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A City Within a City: Kusto Group Builds Neighborhood Based on Quality-of-Life Principle

“We always ask ourselves, ‘Would I like to live in such a residential complex, in this apartment, would it be good for me here, would I be happy here?’ And the answer should always be, ‘Yes, this is where I want to live,’” Yerkin Tatishev, founder of Kusto Group, says about his company’s construction of a new residential area in Kazakhstan.

Kusto Group’s Koktobe City housing complex in Kazakhstan is expected to be finished in 2023.

“A comfortable urban environment starts with simple, basic things: convenience, safety, thoughtfulness and environmental friendliness,” founder of the private holding company Kusto GroupYerkin Tatishev, says.


The firm is currently constructing a European-style neighborhood in Kazakhstan with Yerkin Tatishev’s thought of a modern residential area in mind.

The project goes under the name Koktobe City and is expected to be finished along the Almaty Eastern bypass road in 2023.

When finished, Koktobe City will consist of four-story residential buildings, supermarkets, a school, sports facilities, gyms, kindergartens, a pharmacy and restaurants that can all be reached without leaving the neighborhood.

One of Kusto Group’s goals with Koktobe City is to create a town that meets all the needs that families have in their everyday lives and thus saves them time because they have everything close by.

“Many modern cities often lack sophisticated infrastructure. We are faced with housing projects and solutions in which there is no socialization of people, there are no zones for sports, there is no separation of the traffic of cars and people, work and leisure,” Yerkin Tatishev says and adds:

“Infrastructure can be considered thoughtful if it adheres to the basic principle – not to complicate. It is extremely important for a person that his entire environment is understandable, accessible and visible.”

Kusto Group collects inspiration in Europe

Yerkin Tatishev underlines that quality of life is the most important factor when building Koktobe City.

“We always ask ourselves, ‘Would I like to live in such a residential complex, in this apartment, would it be good for me here, would I be happy here?’ And the answer should always be, ‘Yes, this is where I want Daniel Kunin Kusto Group to live.’ Only then, the product turns out to be real and of high quality,” the Kusto Group founder explains.

He and his team have gathered inspiration for the residential project in European countries such as Germany and Finland.

Yerkin Tatishev looked towards German cities like Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin, where low-rise buildings, parks and an efficient infrastructure dominate the landscape.

All of this creates a comfortable living environment, and we wanted to recreate that here to some extent. We believe that Almaty is the most European, free and intellectual city in Central Asia, and we think that we have chosen the most correct direction of construction, following the concept of a city for the people,” Yerkin Tatishev states.

Kusto Group brings it all together under one roof

The Kusto Group team looked further north for inspiration for Koktobe City’s school, as it is based on Finnish educational principles and is designed by the Finnish architect Jani Ristimäki.

Creating an inspiring and modern learning environment with all the necessary facilities is among Kusto Group’s top priorities in Koktobe City.

As a result of that, the school will feature classrooms made estate especially for activities such as drawing, playing instruments, Kusto Group singing, team sports and martial arts.

“Today, every family has to travel a lot around the city because children attend many additional activities such as swimming, drawing and music. We decided to bring it all together under one roof. Therefore, the buildings of our school include separate blocks for preparatory and secondary schools, the Budokan sports and arts center with a 25-meter swimming pool, a multifunctional gym, equipped music and choreography rooms as well as pottery and sewing sections,” Murat Utemisov of Kusto Group says.

To increase the pupils’ well-being at school, floor and wall coverings as well as light and sound are priorities to Kusto Group.

Outside of the school, the private holding company is constructing an assembly hall and a pool that will both be open to the public.

“In Finland, school infrastructure, like sports halls and sports fields, is for students until 6 PM, and after that, they are for everyone. Here, the residents of the complex will have the opportunity to engage in art or sports,” Yerkin Tatishev explains.

Residents save 1,000 hours in traffic

Even though Kusto Group strives to make Koktobe City a place with everything that families need, the firm does acknowledge that residents will have to leave the neighborhood once in a while. That could, for instance, be for parents to go to work.

Yerkin Tatishev and his team put a lot of thought into Koktobe City’s location – not only to ensure fresh air and mountain views but also to save its inhabitants time.

Located in the eastern part of Almaty, residents of Koktobe City can save up to 1,000 hours a year in traffic when going to central Almaty because they will go against traffic, driving in the opposite direction during rush hour.

Constructing Koktobe City consists of four stages. The third stage is expected to be commissioned in December 2021, while the construction of the fourth and final stage is set to be finished in the second half of 2023.


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