The Processed Food Industry (from fast food restaurants to the huge factories that induce and package processed foods) is really only concerned about one thing... their corporate profits. It's a numbers game... and the sad simple truth is that growing and distributing fresh, healthy food is far more costly per unit than manufacturing packaged food products that are ready-to-eat or "instant" or quite simple to prepare... and that will take a seat on a display (in the store or in your pantry) for long amounts of time without spoiling ("shelf-life"). To generate these modern nutritional marvels takes a lot of tampering with the original food (if there ever was one), and numerous "added ingredients" along with a bunch of food preservatives. And let's not forget artificial colors, flavors and pesticides. I'd like to enable you to in on a little secret... The underside line to staying healthy & fit is to stick to a wholesome diet... and nothing is healthier than eating organically grown fruit and vegetables.

Often called "Raw Food," organically grown and pesticide-free produce has been shown to function as safest and healthiest food for the human body. It's naturally filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Once in awhile a brand new "buzz word" is discovered by the news headlines media every time they speak about health or fitness issues. Until recently, the frequently heard health topic in the news headlines concerned مجلة الستات Cholesterol levels. Granted, Cholesterol is still a significant issue and concern for many individuals (especially Boomers); but the modern kid (buzz word) on the block seems to be Does which means that anything for you? It will if you're one of the millions who have fallen for the margarine trap. Or if you enjoy having a "packaged" muffin or pastry with your coffee in the morning, you need to know the hard cold facts about the dangers of eating foods containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

It's made by using a process where vegetable oil is "infused" with hydrogen. When occurring, the amount of polyunsaturated oils (a healthy fat) is drastically reduced and "Trans Fats" are created. Do a quick search on Google and you'll learn that Trans Fats are closely connected مجلة الستات with cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, cancer of the colon, pancreatic cancer, atherosclerosis and all of those other problems related to elevated cholesterol. The preservatives BHA and BHT are man-made ingredients that prevent oils found in fully processed foods from becoming rancid. Both are regarded as "Carcinogens" ;.

They're both recognized for causing sleep disorders and are connected with numerous diseases and health issues including skin rashes, hair thinning, liver and kidney damage, pancreatic cancer, fetal abnormalities and growth retardation. Within the last few 40 years, the rate of Cancer deaths in the US has increased by over 50%! This is not a coincidence! Think about the proven fact that BHA and BHT have both been found to cause cancer in laboratory animals, and even the US DHHS says they're unsafe for human consumption, the FDA continues to keep that they're safe to be used in the foods we eat.

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