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The Third Step You Have to Take to Get Rich In the Stock Market!

This step is crucial and most people just dont understand it. You must be aware that you need to deferred, avoid and limit capital gains taxes to the minimum! How can I accomplish that? The best solution is, of course, to eliminate capital gains taxes. The only way to accomplish this is by opening the Roth IRA. The reason you avoid taxes on capital gains is because you pay your taxes on income first, and then you don't have to pay taxes on any earnings of the money that you deposit into the Roth IRA.

If you earn a large amount of money however, then you aren't able to open an Roth. In that situation, you'll have to set up a Standard IRA and of course if your employer matches contributions to the form of a 401(k) you need contribute up to the matching. If you have the case of a 401(k) make sure that you purchase only an index-free mutual fund that is not loaded. Accounts should be opened! Get your accounts opened! Get your accounts opened! I cannot emphasize or shout this enough. Once your account is in place, you will be enticed to invest. If you aren't sure how to trade with such an account . you.

This is a vital point to remember if you trade with an individual trading account and you are in the tax bracket of capital gains. It is important to keep in mind that the short term capital gains tax is twice the long-term capital gain tax rate. That means that if you purchase a stock now, and then sell it less than a year you will have to pay your regular income tax rate , which can reach as high as 35%. However, if you buy low and hold for the big multi year stock price raises the capital gains tax is just 15%. This is massive! Consider that you'll need to earn around 20% in order to pass the obstacles when you buy and sell real fast like the gurus of getting rich quick wish to instruct you.

Make sure your accounts are open. Here's a quick overview. First check to see what company you work for offers an 401(k) plan that has matching as well as a contribution up to match. If you are employed by an educational institution, open the 403(b) plan that may be even better than the 401(k). Make sure you limit your investments in 401(k) or 403(b) to zero load indexed mutual funds. Second, if you can reduce your expenses beyond matching amount provided by your employer, create a Roth IRA and contribute to the max amount. If you're a really hard core saver and investor like my wife and me , then open an account for trading on your own. Fourth, sign up for your Roth and personal trading account through an online brokerage such as as well as It will make sure that you don't be a target for manure from an online broker who wants to nickel and dime customers out of their accounts. Also by trading online yourself you will learn to become an investor who is self-sufficient the most affluent of all!

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