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Cashless Transactions Are The New Normal

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging anti-counterfeit solution that uses blockchain technology. This avant-garde technology helps perform cryptocurrency transactions at merchant terminals for buying goods and electronic appliances such as smartphones to promote the crypto payment gateway. Due to this, crypto wallet development services have become an on-demand blockchain service.…


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True Reasons Why Startups Are Interested In Crypto Wallet Development

Distributed ledger technology has been extending its use cases across various industries. One of its by-products,

‘cryptocurrency,’ has been evolving as a non-avoidable technology for over a decade. This is why many budding enterprises and entrepreneurs are investing in crypto-related businesses.

Before knowing much about this, you have to know about crypto wallets. Moreover, blockchain wallet development services do have a high demand nowadays, especially within a business ecosystem.… Continue

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What Is OTC Trading? - Crypto Exchange Platform

Over-the-Counter (OTC) refers to securities or financial instruments that are traded directly between two parties without the need for a broker. OTC transactions are usually done in less formal ways than those done through a traditional exchange.

The transactions often involve smaller amounts of money and may be done between two individuals or entities. OTC markets give a chance to investors to invest in securities that may not be available through typical exchanges. It also allows… Continue

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Cryptocurrency Wallets : Your Key to Navigating UPI Tax on Digital Payments

As more and more people turn to digital payments for their daily transactions, it's important to have a secure and reliable way to manage your funds. PPI wallets like PhonePe or Paytm may seem like an easy option, but with the recent announcement of UPI transaction taxes, merchants may be reluctant to use them.

By integrating a crypto wallet into your daily transactions, you can enjoy the convenience and security of a digital wallet while also avoiding fees and taxes. Whether you're… Continue

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Five Worth-Trying Cryptocurrency Business Ideas In 2023

You might be aware of the growth of cryptocurrency businesses in the ongoing epoch. Companies based on digital currencies are emerging profitable and promising these days. We have entered 2023 now when the crypto investments are growing, driving more investors to invest in the market. 

And people are now trying to take advantage of this crypto boom and are willing to start their own businesses in this domain. The internet is the main area where they search for business ideas and…


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Cryptocurrency Exchanges: An In-Depth Analysis

Jumping Into The World Of Crypto Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange can be categorized as either centralized or decentralized, depending on how it functions. So, it is time to examine the highlights of each class.

Crazy Centralized Exchanges!

A centralized crypto exchange (CEX) is an exchange platform governed by a central authority. People use these marketplaces to buy and sell their cryptos.

An account on the platform, a wallet, and some funds are the three…


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Are You An eCommerce Industry? Here Is A Boon To Your Business

7 Reasons To Accept Cryptos Into Your ECommerce Website

Cryptocurrencies provide various advantages compared to standard payment methods such as credit cards,


Cryptos are linked with blockchain; they automatically store all the transactions and are decentralized. Hence they are 100% secure and free of hacking.


It is entirely anonymous. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about the security of your customer’s personal…


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Blockchain Bestows A Requisite Use Case For Better EV Battery Swapping

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Visa Facilitates Automatic Payments For Crypto Wallets

Automatic payments using Crypto wallet

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Visa Facilitates Automatic Payments For Crypto Wallets

A more flexible approach to verifying transactions on the blockchain that permits the creation of planned transactions even when there are insufficient funds is what AA proposes. It enables the construction of an orderly solution for automatic payments.

It is possible to customize and schedule AA’s validity requirements within a smart contract. It is valid for the specific account rather than embedding transaction validity rules into the Ethereum protocol. Also, it applies them… Continue

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Blockchain Exchange development

Are you interested in finding a good business opportunity in the blockchain space? You can do it with a P2P exchange development company.…


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4 Wise Tips For Crypto Wallet Companies To Upgrade Themselves

Have you ever thought about how cool it will be to have your own bank? All your assets will be under your control completely. Cryptocurrency has brought this idea into action. Nobody can deny that cryptocurrency has emerged as a powerful sector in just a decade.

So it would help if you overpowered the competitors with assistance from a leading blockchain wallet development company. Then, you can establish reliability, loyalty, and reputation in your wallet.

Let’s explore about…


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Trends in Cryptocurrency Wallets 2022

There are 5 major trends in cryptocurrency wallets in the year 2022. They are as follows.

International Money Transfer

Global Crypto Wallet Market Consolidation

Wallet With NFC

Shift from custodial to non-custodial wallets.

A Massive Number Of Wallet Users

Are you an individual or a business seeking to develop a crypto wallet? Get the best cryptocurrency wallet development… Continue

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Custodial Cryptocurrency wallets And its Outstanding Features

Cryptocurrency wallets are the tools that help traders readily access and store their digital assets.

Such a wallet will have a private key that ensures multi-layer security. Popularly, there are two types of wallets, such as custodial wallets and non-custodial wallets. Both will possess unique characteristics, and the trader can choose any of them based on their preference.

In this blog, we will discuss custodial wallets in brief. Let us dive in.

Are you a… Continue

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Top Features and Functionalities to Build High-Quality CryptoWallets

Cryptocurrency investment has become one of the good returns yielding way over a short period of time

Appealing User Interface

Smart Trading Engine

Multi-Layer Security Features

To Read More about Significants and security featuresthat needs to implement in Cryptocurrency Wallet…


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Benefits of Cryptocurrency wallet Development company

Nowadays, it is essential to develop own multi-currency wallets to store digital funds collectively in a safe place. Also, it allows users to conduct global transactions from convenient devices. Through wallet transactions, digital funds can be transferred directly without intermediaries, so it could cut down the huge transaction costs and time delays. By carrying out wallet transactions, there is no way for security problems and enable reliable transactions by providing real time…


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cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Develop a multi-cryptocurrency wallet backed by blockchain technology with world-renowned services and ensure long-term profitability through various revenue models

Get your Blockchain Consulting service in india to sort out your queries

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NFTs Are Not Just For Artists But Also For Hoteliers

Post Covid-19, we have been witnessing a spike in the travel sector. Food and accommodation are the main requirements for a traveler. One will expect a convenient and hygienic place to stay. In this fast-changing world, business competition is not the same as before. Hoteliers are slowly introducing advanced technologies to recover and enhance their business.

You would have definitely heard of the word ‘NFT.’ From famous artists to common people, NFT space has millions of users…


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What The Best NFT Investors Do To Grow Their Money

The Crypto world is filled with uncovered mysteries, and NFTs are one of them. NFT are unique digital tokens that are immutable and represent ownership of either physical or digital assets. Ever since the word ‘NFT’ gave a boom, the art collectors have started to make their investments pop up.

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