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The original edition of a course in miracles was completed by Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford. It has been edited to correct occasional typographical errors, and to standardize punctuation and capitalization ucdm

In addition, a huge amount of personal and professional material has been removed from the original Urtext that Helen originally transcribed. The principle was simple: If it is too personal, take it out.
What is ACIM?

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a surprisingly sophisticated, albeit difficult to grasp, self-study curriculum conceived by Columbia University psychologists Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford. It was published in 1976 and has since gone on to influence millions of students worldwide.

The course is a heady mix of modern psychological thought, reinterpreted Christian language, and Eastern metaphysics, all of which are relevant to our troubled times. In fact, it may be the most important message of all time, if one takes it seriously enough to try it out.

Despite the countless self-help and religious books on the market, ACIM has managed to stay at the top of the pack thanks to its high-level of spiritual complexity and innovative approach to teaching. This includes its hefty dose of spiritual inspiration coupled with its rigorous and disciplined implementation via its Workbook of 365 daily lessons.

There are a number of different versions of the Course, most of which are administered by the Foundation for Inner Peace. Nevertheless, the most successful version is the Standard edition, which has sold over 3 million copies to date and is maintaining an annual sales rate of 40,000, with 13,000 in Spanish.

In its heyday, the Standard was considered to be the gold standard in academe and was often quoted as an educational model of excellence by many of its more esoteric competitors. It was the most popular introductory Course in the world, and many students still follow it as a lifelong learning tool or a stepping stone to more advanced study.
What is the Original Text?

The original text of the Course in Miracles is now available in a number of different formats, including an eBook, audio book, and printed paperback. It has been extensively edited and updated over the years.

When A Course in Miracles was first published, it contained a number of errors and scribal errors. The errors were corrected, but some of them remain. For example, the early Course has a long list of references to the Holy Spirit, but in later versions, these are referred to as the "it" instead of the "He."

Another error is the use of a word for the "Holy Spirit," namely, the "Spirit of Love," which is actually a verb. The editors have taken care to correct these scribal errors, but it is a bit of a pain to do so.

There is also a large amount of material that was removed during the editing process. This includes a lot of personal material that was relevant only to Helen and Bill, as well as some professional information.

The editors had a good rule to follow: If what you write is so personal that it can't benefit others, take it out. This was especially true for Helen's notes. During an early session, Jesus told her that she was taking much more personal notes than usual and that these were not generalizable to others. He explained that he would be able to use this material in future sessions, but she should be careful not to take too much of the personal material home with her.

This is a very important principle, and it is one that should be applied to the editing of any spiritual work. It is a simple rule that is often overlooked, but it can be a very helpful guideline when you are working on your own writing.

The editors have done a wonderful job of making sure that the early Course is as faithful to the original as possible. There are a few minor changes, but most of the content has been kept intact. For example, the chapter titles and subheadings are still in place. The capitalization and punctuation have been cleaned up a bit, and the amount of italics has been reduced.
What is the Workbook?

A Course in Miracles is an eloquent, often inspirational spiritual masterpiece. Its lessons help us to retrain our thinking and change our behavior in ways that are both fun and practical.

The workbook, which was first published in 1979, is a classic among self-study literature. It is a slim 8" x 5 " book that weighs less than one pound and is designed to be taken on the go. It is printed on a durable paper and laminated with a cover that resists spots and stains. It has a chapter divider that helps to keep the text neat and tidy.

It contains a lot of text, but it also has a lot of graphics. The best part is that the book can be used over and over again. It is a great resource for students at all levels of experience, from novice to seasoned spiritual warrior.

This is not a replacement for the original workbook, but it is an excellent companion. The graphics are high quality and the page numbers are clearly marked so that you won't miss a thing! The book is printed on a premium, thick paper that withstands a beating. It is the perfect size for a wallet, purse or briefcase.

The most impressive feature of this work is the fact that it uses a unique, proprietary computer-aided design and production system to produce a highly polished text that can be read by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The process enables the company to use an enormous amount of information about the text to generate an exceptionally accurate and readable product that is far more efficient than hand-drafting. This process is now being utilized by publishers around the world.
What is the Manual for Teachers?

The Manual for Teachers, as its title suggests, is meant to help those who teach the Course. This was the original intention of Helen Schucman, who wrote it a couple years after the Course was completed. It is a brief summary of some of the principles in question and answer format. It is also a glossary of terms used in the Course. It should be noted, however, that it does not explain what these terms mean in a way that non-students can understand.

The idea that the Manual is a manual for teachers was a surprise to many, especially those who thought that it had been written as a brief summary of the Course's principles. It also seemed to have broken with the Course's "college course" theme. It is based on the idea that a Course in Miracles is three volumes: a Text, a Workbook for Students and a Manual for Teachers. The Text is read and studied, the Workbook is practiced, and the Manual is used to help teachers teach the Course.

Nevertheless, in a sense, it is an important document for teachers of the Course. It helps them to understand what their role is and what the Course teaches, as well as how to best teach it. It is an incredibly useful resource for anyone who wants to be a teacher of A Course in Miracles.

I think one of the main reasons why this is so important for teachers is because there are two main forms that a Course in Miracles teacher can take. The first form is that of a healer, which is envisioned as taking people who are sick and offering them forgiveness. This is not to say that all Course in Miracles teachers are healers, but it is an example of the type of teacher Helen Schucman was envisioning for the people who would be taught the Course by her and William Thetford.

The other form of a teacher is that of a spiritual shepherd or mentor. This is a much more significant and interesting aspect of teaching, because it essentially takes place outside the body (the mind), as opposed to teaching through verbal means. This is how the course relates to spirituality, and it is a fascinating part of its message that is often neglected by those who are more interested in what the Course has to teach about healing, as opposed to what it has to teach about being a spiritual person.

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