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8 Signs You Need Trane Furnace Repair in Brooklyn

There are eight signs that indicate you need Trane furnace repair in Brooklyn. It's essential to keep your home warm and comfortable during chilly winter. Find an expert with experience in furnace repair to check for issues that need a quick fix. If you suspect a gas leak, contact an HVAC specialist immediately.

Keeping your Trane furnace in good working order is essential to keep your home warm and comfortable during chilly winter. Surviving winter in parts of Brooklyn can be challenging without a fully functional furnace. Periodic tune-ups and maintenance are essential to keep your family healthy.

Trane furnace repair Brooklyn NY

Find an expert with experience in furnace repair in Brooklyn. Check for issues that need a quick fix. We've compiled a list of eight signs that indicate you need Trane furnace repair.

1. Abnormal Furnace Smells

It is usual for furnaces to smell pungent when installed, but as time goes on, they should lose that smell.

Nevertheless, if you notice an odor that doesn't seem to be going away or one that appears out of the blue, you may need to have your furnace serviced.

If your exhaust smells strong, you may have poor combustion. It's not easy to smell carbon monoxide, but you can smell aldehydes, which are the by-products of lousy combustion.

2. Gas Leaks

Despite its obviousness, it is always worth repeating: If you suspect a gas leak, you need to contact an HVAC specialist as soon as possible.

A single spark could cause disaster for your home if you don't shut off the furnace immediately, thanks to the high flammability of the gas.

To be safe, leave the house until the leak gets resolved (or a professional confirms the furnace isn't leaking).

3. Difficulty Starting the Unit

With age, furnaces require more service and maintenance. Someday, you may find it challenging to turn the unit on and keep it running.

You should get a professional to check out your furnace if you're having trouble starting it or if it reboots a lot.

It is often possible to solve these complications by replacing dirty filters, cleaning indoor AC coils, and replacing secondary heating exchangers. The furnace might also work intermittently if the flame sensor is dirty.

To avoid further complications, one must nip them in the bud and restore your furnace to working order as soon as possible.

4. Uneven Heating

Having trouble maintaining a consistent temperature in your home might indicate that your furnace needs servicing.

Cold spots and hot spots shouldn't occur if your furnace works properly. In contrast, there should be even heating.

Based on your residential area, there will be diverse temperatures (e.g., the basement may be cooler, the upstairs may be warmer, etc.). The only indication that your furnace needs repair is when the temperatures in similar environments are drastically different.

5. Energy Bills Increasing

A rising energy bill is probably a sign that your furnace needs service and is inefficient.

As with energy bills, yours will vary according to the seasons. However, if you notice sudden or even gradual increases, it may signify that your furnace is malfunctioning. The best action is to have a professional inspect it for you.

6. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Alerts

Having a carbon monoxide alarm that goes off means you have a severe problem that needs attention as soon as possible.

The effects of carbon monoxide are deadly. If your furnace's heat exchanger cracks, gas could leak into your home. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, only an alarm can detect it.

When your alarm sounds, evacuate your home and call emergency services.

7. Strange Noises

The consistent whirring sound of a healthy furnace proves that it's in good working order.

When you hear strange noises - banging, rattling, irregular hums, groans, rattles, etc. - that might mean the furnace is malfunctioning.

If the noises persist, contact a professional so they can identify the source of the noise and ensure that your furnace is not in danger.

8. Water Leaks

There's a good chance you have a water leak next to your furnace. Don't worry. It's not hard to fix if you deal with it right away.

Condensation is most likely to blame for the leak. Perhaps the condensation line is broken, or the drain is clogged. If your furnace stays connected to a humidifier, a clogged drain system or a malfunctioning humidifier could cause a leak.

A timely Trane furnace repair in Brooklyn can prevent more complicated issues like mold.

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