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Computer network support specialists

Introduction to Computer Network Support Specialist

The Computer Network Support Specialists are the trained experts and are extremely helpful in the computer networking of an organization. They provide assistance and guidance to system users and businesses. The system experts either support computer networks or they provide technical help directly to computer users. They investigate, test, troubleshoot, and evaluate present network systems, such as local area network (LAN), wide area…


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Audio Visual Technician

An Audio Visual Technician sets up, tests, operates, assesses, and repairs equipment required for live events, such as music concerts, sporting events, virtual classrooms, video conferences, such as Skype or Webex, and entertainment shows. These individuals work with projectors, sound systems, microphones, sound mixing equipment, overhead projectors, video cameras, recording equipment, adjust amplifiers, video screens, speakers, and lighting. An Audio Visual Technician aid educators, program…


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Tower Technician Jobs

Telecom tower technicians are people who specialize in the installation, servicing, maintenance, and decommissioning of cell phone towers. They work with a variety of hardware, including coaxial cables, antenna, radios, and fiber-optic cables.

Telecom companies need telecom tower technicians to ensure that their networks remain operational. Without the services of tower technicians,…


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Infrastructure Technician

To keep up the normal business function of various sectors an infrastructure technician delivers maintenance to internal and external stakeholder, helping them to increase their productivity by using technology to perform the jobs. Technicians make use of different tools and techniques to solve the issues and fixes non-routine issues.

The work may also include systems support and resolving issues to maintain the organization’s productivity.

In the IT field, these technicians…


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Cyber security job description

Cyber Security Specialist is responsible for providing security during the development stages of software systems, networks and data centers. The professionals have to search for vulnerabilities and risks in hardware and software. They manage and monitor any attacks and intrusions. The Security Specialist has to recognize the potential threat or attempted breach by closing off the security vulnerability. They build firewalls into network infrastructures.

The professional should…


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Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Firstly, when it comes to learning materials, Computer Science and electrical students are taught how to build computer systems, how to utilize data storage and how to fix any issues that arise in the software. Throughout the course, they will discover how to code through a selection of computer languages, from Python, Javascript to HTML and C ++ programming languages. This can be used to create innovative computer graphics, operating systems and complex computer IT networks.



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The SSCA is known as SIP School Certified Associate. The SSCA certification is one of the standards in the telecom world. It serves as the only certification on SIP-Session Initiation Protocol post which a professional becomes expert in the field of VoIP and communication technology. They take care for the organizational communication network.

It is authorized and supported by the TIA (Telecoms Industry Association) along with BICSI and a fast-growing number of producers, Service…


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Systems Architect

The System Architect is the trained professional of IT and Telecom field. They are usually involved in the development and implementation strategy of the computer system along with the network. Systems architect is typically recognized as computer systems analysts, creates the hardware, software, and network systems.

They are responsible for implementing, maintaining, and operating these systems. Systems architects have a modified approach towards systems to meet the requirements of…


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Wintel Engineer Role

When PCs or laptops based on the Intel microprocessor run a Microsoft Windows operating system, we generically refer to such architectures as Wintel. People who work in such environments by supporting users and resolving their issues are Wintel Engineers.

These engineers configure and install all server hardware, including the Windows OS and products procured from third-parties, onto the systems. They…


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Desktop Engineer

Every business has to integrate technology and software into their business to some extent. That’s just part of running a modern business. Desktop support engineers make that possible by keeping systems up to date, implementing patches and fixes and dealing with technical problems as they arise. They also continually improve and streamline a company’s computer network and approach to…


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CCIE certification

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It was conceived as a way to make it easier for businesses to recognize the World’s brightest Internetworking experts, providing them with accreditation which is recognized across the globe. To keep up with the ever-evolving networking field, Cisco is always updating CCIE, improving it to make sure that their engineers use the latest tools, technology, and methods. If you decide to take a course like this, you will have to go through both…


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CompTIA a+ salary

CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification for PC computer service technicians. This certification provides a fast track to technical support and IT operational roles. It gives the candidate a better understanding of customizing, operating, installing and configuring personal computers. They will have a broad knowledge of current technologies, ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security. The certification also provides an in-depth understanding of security,…


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Computer technician jobs

A PC Technician installs, maintains, and upgrades hardware and software of an entire organization’s computer systems. The individual, moreover, also supports servers and networking equipment in that environment. Working under general supervision.

When necessary, they escalate problems by following proper policies and procedures. Technicians act as intermediaries between clients and their organization’s support staff for guaranteeing problem explanations precisely and also to keep…


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CCENT salary

The CCENT certification is an entry-level qualification for those professionals who install, configure, and troubleshoot a network. This certification can be undertaken prior to beginning a networking career or whilst learning on the job. CCENT also covers the basics of network security and will empower you to work with wireless and WAN networks.

How to Become a CCENT Technician

If you are a junior technician or you have a sound basic understanding of computer systems,…


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IT Support Technician

IT support technicians play a vital role in enterprise computing and networking environments. This educated professional identifies and resolves technical issues in an enterprise setting. They maintain computer and web functionality as per client requirements and support their clientele via email, phone, chat and on-site.

The technician that supports an organization’s IT environment understands…


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PC Technician Role

The professionals deal with creating, assembling, installing and maintaining computer systems. The primary role is to address the hardware and software issues. They look into various subjects such as installing new power supplies, upgrading firmware and repairing motherboards in the hardware section, but for the software, they deal with OS troubleshooting/installation, software/application installation, virus scanning/firewall integration and more aspects.



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Linux system administrator

A Linux System Administrator takes care of computers running on the Linux operating systems. The professional will handle the support infrastructure, operating systems, virtual platforms, and applications. The administrator is responsible for the integrity and security of the servers and computer systems by following established security protocols and practices.

These professionals work in…


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CPE Networking Jobs

CPE (customer premises equipment) deployment services are an essential service for many businesses, including telco companies and VAR businesses. Customer premises equipment can encompass a wide range of equipment. It includes anything that is located on the customer's premises instead of with the provider of a service or elsewhere. It might be telephones or equipment required to provide internet and networking services.

For some businesses, their CPE deployment services might come…


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DHCP Job Description

A DHCP Engineer (dynamic host client protocol) is an IT professional usually involved in the maintenance of the connectivity of network for an organization. Engineers play a vital role to implement and supervise the computer networks that support in-house voice, data, videos and wireless network services with a dynamic IP address.

The ideal role of DHCP network engineer is to ensure that all the systems are functioning correctly. Depending upon the network complexity the organizations…


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what is NOC engineer

Troubleshooting and Resolution: Being a NOC Engineer means they are in charge of resolving all issues concerning their IT services. The NOC Engineer uses standard procedures to troubleshoot and resolve any issues concerning the network. They are always working with other IT teams, customers and vendors to enhance the route performance.

Alarm Handling and Escalation: The NOC engineer’s principle role is troubleshooting all the technical and quality related issues. In some instances,…


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