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Find A Private Obstetrician And Gynecologist To Maintain Your Health

Posted by Dr Michael van der Griend on June 29, 2022 at 12:20pm 0 Comments

We make courses of action each new year, generally calling it objectives for keeping extraordinary thought of our prosperity and making visits to the expert for standard tests. Nevertheless, we end up not following objectives, especially those connecting with prosperity concerns. Various women make objectives to keep a particular eating routine and observe a guideline movement framework.…



Stable Your Relationship with Marriage Mentor

Posted by The Counselling Paradigm on June 29, 2022 at 12:20pm 0 Comments

A relatives is the structure block of a general public, and satisfied families make a better society. Marriage treatment assists the wedded couple with building a consistent servitude. It aids the settlement of the qualifications.

Marriage treatment is a sort of mental treatment proposed to wedded couples to settle marriage issues. Most difficulties can be fixed with a concise directing meeting. Frequently a lengthy…


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Reviving The Candle Culture And Lighting Up The Valley, Meet The Kashmiri Women Entrepreneur Mehak Parvez

Mehak Parvez, a women entrepreneur belongs to the town of Srinagar in Kashmir, India, and is known to be the first women candle maker in Kashmir and we’re so happy and proud of her for starting this business. She has set an example in society and motivated others to start their own as well. Launched during the time of the pandemic, Mehak Parvez now has over 1400 followers on Instagram and that’s from where she receives her maximum order. She also wishes to let this initiative grow wings by…


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U-19 World Cup – Meet The Future Indian Stars In the Making

India U-19 World cup team beat Australia by 96 runs and March on in the world cup final to lock horns with England. This is India’s 4th successive and 8th overall appearance in the U-19 world cup.

The Indian fables will aim to maintain the highest standard set by their predecessors as they prepare to play in the U-19 World Cup finals in the West Indies. The four-time defending champions are the most successful team in the history of the U-19 World Cup, winning the title in the year…


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India’s Only Athlete In The Winter Olympics, Meet 31 Year Old Arif Khan

Arif khan hails from Jammu and Kashmir and is India’s only hope for a medal in the Winter Olympics

From skiing on the slopes of Kashmir to representing the population of 1.3 billion on the global stage, Arif khan is on a mission to grab gold. Arif is the only athlete to have qualified for the Winter Olympics in Beijing, The event is slated to be in the month of February 2022.

There is no doubt that the 31-year-old Arif Khan has great potential and could stimulate India to win a…


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Ruhaan Alva, A Young National Champion Racer Who Hopes To Become First Indian To Win Formula One

Bengaluru’s budding star, Ruhaan Alva is all set to become the first Indian on the Formula One podium after winning many national and international racing championships and races.

Throughout the decades of motorsport, Karnataka has been linked with developing exceptional talent. To this day, the conveyor line of producing prospects has not slowed. Ruhaan Alva, a 14-year-old karter, is one of the most recent emerging talents to emerge from the state.



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The Inspiring Story Of Once A Rag Picker Now Feeding Over 800 Slum Kids

The inspiring story of Dev Pratap Singh, rag picker who once was a rag picker grew out of the poverty spiral and wants the same for other slum kids.

It is often said that people around us have the power to mend what our future will turn out to be. Well, the former rag picker Dev Pratap Singh has completely changed this saying for us. The inspiring…


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Meet Alina Alam Who Is Enabling The Differently-Abled To Earn With Pride Through Mitti Cafe

Mitti Cafe in Bengaluru isn’t just any cafe; it’s a cafe run by people with disabilities. People in charge of the Cafe’s day-to-day management have a variety of disabilities, which includes Asperger, Down syndrome, visual impairment and hearing impairment.

Being born with a disability in a non-inclusive society. It considers disabilities to be an oddity, and those who have them are unfit to live a “normal” life.

Nevertheless, many people have tried and excelled in building more…


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Meet Gujarat’s First Female Skydiver And India’s Fourth, The Braveheart Shweta Parmar

To work hard and see your dream come true is the most blissful thing ever.

Shweta Parmar is Gujarat’s first civilian woman skydiver. She has become India’s fourth skydiver. Her story is full of inspiration and hurdles, but parmar her determination to never back down has made things all good for herself.

Skydiving is an experience that many of us want to feel.…


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Top 10 Inspiring Women Who Formed The Essence Of Women-Empowerment

Women-Empowerment in India – A Brief Outlook

“To all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.” –

Hillary Clinton

The term Women-Empowerment is all about authority. It is a power that embellishes women to take the lead and have the right to fulfill their wishes. It is a term that refers to the liberation of women from…


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Journalist Sonali Khan Quits Career To Dedicate Herself To Uplifting Millions Of Children And Women

From quitting thriving journalism to working towards the upliftment for child and women development, Sonali Khan has won millions of hearts and is on a journey to inspire more.

The world is bestowed by beautiful people and with their actions, they make the world bearable and a better place for others to live.

When you do something good for someone, it reflects them to do the same thing to a new person. This way, a circle is built of positivity, kindness, and…


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7 Revolutionary Shark Tank India Businesses That Promises To Bring Social Change in India

Shark Tank India, the latest television show has got the entire nation hooked on its episodes, memes, and innovative ideas all around the world. The reality business show Shark Tank finally unveiled the Indian version which was first shown on December 20 at Sony and its SonyLIV streaming platform.

The Show commenced the conversation about the start-up culture, the need for support for such ventures for India to truly become Atma Nirbhar. Shark Tank India connects entrepreneurs with…


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Arunima Sinha Conquered The Highest Peak In The World Mount Everest With An Artificial Leg

Fear is a reaction and Courage is a decision. Lying down fighting for life and death. Arunima Sinha could have easily given up on life and the system that crippled her. But she decided to fight for herself, a bunch of people can only cripple you physically but there holds only one person that can paralyze you as an individual. Your own mindset.

Arunima Sinha born in the city of Ambedkar Nagar Lucknow has achieved so much that an average individual will find it hard to believe.…


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Bengaluru Startup – Styched Is Tapping Tech To Solve Fast-Fashion And Help Tailors Find Work

Fashion is the second-largest category after electronics. With trendy and new styles, we are becoming insatiable consumers of fast fashion. With an era of the influencer-driven social media world, fast fashion has been adopted widely.

But, with fast fashion comes critics. Styched, a Bengaluru startup wants to ease fast fashion but also promote the uniqueness of tailored clothes, which are fading away.

Styched is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand that uses technology to solve…


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12-year-old Sri Nihal Tammana Recycled Over 1.5 Lakh Batteries To Make The Earth A Better Place

Many kids are being very vocal about today’s age problems. They are keenly stepping into taking actions for making society competitive, and it is such s good riddance for many to learn.

Entrepreneurship knows no age, and Sri Nihal Tammana proves it rightly so. A 12-year-old, Indian-origin boy has been working for the last three years to get rid of the world’s battery pollutants and make it safe from fires.

Indian-American Nihal Tammana has founded a sustainable company that…


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Akash Singh Turns Temple Waste Into Beautiful Idols; Empowers Jail Inmates

When a young entrepreneur Akash Singh saw the horrible state of a nearby lake, he was motivated to do something about it.

This 21-year-old, who grew up in a village near Jewar in Uttar Pradesh, gathers temple trash and uses it to make wonderful artefacts with the help of prisoners in prison.

This is how Akash not only reduced the amount of temple waste deposited in the lake but also provided jobs for convicts.

Converting Temple Waste Into Artefacts

Image: Akash…


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213 km In 24 Hours On A Wheelchair, Indian Para-athlete Kamalakanta Nayak Sets Guinness World Record

His doctors once told him that he won’t be able to walk anytime soon. But here he is, breaking a 15-year-old record.

With unwavering focus and grit, Kamalakanta Nayak, a 28-year-old para-athlete entered into the Guinness Book of World Records on January 16.

With a nerving spirit and relentless passion, Kamalakanta Nayak, hailing from Odisha, set up a Guinness World Record by covering 214 km in 24 hours on a wheelchair on January 16.

He covered a maximum distance on a…


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Divya Sharma, Girl From Haryana Joins UNESCO Headquarters In Paris As Education Policy And Research Consultant

Dreams do come true if you truly work for them.

Divya Sharam, 28-year-old, has made the nation proud as she has been chosen as the Education Policy and Research Consultant at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Divya will be monitoring global education and will be contributing to this new position in UNESCO.

Divya Sharam, a daughter of the lab technician of Kaithal’s Kalayat town, has been selected as a consultant at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural…


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She Has Trained More Than 20,000 Soldiers, Meet Dr. Seema Rao – India’s First And Only Commando Trainer

Dr. Seema Rao, who is India’s first combat trainer and has spent more than 2 decades in training soldiers that too without compensation. Today Mad4India gives the credits where it’s due and salutes Dr. Seema Rao who is India’s first woman commando trainer.

India’s Wonder Woman

Seema Rao training

Source – Website

There are people that are good at something but then there seema rao…


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Manoj Bhavsar – Rescuing The Lives of Ahmedabad Citizens For More Than 15 Years

The Country Witnesses a large number of kite flyers every year on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Smiles and the feeling of joy surrounds their faces when they grab each other’s kites. While the country celebrates kites there’s one man with the name of Manoj Bhavsar who for 15 years have relentlessly worked to save its citizens and birds.

Here’s how One Man Makes Ahmedabad Kite Festival Safe

Manoj Bhavsar

Source – Instagram

Kite flying is no less than an event in…


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Eat raja- An Initiative By RJ-turned-businessman In Bengaluru That Runs On Zero Waste And Serves Fresh Fruit Juices

Eat raja is a juice bar in Malleswaram, Bengaluru. It is run by Anand raj that is famous for its zero-waste practices by cutting down on the use of single-use plastic completely. The fresh fruit juices are served in steel and mason jars accompanied with steel straw.

In this time of eat raja carbonated drinks and fruit juices packed with preservatives and processed sugar. Eat raja is…


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Need Of The Hour To Shrink The Waste Piles, Material Library: Creative Waste Management Solutions By Shubhi Sachan

Waste management is a huge problem in our country. If you have traveled from Mumbai to Badlapur and management Delhi to Gazipur, you waste management must have observed hillocks of waste together making up a landfill. What we don’t understand is that all the waste that we generate doesn’t…


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