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At present, the occurrence of neuropathic alopecia is 脫髮問題 relatively common, and hair loss often occurs when the mental stress is excessive. Under the influence of mental stress, the body's vertical hair muscle contraction, hair erection, autonomic or central nervous system dysfunction, hair follicle papilla changes and malnutrition, lead to hair growth inhibition, hair loss and other telogen-phase hair loss.

Hair growth is affected by a variety of environmental endocrine hormones, so when it occurs and the endocrine system is abnormal, it often causes large hair loss, such as postpartum and menopausal hair loss.

In an era when everyone is pursuing beauty, excessive dieting and weight loss can also lead to nutritious hair loss. Hair is an external manifestation of physical conditions. Malnutrition and abnormal metabolism in the body can cause changes in hair quality and color. Severe malnutrition can even lead to diffuse hair loss.

Nowadays, there are more and more people with hair loss. If the hair loss is serious, first suggest that you go to the hospital for professional management and technical inspections. Don't think that hair loss is a trivial matter. Early detection can lead to early treatment. In addition, we can pay more attention to life, and it can also effectively help alleviate the symptoms of hair loss.

First of all, patients with hair loss should change their eating habits. Drink plenty of water or foods rich in iron. Lean meat, egg whites, spinach, cabbage, celery, fruits, etc. are the best therapeutic foods. The scalp of people with hair loss may have hardened, and the above foods help to soften the scalp.

Secondly, the use of shampoo has a certain impact on hair loss. In order to prevent hair loss, we should start with daily hair care. Determine the shampoo cycle according to your hair quality and choose your own shampoo care products. You can usually apply hair cream or oil on the scalp, massage and stimulate, so that you can better control the symptoms of hair loss.

Third, pay attention to combing your hair is an important measure to prevent hair loss. Combing your hair a hundred times a day in the morning and evening can stimulate the scalp and improve the ventilation between the hairs. Since the scalp is prone to sweat and dirt, combing your hair regularly can help prevent hair loss and dandruff, and keep your hair shiny.

Finally, psychological factors will also have a certain impact on hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the feeling of psychological depression and mental instability. Daily anxiety can cause hair loss. Therefore, you can exercise properly to relieve your psychological pressure and reduce the symptoms of hair loss.

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