money transfers. Banks provide flexible channels to send money across borders. Such services serve helpful when you move abroad and want to transfer earnings back home.

The transfer takes up to a few hours to days, depending on the…


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What Are The Benefits Of A Currency Converter?

A software programme or website that offers simple conversion of currency values based on current exchange rates is called a currency converter. These free online currency converters make it simple to instantly change the value of a currency to another, such as dollars to euros or euros to pounds, and vice versa. Tourists may use online currency converters when deciding how to transfer back home, i.e.,…


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Learn About NRE And NRO Fixed Deposits Through Faqs

Your income and savings bring value only when you put them to good use. Letting them grow is the best way to do this. Several investment vehicles let you do this. They multiply your surplus funds for achieving wealth growth. Many Non-Resident Indians look for safe avenues as growth should not come at the cost of risk. Banks fulfil this criterion with various investment products. A famous avenue among them is an NRI Fixed Deposit.

As the interest rate gets pre-determined, it poses…


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What Are The Ways To Transfer Money Overseas?

Transferring money overseas has become relatively simpler these days. You do not have to undergo various formalities to make such transactions. Thanks to the availability of International Money Transfer facilities, it does not take too long to do so. You can instantly send any amount to your relative, friend, or family living abroad. But before you avail of such facilities, you should have adequate knowledge about them.

Learning about the different methods is a good start. Following…


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Want To Invest In Sips? Make A Note Of These Things

Often, people do not have large sums to invest. This lack eventually stops them from kickstarting their investment journey altogether. Considering this issue, fund houses offer a Systematic Investment Plan. It is an investment plan that follows an orderly structure. It allows you to invest small amounts at regular intervals, both of which you determine.  Hence, a SIP scheme is excellent for first-time investors.

It is easy to understand and does not necessitate huge investments.…


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What Should You Know About Instant Loans?

There are times when many of us come across some unexpected personal expenses for which we may not have enough funds. An Instant Loan is the right option in such situations. These are easy to apply online and are for shorter tenure involving quick processing. Most of them also require minimum documentation and are disbursed quickly.

A Personal Loan for the self-employed is for the…


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