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Are Nutrient Enhancements Imperative to Your Wellbeing?

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The facts really confirm that the majority of the food we eat today goes through various types of preparing, for example, canning, refrigeration, freezing, parchedness, and sterile handling. With only one excursion to the supermarket you can without much of a stretch see that essentially the entirety of the food varieties being sold there have been prepared. While only one out of every odd kind of handled food is awful for your wellbeing, the majority of them,…


Things to keep in mind while choosing British curriculum schools in Dubai

When it comes to the United Emirates the most basic word that comes to mind regarding its education is ‘expensive’. It is just a stereotype that if you want to get international education for your child. You have to make your pocket empty and invest all your savings to get a quality education for your child. Moreover, when someone talks about the British school we always think that it might be out of the budget. Just to make the education interactive for the child and pocket friendly for the parents. Dubai is one of the most developed countries in every aspect. It has used its advanced technology in the education sector as well.

There are so many schools in the united emirates but 40 per cent of them are British curriculum-based. There are so many British curriculum schools in Dubai with less fees. What should you ask schools before getting admission?

Fee criteria
So many parents think that quality education can only be possible if they spend a huge amount of money. Sometimes they even tend to ignore the question about the fee structure. But the first and foremost thing that you should do is ask about the fee structure of the school. Is the fee structure under your spending capacity or not? There are a lot of British curriculum schools in Dubai with less fees.

Student-teacher ratio
The student-teacher ratio comprises how many students are there under a single teacher. When you are investing in your child’s education you should ask the school how many students would be there in one class. Moreover just to make sure that your child is getting personal attention from the teacher. Just imagine if there would be so many students in the class how will the teacher pay attention. Moreover, your child would not be so comfortable in that environment.

Transport facilities
One of the most important things that you should ask is if they provide transport facilities or not. Not every school is near your place so it is quite necessary to provide transportation facilities. Moreover, the school transportation must ensure the safety of your child.

Hours spend in the classroom
It is one of the important factors while choosing a school for your kid. You can be selfish while selecting a school for your kid. Moreover, it is your right to ask about how many hours in a week they will spend in the classroom. Meanwhile, it is very important to give time to other activities such as playing, music, painting and a lot more. Practical knowledge is equally important for your child’s personal growth. It helps them to develop their hobby. British curriculum schools have designed their curriculum to ensure a child’s overall growth.

The technology used by the school
Every parent invests a lot of money in their child’s education. So it is very important to ensure that they use the latest technology and modern approach to their kids. However British schools in Dubai use a modern approach to teach the kids. They even change their curriculum every year just to make sure they work with the latest trends. It is very important to keep up with the dynamic education sector to make education more interesting.

Testing criteria
While choosing a school one of the basic things is how they test your kid. Any school should not burden the kids and do not force them to get marks. However, they should give utmost importance to learning and developing the child rather than achieving marks. British curriculum schools in Dubai focus on giving children more opportunities and they focus on learning of the child.

Value of the school
It is very important to know whether the school you are opting for has any value in the education system or not. The school is all about the future of your child so it should have a good ranking. However, everyone says that quality education is the most important thing while deciding the school. Meanwhile, after the completion of school while getting admission to university it must need a good rank.

Schooling is the most important decision for your child’s initial career. Initial years of education are so important it makes the base for your child’s future. So while taking this decision we should keep in mind so many things. There are so many schools that provide your child with quality education along with its overall growth

So if you are also a parent and confused about which British school you should opt for your child then you can check this It will give you a more clear idea about your child’s career

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