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What ‘Type’ Of Person Participates In A Road Less Traveled Summer Program ?

If you are a parent or guardian of a teen who is considering joining a summer program with The Road Less Traveled, you might understandably wonder whether your child is the kind of person who would thrive on one of our summer trips. After all, you will want to be sure that your child will fit in well with their fellow travelers during their time away from home.

It would be easy to imagine that The Road Less… Continue

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What Does The Crisis In The Red Sea Mean For Sea Freight Shipping Rates - KTL UK

Red Sea crisis drives up rates, as some shippers look to air freight

Our team at KTL has continued to closely monitor the situation in the Red Sea since our previous update. Events have been fast-moving, although it has still been the case over the last few weeks that vessels making their way through the area have been subject to attacks from Yemen-based Houthi militants.

Now, the impacts of such disruption are rippling even more profoundly through global supply chains, including in… Continue

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Introducing Three Of Our Best Teen Travel Programs For The Summer Of 2024 - Road Less Traveled

As those who have previously joined our leaders on one of our popular teen summer programswill already be aware, there are few things as powerful as meaningful and purposeful travel for opening up a young person’s world. When it comes to helping your teen to build their self-confidence, independence, leadership, resilience, and sense of community and service, our teen summer programs are the best around!

But… Continue

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Malaga Airport Transfers To Puerto Banus - Simply Shuttles

Our professional drivers are experienced in transfers from Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus. Begin your trip as you mean to continue in our luxury fleet of vehicles, with convenience, comfort and style.

Transfers from Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus

A transfer with us from malaga airport to puerto banus airport transfertakes around 45 minutes. Meaning you can have your feet in the sand,…


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Exchange Station Liverpool & Flexible Office Leasing In Liverpool - Let Ready

Located at the heart of Liverpool's bustling business district, Exchange Station Liverpool stands as a testament to modern workspace solutions. In an era where adaptability and flexibility are paramount, this dynamic hub offers a sophisticated answer to the evolving needs of businesses.

Flexible office leasing in Liverpool has undergone a transformative journey, and Exchange Station Liverpool emerges as a pioneer in redefining the landscape.

Exchange Station Liverpool caters to the…


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How Can We Help Interior Designers Breathe New Life Into Bathrooms - Illuminated Mirrors

If you work as an interior designer, you will already know how important it is that you select just the right features for just the right areas of a given room you have been tasked with overhauling.

If that room on your current project happens to be a bathroom, you should be careful what mirror you choose for it. Far from merely a practical feature, this mirror can reflect natural light entering the bathroom — and consequently make this space look larger and brighter.



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High Speed Sectional Overhead Door - Loading Systems

In logistics environments, speed, isolation and efficiency are crucial. The high speed sectional overhead door is the door through which you will never have to compromise again.

Rigid high speed sectional door; applicable in all industries

Industrial doors can be seen in almost every sector, food industry, logistics and even pharmaceutics. It is no surprise that each industry has specific…


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The Distinction Between Customer Needs And Desires, And Why It Matters - Conversity

It might not exactly be “news” that a business seeking to make the right impact with its target audiences needs to place those target audiences – its would-be customers – front and centre in its priorities, if it is to achieve sustained custom, growth, and success.

However, there are still all too many organisations that invest considerable time and resources into the collection of customer data, and the assembly of a skilled marketing team, while still not truly understanding their…


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Is It Possible To Get A Bad-Credit Loan For Home Improvements - CashCompare

Great numbers of us yearn to do certain things in our lives that may not be realistically possible unless we can get a quick cash injection from somewhere.

It should hardly be a massive surprise, then, that a lot of people consider taking out a loan as a way to fund home improvement work, such as redecorating, remodelling, or even something as major as converting the loft or having a house extension built.

However, if you have a less-than-immaculate credit history, you might be…


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Amid An Uncertain World, What Was The Mood At The Latest London Fashion Week - Skywire

The biannual trade show London Fashion Week (LFW) is typically an exciting showcase for luxury brands’ latest wares. However, many journalists, influencers, buyers and other movers and shakers invited to LFW’s February outing could have reasonably expected it to feel somewhat subdued.

After all, long shadows have been cast over prestige goods purveyors in recent weeks and months. Although the long-awaited end of the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a flurry of spending on high-end clothes,…


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A Guide To What Types Of Road Haulage Vehicles Are Used To Ensure The Safe And Speedy Transportation Of Shipments - KTL UK

What types of vehicles are typically used for road freight?

When it comes to arranging the movement of goods from one location to another, it is extremely difficult to deny the importance of freight by road.

After all, if you are looking to organise the transportation of goods almost anywhere – including if the given journey will be largely taking place by other means, such as via the sea or air– you can expect… Continue

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How To Compare And Choose A Teen Travel Program That's Best For Your Child - Road Less Traveled

So, you know all about the potential benefits of participation in travel programs for teens, including the opportunity for cultural immersion, developing personal skills, new friendships, exploring new countries, and contributing to meaningful service projects.

But as a parent, it can be much harder to find “the best teen travel program for your child” and you might be a lot less sure about what you should be… Continue

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Electric Vehicle Drivers Now Have Access To More Than 50,000 Public Chargepoints Across The UK

The number of public chargepoints that electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the UK can make use of is now more than 50,000, the Department for Transport (DfT) has said.

The UK Government said that the reaching of the “key milestone” would assist with the country’s transition to EVs, adding that the UK was “on target” to install 300,000 public EV chargepoints by the end of this decade.

“Another step on the road to zero emission driving”

Many… Continue

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3 ‘DIY’ Tips For Making Your Ski Boots Fit Better - Ski Exchange

As of the time of typing, we are now heading firmly into the winter, which might have caused your mind to look more seriously at planning a ski break – alongside, of course, arranging that crucial ski boot fitting session.

Now, you might imagine that here at Ski Exchange, we won’t exactly be great enthusiasts of the notion of you doing your ski boot fitting on a ‘DIY’ basis. After all, we do take great pride in offering one of the leading ski boot fitting services in the world.

And of… Continue

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Stock Up On Shredded Paper To Aid Your Spring Cleaning In 2024!

There is surely no better way to welcome in a new, brighter season than by undergoing a thorough cleaning and tidying process at your home or business premises. But does spring cleaning always make you feel overwhelmed? Perhaps you are not sure what to do with all the bits and bobs you will have to discard or store away?

If so, don’t fear! With a little bit of our hamper craft filling tissue from our online shop here at, cleaning up your residential property or… Continue

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Could ‘Green’ Projects Help Cushion The Slowdown In Aluminium Demand - Mcalloys

Demand for aluminium around the world over the course of 2023 has been – to put it mildly – disappointing, and recent data has supported this conclusion.

The LME aluminium price has declined by around 7% over the course of 2023, with prices trending sideways for months now as power costs have helped fend off further declines. Given a combination of China’s sluggish recovery from COVID-19 lockdowns, and stagnant economic growth in Europe and the United States, this situation is sadly not… Continue

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Kinstellar Advises Evelixon Trading In Two Transactions In The Serbian Wind Power Sector

Kinstellar advised Evelixon Trading Limited on the acquisition of a 100% share in the project company Grand Wind Park from Windvision Serbia Holding. The project, known as the WN NBT WIND 1 wind farm, is currently in the early stages of development. Located in the city of Pančevo, the farm is planned to have an installed power capacity of 120 MW.

Evelixon Trading Limited has a few projects in their portfolio in Serbia in the early stages of development or nearing "ready-to-build"… Continue

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Gibraltar Based Professional Services To Corporate And Private Clients - Acquarius

Established in 1998, Acquarius is a private client and corporate services business located in the heart of Gibraltar, providing a full range of accounting, company administration and fiduciary services to our clients.

Trust Matters

Our Mission is to be a trusted partner to all our clients, to add value to our clients’ businesses and their personal affairs. Our aim is that this trust delivers to our clients the freedom to focus on their core business and to enjoy their lives and their… Continue

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Web3 Fashion Back On The Agenda At A Series Of Paris Events - Skywire

If the hype around all things Web3 in the luxury, lifestyle, and fashion sectors was supposed to have died down recently, this news evidently failed to reach Paris in February, a month that saw a complement of digital fashion symposiums that had prestige brands flocking to the French capital.

Of course, to be serious for a moment, participants and attendees at such events in the city as Digital Fashion Week, Future+, Future Fashion Summit, and the yearly NFT Paris were well aware that…


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A Quick Guide To Consolidated Shipping, And How It Can Help Importers And Exporters - KTL UK

When you have been considering your options for freight, warehousing and distribution as a shipper, you may well have come across mention of “consolidation containers” or “consolidated shipping”.

But what does this reference to consolidation mean, and what implications could it have for you?

If your shipments don’t fill capacity, this could cost you

To understand what consolidated shipping is, it is important to… Continue

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