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While organic foods can be expensive and considered an expensive item, it's still feasible to buy organic without breaking the bank. At Ward's We are proud to provide a variety of organic and local produce including meats, deli meats, and other products. If you're interested in the best ways to shop for organic products on a budget, we offer some tips that will assist you in saving money on your next trip to the supermarket.

If you are looking for organic Chai Latte at the local store, be sure you check the label. It's the first step towards being assured that the product you're buying is meeting the USDA standards for organic food.

7 Tips for Shopping Organic on a Dime

Organic food shopping doesn't have to be costly! There are many ways that you can cut costs while receiving high-quality organic food for your family. We've outlined a few tips that will aid you in saving money when buying organic food:

1. Buy in Season

Produce and vegetables in season are cheaper. Not only are they cheaper however, they also taste better and more fresh since they're more plentiful. Our blog contains the list of fruits and veggies.

2. Look through local ads

Most supermarkets release a weekly ad which highlights the items on sale that week, which often includes organic turmeric powder. Ward's Supermarket publishes a weekly sales ad every Wednesday, and you can sign up to our newsletter to be first informed when the ad goes live. We often feature organic items and foods from local farms!

3. Utilize Coupons

A few of the largest organic sellers offer coupons for their products that are available at the majority of supermarkets. You can find coupons on the internet, in newspapers and local circulars or even on mobile applications. There are also apps, like Ibotta which can give you discounts for purchasing certain brands of products.

4. Buy Private Label Brands

Generic brands from grocery stores usually provide the same high-quality that the brand name brands offer as well as staple food items like flour and sugar, are the best option to buy generic. Ward's stocks a variety of private label products such as jams, jellies, and hot sauces as well as natural vitamins and supplements. Private brand products are not contaminated with preservatives and have ingredients that are easy to pronounce. This means that you can rest assured that your family will receive high-quality food for a reasonable cost.

5. Meal Plan

Preparing your meals ahead of time will help you save money on grocery shopping. If you're looking through the weekly deals at your local supermarket and you're able to create your shopping list and meal plans around the items on sale which includes organic goods. Not only will you reduce your expenses, but you'll also save time when you have your shopping trip planned beforehand. As they say, time is money.

6. Bulk Orders

Buying in bulk and storing your food for a longer period of time will save you money as well as visits to the supermarket. If you buy in bulk quantities, you get an even better price. You don't have to visit "Big Box" stores to get a great deal on buying in the bulk. Ward's is pleased to offer the biggest selection of organic products in bulk that are hard to come by, such as coffee teas, teas, spices flours, and more. You can shop for your favorite items by taking your own container which is good for the environment as well!

7. The "Clean 15"

Although organic chai latte is recommended but it's not required in all cases. If you're unable to pay for organic, there are foods you do not need to purchase organic. Every year, the Environmental Working Group compiles a list of food items that have been grown without pesticides, genetic modification or artificial fertilizer. You might be surprised by the items listed on the list!

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