If there is one thing about having sex that most men would like to improve it is their sexual stamina. Early orgasms plaque millions of men but it is quite simple to last longer in bed.

Here are two ways and last longer in bed for men.

1. The pinch technique is a super way to last longer if you have the time to train yourself for a few days. All you need to do is masturbate but don't allow ejaculation to occur, instead just before you do then apply the pinch. You need to use your forefinger and your thumb to pinch the tip of your penis very firmly. After around 30 seconds the ejaculation will have passed and you can carry on. Repeat this several times before you orgasm, after a few attempts you will find that you will be able to ejaculate when YOU want to.

2. Another way to stop early ejaculation is to use a product designed to make men last longer in bed. There are many available such as delay spray and sprays. These are recommended if you have no ejaculatory control whatsoever and can see you lasting from under a minute to 10 minutes. They work by numbing your penis and removing it's sensitivity thus making you last longer.

Both natural and store bought products to stop early ejaculation have their good and bad points. The products are an instant fix but cost a lot of money. The natural methods are permanent cures but take some effort. Of the two I say the natural exercises are the best way to stop early ejaculation because they give you total control and you can last as little or as long as you want.

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