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A complete collection of knowledge about indicator lights!

Maybe most people don't know much about the indicator light, and think that it is just an indicator light used to prompt or warn. Today, Bituo will share with you the relevant knowledge of "indicator lights" from 4 dimensions, and finally tell you how to choose an indicator light?

1. What is an indicator light?

The indicator light… Continue

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How much do you know about the main functions of industrial connectors?

With the continuous development of industrial automation technology, industrial connectors are more and more widely used in industrial production. As an important part of the industrial automation system, the main function of industrial connectors is to realize the interconnection and communication between devices, thereby improving production efficiency and quality. Let's take a closer look at the main functions of industrial connectors.…


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Why is the sight above the barrel, but the bullet hits the aiming point?

Many people have this question. Whether it is a pistol, an automatic rifle, a sniper rifle or a machine gun, the sights are all installed above the barrel, but why the bullet hits the aiming point when shooting, not at the aiming point What about below?

First of all, unlike many people's intuition, when the shooter shoots a target at the same level as himself, the barrel is not actually horizontal, but has a slight upward angle. If you can't understand, we might as well… Continue

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Courtyard renovation|Creative design of 3 outdoor terraces, showing a different style Series 3

Accompanied by the breeze and enjoying the singing of birds, the soothing and pleasant pastoral beauty is inseparable from the creation of characteristic landscapes. For the courtyard renovation of country houses or leisure farms, one yard, one scene and one road can create a different landscape effect, such as the creative design of these four outdoor terraces.

1. Integrate the terrace with lighting

In terrace lighting, different lighting combinations present… Continue

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How to Cut Artificial Grass Perfectly

As artificial grass is aesthetic, safe and versatile, it has been widely used in the fields of landscaping, residential and commercial decorating. The installation of artificial turf is a real time saver and worthwhile long-term investment. Hence, the proper cutting is essential for the high-quality installation to ensure the lawn is durable and looks great… Continue

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Stand-Up Bags - Future Development

Nowadays, people's purchasing power for fast-moving consumer goods is also increasing. The rapid development of the fast-moving consumer goods market has also led to the rise of the food packaging industry. Nowadays, the types and uses of food packaging are very wide. Good packaging can make products establish a high-quality image, improve product competitiveness, and promote product sales.

There are many ways to classify food packaging. If classified according to… Continue

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High-energy adaptation of communication power supply to help communication equipment run smoothly

At present, the communication industry is facing problems such as the lack of advanced products and technologies, and the cost has increased sharply, resulting in products that are even less competitive. The localization of key components has become one of the effective ways for communication companies to gain more initiative, and weho has its own assistance plan for this.

Weho's power supply solutions in the communication industry can be divided into one, two, and three levels of… Continue

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