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What Do You Mean By Gum Recession?

According to Texas Dental Clinic, gum disease includes gum recession as a subtype. The roots of your teeth become noticeable as your gum tissue starts to shift away from them. Your teeth have more chances of developing cavities as a result. When you chew on something or brush, your teeth may turn more sensitive. Gum recession can vary from minimal to severe. Several teeth or only 1 could be affected.…


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What Do People Know About Laser Dentistry?

The use of lasers to treat a variety of dental diseases is known as laser dentistry. Compared to drills and other non-laser equipment, laser dentistry near me may provide a more comfortable alternative for various dental treatments involving hard or soft tissue. Light amplification by the emission of radiation is known as LASER. The instrument produces a very focused beam of light energy.…


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How Does LANAP Treatment Work?

Your LANAP periodontist near me will employ the Laser-assisted New Attachment treatment (LANAP) to target and remove diseased tissue. It eliminates the requirement for scalpels and the agonizing removal of gum tissue. In contrast, LANAP treatment near me offers a far less intrusive process and quicker recovery. The LANAP laser gum…


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What Do You Know About The Gingivectomy Procedure?

Surgery to remove the gingiva is known as a gingivectomy. When the gums have separated from the teeth and deep pockets have formed, a gingivectomy or laser gum surgery Houston is required. Plaque and calculus are challenging to remove because of the pockets. Gum disease typically does not affect the bone supporting the teeth before a gingivectomy is performed. The…


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