5 of the most common plumbing problems in your home

Having the number of an emergency plumber on hand is one of the most effective ways to put your mind at ease when it comes to your home plumbing. Whenever a plumbing problem arises in your home that threatens to cause water shortages, sewage backup, flooding, or other issues, you know you can call on the services of an experienced, licensed professional plumber in Palm Beach like WPH Plumbing for assistance. The majority of major plumbing repairs should not be attempted on your own, and it's especially important to leave those emergency jobs to plumbers who can respond quickly and complete the job correctly. Our goal is to save you money by providing you with a list of the most common plumbing problems that occur in homes, as well as the causes of these problems.
Types of Plumbing Issues
Toilet Overflowing
Not only will you be unable to use the toilet, but there is the possibility of water damage and unsanitary conditions resulting from the situation. In an emergency, you can prevent the toilet from overflowing by turning off the valve on the feed line to the toilet. Contact a licensed plumber in Palm Beach to receive assistance with this plumbing issue. You may need to grab a couple of towels to absorb the water from the overflowing toilet to avoid damaging your flooring.
Lost Valuables
This one can scare people and even make them feel embarrassed. If you lose your wedding ring down the drain avoid pouring additional water down the drain and instead contact a local plumber in your area to ensure that the plumbing problem does not worsen. Our team at WPH Plumbing can dismantle your drainpipe and retrieve your priceless ring if it is most likely trapped in the trap.
Broken Water or Sewer Pipes
If a pipe freezes over during a cold winter, this can result in a flood. The increase in pressure along the pipe due to the formation of ice has the potential to cause lateral bursts and floods. This plumbing problem can only be resolved in the winter by locating your water shut-off valve and turning off your water supply. After that, contact a licensed a quality plumber in Palm Beach in your area to repair or replace your broken water pipe.
Blockage of Sewer Lines
A single drain clog is inconvenient, and if you cannot clear it out with a plunger or a drain snake, you will need to call a plumber to complete the job. A clogged drain is not typically considered an emergency plumbing situation. In contrast, if multiple drains are blocked or slow simultaneously, you most likely have a major problem with your drainage system—possibly a clogged sewer line—and should seek professional assistance. It is also possible that a blockage has formed in a drain vent in your home. Hire WPH Plumbing who has previous experience with sewer repairs to help you avoid a sewer flood in your home.
Lack of water
If you notice no water coming from your kitchen or bathroom sink, make sure you check with your neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same plumbing issues as you. A municipal water supply problem may cause this problem. If you cannot determine the source of the problem, it could be a problem with your water main, such as a severe leak.
Local Plumbing Installation & Repair Services
WPH Plumbing has a staff of licensed plumbers who are experienced, well-equipped, and capable of repairing any plumbing issue in your home. Our plumbers provide solutions for plumbing issues such as faulty water heaters, drains, water softeners, and sewer lines, among others.

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