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The 5 Best Android Phones 2022 [Updated List]

The best android phones may not provide you with all the premium features that you will find on flagship devices. However, these are less expensive handsets. We have wrapped up multiple models that cost less than $500 and contain everything it needs for iPhone and Android fans. We guarantee you that after trying out the best android phones in 2022, you will feel why to spend $800 or more on a flagship device when you can get similar and essential features in a $500 handset. The best cheap phone… Continue

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Cricut Explore 3 Complete Review: Smart Cutting Device

The Cricut Explore 3 is one of the most powerful and perfect machines for any crafters. This machine can cut various types of materials in only one press. In this blog’s complete review, you will know everything related to the Cricut Explore device.

Cricut is one of the most common machines for crafters. If you are wondering which Cricut machine you can buy to get maximum satisfaction, Cricut Explore 3 is the best option. This machine is not costlier and comes with various smart… Continue

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How To Set Up A Cricut Explore Air 2? [Step-by-step Guide]

If you need to set up a Cricut Explore Air 2 but don’t know how to do it, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you on how to set up a Cricut Explore Air 2 on Windows/ Mac and iOS/Android and help you quickly and easily pair the Cricut Explore Air 2 via Bluetooth.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a smart cutting machine that lets you cut, write, and score different types of materials to create craft projects. You can choose from over 3,000… Continue

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What Is Cricut.com/setup, And How Does It Work?

Are you wondering what cricut.com/setup is and how it works? Well, you have hit the right site. In this article, we’ll explain the official site of Cricut, how to download the Design Space program, how to register a Cricut machine, sign into the Design Space program, and more. In addition, you’ll learn how to set up a Cricut machine on your operating system, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

No matter which Cricut machine you purchase, you will need to download the Design… Continue

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4 Best Password Managers In 2022 [Updated List]

When was the last time you visited a website without being welcomed with an obnoxious login prompt? Do you remember? Maybe you do, but honestly, I don’t. I might be exaggerating it a little bit, but this exaggeration is based on the fact that it is hard to surf the internet and be productive without signing up.

There is nothing wrong with signing up. It lets you save your progress and make your experience of service more personalized. But with signing up comes a responsibility.… Continue

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The Best Canon Sublimation Printer In 2022

Choose a sublimation printer if you need a quality printer with good color print quality. Canon sublimation printers are highly in demand due to their color quality and results. I know some of you may only know Canon for its Camera brand. But it has specialization in other products too, such as printers. Sublimation printers are more brilliant than any other type of printer Canon has. In this article, we will be focusing on the best Canon sublimation printer in 2022.

We will go… Continue

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Why Is My Canon Printer Offline And How Do I Fix It?

The printing experience is not always convenient. Sometimes the printers or the command devices create issues or errors that may ruin your day and delay your work. For instance, suddenly, you feel why is my Canon printer offline. As the issues are unexpected, solving them seems like a big task. But not anymore. The Canon printer offline issue is very common and can be fixed using certain techniques. If you wonder how to solve the offline issue in the Canon printer, relax and see our quick… Continue

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Silhouette Cameo 4 Black Friday 2022 Deals

The time of black Friday is awesome, isn’t it? We all wait for this to buy our desirable product at the best deals. The black Friday deals are the best deals you get in the year. I have listed all the best Silhouette Cameo 4 Best black Friday 2022 deals. On one page, you get everything so that you can quickly find and purchase.

Silhouette Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday Deals

After researching and comparing Silhouette Black Friday 2022 Sales and Cyber Monday deals from… Continue

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Cricut Maker Review: A Professional Craft Cutting Machine

If you’ve been searching for an extremely powerful vinyl cutter loaded into a nice and elegant body, the Cricut Maker is one of the cutter printers that might appeal to you. Established in 2017, this new innovation promises nothing but fireworks for sparking creativity. The Cricut Maker is the ultimate DIY cutting machine. With its cutting-edge suite of tools, you can create almost any craft project on your wishlist, from home decor, iron-on, vinyl, cards, and more.

It is no wonder… Continue

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All 3 Types of Cricut Vinyl Explained

If you are curious about Vinyl, this post is definitely for you. Cricut vinyl is a great way to create removable decals, labels, and more for personalized kitchen containers, gifts, home decor, and many more. And when it comes to Cricut users, they can find its availability in almost every color, right from bright, bold, and beachy, to cater to the needs of nearly every project. Here, we are sharing various types of Cricut vinyl to meet the needs of a particular project.

As a… Continue

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Cricut Maker 3 Review: Specification, Features, And Setup Guide

Cricut always tries to introduce new segments in its popular machines with some new improvements in features. These machines have extra features and work faster than their previous iteration. As a result, they give you a lot more ease and convenience when you make various art projects and crafts using those machines.

Similarly, Cricut Maker 3 is the latest machine of the Cricut family. This machine is one of the most advanced and powerful machines the company has to offer.… Continue

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Smartphone Ray Tracing: Is It The Real Deal Or Not?

With Qualcomm’s announcement of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, plenty of features are supposed to come into existence, but the headline-grabbing is the smartphone ray tracing graphics support. The hardware ray tracing actually opens the door to many new graphical effects or mobile games. In fact, 2023 handsets are all set to support this feature; now the question is, Will it be a perfect deal or not?

Though Smartphone ray tracing is a nice feature, there are chances hurdles can come your… Continue

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Comprehensive Guide On How To Use A Silhouette Cameo

Purchased your brand new Cameo but not using it! Need help to make the most of it? Is it still sitting ideally in the box? If yes, here is a perfect post for you. This detailed guide will cover everything from the basics- how to use a Silhouette Cameo, what it can do, what comes with the machine, and all. So, to make your very first cut successful, have a quick walkthrough of this post.

What Does Silhouette Cameo Do?

Cameo is a drawing and cutting machine. Find below all… Continue

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Where Is The WPS Pin On My Canon Printer?

Are you aware of the WPS pin, and what is its purpose of it? If you are using a Canon printer or any other printing device, it is necessary to have knowledge of the WPS pin. You do not have to worry if you previously did not have much information about this pin. This follow-up write-up is designed to give you an extensive understanding of the WPS pin and where you can find it on a Canon printer.

What is WPS Pin?

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. WPS pin is a… Continue

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How to Align a Canon Printer Print Head?

How to Align a Canon Printer Print Head?

Canon printers come with advanced features and designs. Additionally, these printers are considered the fastest printing devices available in the market. However, as with any other machine, it is obvious you are going to have some issues after using the printer. One of the most common issues you can encounter is the print head of the printer gets misaligned after heavy use. And it can create problems while performing the print… Continue

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Grab The Best HP Black Friday Deals on Laptops & Gaming PCs

Grab The Best HP Black Friday Deals on Laptops & Gaming PCs

HP is known for offering the best range of laptops, printers, computers, and desktops as well. It has announced a black Friday flash sale with up to 70% off limited-time doorbusters and free product shipping. Luckily you can find heavy discounts on this Black Friday sale in 2022. So, all you can do is get your shopping done before the sale ends. Moreover, ensure to use codes for additional savings on your selected… Continue

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Early Black Friday Deals 2022 On Laptops, Apple, And A Lot More

Black Friday is at the door, and you can shop for a large number of products. All thanks to the online platform where many options are available. This post is all about the Black Friday sales 2022 happening right now. We have rounded up several deals and discounts from Google, Walmart, Nintendo, and other top brands.

November has already begun, and some retailers are offering Black Friday discounts. This makes it easy for shoppers to crack the deal from TVs, headphones, laptops,… Continue

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What is Cricut Design Space? [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

The Cricut Design Space is Cricut’s primary software for all the Cricut cutting machines. Whether your design idea is simple or complex, you will need a Cricut Design Space. In the Cricut Design Space, you get the ability to design what you want to cut or access any images from the Cricut Access

Cricut Design Space is free software, but there is also a paid alternative for it which is known as Cricut Access. Cricut Access’s major advantage is that you get access to thousands of fonts… Continue

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Which Is The Best Cricut Sticker Paper? [All Types Explained]

Do you need help finding the best sticker paper for your Cricut? Do you need to know which one prints the best? I have a definitive post to help you choose the best Cricut sticker paper. I have tried to compare sticker papers to find out which works, which doesn’t, and gives the best result. Therefore, Keep reading this post till the end to understand things clearly.

Find below comparisons done on various kinds of sticker paper for Cricut.

Regular Sticker… Continue

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Operating Systems Compared: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS & Linux

Operating Systems Compared: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS & Linux

Confused about which operating system to run on your laptop? As a matter of fact, selecting an appropriate OS has wide-ranging consequences. You need to take care of availability, interface design, ease of use, apps and games, and many more while choosing a suitable one. However, here is a post explaining different operating systems – Linux-based Ubuntu, which is a free and open-source option, Windows and macOS, which are… Continue

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