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למרות משבר הקורונה המטריד, רמי ברכה מגייס כסף לקרן השקעות חדשה

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היזם והמשקיע רמי ברכה איננו מוטרד יותר מדי ממשבר הקורונה ורק רואה בו הזדמנות להשתלב בשווקים חדשים בעלי Beracha-Rami פוטנציאל השקעה. ברכה, בעל תואר במשפטים ותואר שני במנהל עסקים, Rami Beracha היה שותף בכיר במשך 22 שנה בקרן הידועה פיטנגו. לאחרונה הקים רמי קרן השקעות חדשה בשם "עדן בלוק" בלונדון, המתמחה בטכנולוגיות מתקדמות דוגמת בלוקצ'יין. בין השאר, ברכה מקדם השקעות של הקרן…


15 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore cardboard boxes

Benefits of Custom medicine boxes

Almost all medicine companies use custom boxes in order to deliver their top quality product to customers. The manufacturer's requirement is carefully considered to meet the needs of many individuals on daily basis. The custom medicine boxes may also include safety measures for fragile medication products about extra protection. Used ingredients are all mentioned on the packaging to facilitate individuals about safety and precautions. Different pharmaceutical companies also opt for details, manufacturing, and expiry date.


Custom medicine boxes are made to secure fragile items when transporting to other places. It also helps prevent heat from tempering the product. It is important that syrups, vaccines, and tablets are protected from dust, microbes or any factor that may reduce its efficacy. Various manufacturing firms utilize these custom boxes for preserving and packaging their quality. These are produced according to the stipulation of the customer. There is also corrugated flute insertion within the boxes to make it less vulnerable to children for extra care. Hence, it is crucial that they are secured properly for the purpose of careful delivery.

Customized Medicine Packaging Wholesale

Customized boxes are great for pharmaceutical companies so they can get their content printed the way they want. It helps to find out which medicine to take according to the problem. The customized packaging also helps the brand to stand out from the rest of the market through designs. The brand image is also enhanced when they are packaged with logos and unique lettering. Recyclable materials are used in the making due to which the majority of the audience is pleased. With unique personalized boxes, the onlookers perceive it as a really good one. Light background is preferred in personalized packaging so that cautions and directions when printed do not get dulled. Color schemes, shapes, size and such are also designed carefully by the brand before ordering.

Superior Printing and environment-friendly packaging

There is no doubt how advanced printing techniques are used for this purpose. Majority of the renowned printing press utilizes on- screen printing and art digital. This printing is done at competitive rates. The characteristics and such information about medicines are printed to give the brand credibility and for the convenience of the customer. Furthermore, they are reliable and sturdy as quality material and ink is used. It is everyone's duty to keep the environment healthy. That is why such custom medicine boxes contribute to decreasing the packaging land waste. The substances used are 100% recyclable. Custom packaging is eco-friendly and meets international standards.

Promote your brand

Medicines and syrup boxes with colorful pictures and attractive prints are sold more. The reason is that children especially dislike eating medicines. You can promote your brand through the personalized packaging of balloons, fruits, toys etc. Appealing color schemes, logos, and fonts all come of great use in personalized boxes. However, it is equally important not to compromise on quality in order to build a good reputation in the pharmaceutical market both ways. These custom boxes with quality printing of medicine packaging give you a chance to provide awareness about directions for use along with marketing your pharmacy products.

Wholesale Medicine Boxes

Custom packaging and printing wholesale provides great cardboard medicine boxes that are structured perfectly. Modern die-cut technology is used for it. There are diverse shapes and sizes available for lock boxes. It is noteworthy that different medicines mean different packaging which is why customization is so important. Moreover, wholesale custom medicine boxes are transported in bulk to pharmacies and stores. Good material medicine boxes provide protection during get more info wholesale shipment with timely service.

Customer- Care

With a good product, you are more likely to gain trust of your customer as a renowned pharmaceutical company. You need to make sure that their regular life-saving drug is retained perfectly at all times. They are likely to come back again for more purchase if good experience and an impressive image are maintained. You are required to choose wisely among the best theme, design, and material in order to boost up your sales. For unique template designs, graphics team and experts come of great help. Mostly this is done for free without any setup or die cut charges. These custom packaging solutions are available in affordable prices.

You may be quite happy with packing your goods into standard cardboard boxes and shipping them out to your customers via a parcel courier. Nearly all companies do this and its particularly true of smaller companies. Also companies that have experienced some growth since they first started out, may still be using the same packaging methods as they did at the start, which may no longer be cost effective.

However if you stop for a minute and look at your packaging in more detail, it may prompt such questions as "If these boxes were just 3 cm smaller, then we could fit another row of boxes in the delivery van". If you stop and look at your packaging, you may well find that whilst it does the job, it is not actually the ideal size.

Now have you considered looking into buying customised packaging for shipping your packages?

Initially you may think, "It is not for us, as it will be too expensive". An easy conclusion to jump to, but have you actually gone and got any costings? It costs nothing other than some of your time to go out and get some quotes. So why not go and do just that?

With modern packaging manufacturing techniques, the price of even small runs of custom made packaging can be far less than you think, and if they enable you to fit another row of cardboard boxes in your delivery van, then you have just reduced your delivery costs.

Custom packaging can also help you fit more stock in the same space in your warehouse. So why not look in to customized packaging today?

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