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Create Invoice Online with Free Invoice Generator

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Seed Paper Plantable Shapes: Sustainable Beauty Blooms

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What is Seed Paper?

Seed paper, also known as plantable paper, is a biodegradable paper embedded with seeds. The concept behind seed paper is simple yet ingenious. Instead of discarding paper waste, you can plant it in the soil, water it, and watch it grow into flowers, herbs, or vegetables. This innovative paper is not only sustainable but also an excellent way to…


21 years of development trend of the catering service industry, how to take advantage of the situation to take off

First, the industry is recovering, competition is fierce, and chain stores are expanding

In addition to the reasons mentioned above that the catering industry will 大家樂招聘 definitely recover as the epidemic improves, we should also note that although the chain business model has prevailed in China in the past two years, Chinese catering is gradually developing into a chain business model , But its scale is still far behind developed countries. The chain restaurants in the U.S., Japan, and China are as follows:

In the past 20 years, many small shops have closed down, and big brand crazy chain stores. In this case, chain stores will only grow bigger and bigger. The growth rate of chain restaurants has reached 27% in 19 years and 35% in 20 years. It has been obvious in 21 years.

The nature of increasingly fierce competition among catering companies is that the threshold is low, so there are many stores. However, the development of China's chain business model has raised the barriers to entry, and the cost of a chain store in an ordinary second-tier city in a country is about 3 million.

After 21 years, this chain will become crazy.

2. In-depth standardization and retailization

Why are there different shops for the same dish in China? Why are the dishes in Chinese food chains different?

Due to the lack of standardization, Chinese food is more complex than Western food and pays more attention to raw materials and processes, so it is more difficult to standardize.

However, Haidilao and Xibei have begun to explore a standardized management process for catering in China.

In addition to paying attention to taste, more attention is paid to service. From the catering environment to the service response time, to meet the individual needs of customers, the above businesses have given high-scoring answer sheets. As for whether they can copy them, how to copy them? This depends on the financial resources and intentions of the operator.

Based on this, it will start retail.

Zihai hot pot, self-heating grilled fish, and hot pot online takeaway are 大家樂招聘 the standard different forms of retailing in China.

If the current level of "retail" and "standardization" of catering is only 10%, then it may reach 50% in 10 years. Basically all dishes can be purchased in the corresponding retail products, and can be purchased in offline supermarkets and online , You can also buy it in offline stores, where some dishes are half-baked and need to be heated, while others sell a combination of ingredients and condiments, which you can cook according to the instructions.

Three, data and intelligence

Data has been the general trend for a long time, scanning code sorting and membership system have become a common phenomenon.

In the future, the development of digitalization will require more and more in-depth, more comprehensive and detailed. Its ultimate goal is to divert the huge information and data of a large platform like Meituan to merchants, and finally form a merchant’s private domain traffic. The domain traffic sounds very high, but it is actually very simple. A small street shop may deliver food to old customers and wipe off some of it. It is for the enterprise to consume secondary energy. This is the embryonic form of the private domain.

Compared with other digitalization, the development of intelligence is still in its infancy, and the most well-known may be the food delivery robot in the restaurant~

But in the future, the initial processing of the kitchen, through the work of dishes, etc., is most likely to use intelligence, which can take the food bell, and it will soon retire from the stage of history.

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