6 Ways New Technology Can Elevate Workplace Performance

"The Industrial Revolution could be a time of water conservation for production. But over the last decade, the boom in technology has led to major technology changes in the workplace. Technology is prevalent in our society. It has changed the way we work, play and live.

However, with the rapid advancement in the workplace and the rapid adoption of technology, the transition from pagers to smartphones is not remembered by many.

The importance of using digital tools to work more efficiently and achieve more over the years has forced companies to look at the value of people who save travel time in increasing employee productivity. In addition, communication is much better in many work areas when employees use tools designed to help them stay better connected.

However, physical distance from your co-workers also means additional incentives for companies. It is important to start by trying out and testing new ways of working so that technology can improve office productivity. Because companies can build from their current framework

Increase efficiency with automation
Using automation improves office productivity for large and small HR teams. Automation has increased productivity and efficiency as ever. Automation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) make it possible to do more with fewer people. And help companies redirect their resources
""We believe in people and technology working together - not apart.""

- Aaron Stewart, co-founder and CVO

For HR professionals, this greatly reduces work stress. Tasks such as scheduled visits, interviews and performance reviews are being optimized. Gone are the days of handling paperwork and paperwork HR. The most direct benefit of automation is that AI automates simple, repetitive tasks, freeing up HR teams for more strategic work. It will continue to change the future of work while improving efficiency and productivity.

Multitasking capability
Not every job detail speaks for itself. But multitasking is one of the simplest skills in every employee set. Although it is better to focus on one task at a time to guarantee quality results. But a little multitasking can increase productivity. The market is full of performance management tools. Get things done on your to-do list. In addition to timely warnings, these tools help you stack tasks. Track each step of the process and move the ball faster

Apps like Slack, Asana and Trello make billions by helping people manage their to-do lists in the office.

Cooperation is made easier.
Today, many performance management software applications also serve as communication channels. When you have a scattered team, the job of technology is to reduce barriers to collaboration.

You can use a single platform or combine multiple tools into a single project management platform to enhance collaboration and collaboration between teams. Recently, Microsoft introduced Viva, a new platform in Microsoft Teams, to facilitate remote work for the entire company. The idea was to emulate digital office with Microsoft Viva. A number of other tools were also introduced with the sole purpose of helping employees adopt a hybrid approach to work. Improving work life and improving work efficiency

Communicate quickly
Employees need a free communication channel. Colleagues, managers and departments. However, this is not only necessary in remote work environments. And it's important to help with creativity and group learning.

The new technology integrates communication methods such as text, audio, video and file sharing, so employees can no longer tap on a coworker's shoulder to communicate. But unions should feel close to all employees who promote normal communication. Exchange of knowledge and ideas

Widget.io uses Organized Network Analytics (ONA) to configure both formal and informal corporate communication networks. As a result, collaboration between colleagues is enhanced with higher day-to-day connectivity and follow-up. The technology makes the remote work environment more conducive.

Redefining distance learning
Every leading organization knows that promotion and continuous improvement of education is the key to life. When employees are allowed to work from home, most education has to be done remotely."

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