5 Reasons Why We Chose WorkStatus for Our Workforce Management System

In our last post, we walked you through how to choose a good workforce management system. In today’s post, we’re going to go into detail about why we chose WorkStatus and why we think it will work for your company too. That’s right: there are ten reasons! Let’s get started

1) Support From Experts

When we started to evaluate different workforce management systems, we wanted to make sure we got advice from people who were experienced with developer time tracking software and/or employee monitoring software. The first place we turned was our current customers—we asked them if they had any experience using either type of system, and what kind of experience they had (good or bad). After that, we reached out to some small businesses in our area and asked them if they could recommend a time-tracking system that their business used.

2) Integrated Payroll Module

One of our top reasons for choosing WorkStatus was its integrated payroll module. Not only can employees clock in and out but also managers can see whether an employee has completed their assigned tasks at any time through a streamlined payroll system. As well as being user-friendly, it’s incredibly efficient to use. If you’re looking for an easy way to handle workforce management, you should definitely consider WorkStatus.

3) Time Tracking & Attendance Tracking Capabilities

Keeping track of time is an important part of running a business; not only can it help you manage staff more effectively, but it can also help you bill clients accurately. WorkStatus’s time-tracking capabilities make it easier to monitor how much staff members are working on certain projects—so your company will stay on top of its game. But that’s not all; our workforce management system also has employee monitoring software that makes it easy to review time worked by your employees with ease.

4) Customizable Reports

The detailed reports that you can create with WorkStatus allow us to monitor not only what our employees are working on, but also how they’re spending their time. This feature allows us to fine-tune our workflow and productivity so we can accomplish more with less effort. For example, if I need to know which employees are spending too much time on social media during work hours, I can simply search by task or role and generate a report showing me who is using social media more than others. As an employer, it’s comforting to know your business is getting maximum efficiency out of its employees; as a manager or team leader, it’s reassuring to know exactly where your resources are being spent so you can allocate them accordingly.

5) Mobile Access

With more and more of us carrying smartphones and tablets on a regular basis, having mobile access to our time-tracking and employee monitoring system is becoming increasingly important. With WorkStatus, you’ll be able to manage your workforce on any mobile device. Need to add an employee while you’re away from your desk? Make changes in real time or offline when you have reliable Internet access? You can do both with WorkStatus! All of your data syncs seamlessly between all devices in minutes—and in most cases, in seconds.


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