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5 Reasons To Embrace The Low-Alcohol Trend This Festive Season - Love Beer Bars

There was once a time when drinking beverages low in alcohol content would have been considered a rather niche interest. However, this situation has recently been changing — and IWSR Drinks Market Analysis anticipates consumption of no- and low-alcohol drinks seeing 31% growth by 2024.
What factors are driving this trend? The likely answers to this question could provide you with incentives aplenty to invest in barrels of 0% beer for any bar you have at your home or office.
No- and low-alcohol drinks have improved in quality
No longer are these options widely seen as unfortunate but necessary compromises when it comes to taste quality. IWSR research has found consumers generally willing to pay around as much for a low/no-alcohol beverage as they would for a traditionally alcoholic one.
There are benefits for physical health
You might not quite be willing to avoid alcohol altogether. In the above-mentioned research, 58% of respondents in the habit of consuming no/low alcohol reported choosing to switch between this and full-strength alcohol on the same occasion. Nonetheless, it is well-documented that excessive alcohol intake can adversely affect physical health.
You can help look after your mental health, too
Of course, Christmas is supposed to be a time for having fun. However, studies have demonstrated alcohol’s ability to reduce levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. When serotonin is restricted in this way, depression and anxiety can result or worsen.
You can still drive home after social events
You might have added plentiful social events to your festive calendar for 2022. Fortunately, by reining in the amount of alcohol you consume, you can enable yourself to safely drive home after each and every one of these events without having to hand someone else the job of driving.
You can avoid embarking on alcohol-fuelled recklessness
Naturally, you will want to enjoy yourself this Yuletide. However, too much alcohol can impair the clarity of your thinking, and leave you struggling to form and solidify the kind of social connections that are often instrumental to a fun-filled Christmas partying experience.
For reasons like these, many people could easily take comfort that we are able to deliver barrels of 0% beer for free to addresses throughout the South East England region. excessive alcohol intake can adversely affect physical health

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