A check on the kaolin processing plant

Adjustable speed, change the vibration motor eccentric block and phase angle, also changes the residence time of the material in the vibration on the screen and trajectory. Third, air start, kaolin crushing plant boot the best guarantee that no material in the screen mesh, basically in the no-load state, avoid because of overload starting and caused material blockage and damage the equipment and so on, these operations are beneficial to prolong the service life of equipment.

Again is the maintenance. A check on the kaolin processing plant, weekly inspection, understand the locking device whether there is loose, net whether tear, motor parts if the water is too large, seal is pressed, kaolin processing plant oil surface is too high cause the operation difficult etc..

Two lubrication, ultrasonic kaolin processing plant accumulative working after two months should be the vibrator on each bearing lubrication at a time, so that is conducive to improving the production efficiency of equipment. Three replacement, the annual need of an overhaul kaolin processing plant, replacing lining board, replacing the motor bearing damage, replace worn or defective seal, etc. of the two line of the screen surface dressing. These maintenance tips are conducive to the equipment run more smoothly, prolong the service life of equipment.

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