As summer approaches, many people begin to search for superyachts for charter or superyachts for sale. After all, the weather is better, and why not enjoy it with family and friends on a gorgeous yacht in the Mediterranean? But if you want to rent or buy a superyacht, you should be aware of what season it is, as each season offers different opportunities and challenges.

The things you need to know about superyacht season

Superyacht season is approaching. If you're about to take a trip or thinking of selling your superyacht, it's time for a crash course in what goes into getting one of these massive boats from point A to point B. Whether you're planning an epic vacation or just trying to sell your beloved super-boat, here are some quick tips on how it all works.

Superyachts have different seasons in different locations

Summer in New England, for example, and winter in Florida. In between, you'll find superyachts for charter available all over—from Croatia and St Barts to Australia and California. No matter where you are or where you want to go, chances are there's a superyacht headed that way that can whisk you off on an adventure or let you relax in style on a sunny afternoon. Whether you're looking for a day-long cruise or an extended trip onboard, these seasonal events will provide plenty of opportunities to explore what each location has to offer. Put some vacation time on your calendar now—and if you're lucky enough to have your boat, keep it nearby: You never know when it might be hired out.

The best time to find superyachts for sale is...

Although new superyachts are built all year round, there is a peak period for yacht sales: July-September. From January to June, yacht builders and sellers are deciding which yachts will go on sale in July or August, so potential buyers have time to secure financing and make their dream purchase.

How buying a new superyacht works

If you're looking to buy a superyacht, you might be wondering how buying a new superyacht works. And, yes, it's different than purchasing a smaller boat or even a second-hand one. So here are some answers to your biggest questions. 

How long does it take? 

Buying a new superyacht can take several months, depending on where in the world you are and whether there is supply and demand for that specific model in that specific location. There are also special customs issues involved when dealing with larger boats that require navigating, so factor that into your timeline as well. 

How much will it cost? 

The price of a new superyacht varies widely by model, but buyers should expect to spend at least $200 million on their first (smaller) yacht, but bigger models can easily cost upwards of $1 billion. 

Can I just purchase it from any dealer? 

You can purchase new yachts from dealers all over the world - meaning you have options to save money if you choose to shop around. However, many people use brokers because they have access to a large network of sellers to get better deals for clients like yourself. 

Do I have other options? 

Of course! New luxury yachts are available pre-owned as well, and these range anywhere from $100k-$30Million+ depending on size and age. It's always worth getting more than one estimate before deciding which option works best for you!

Chartering your own superyacht is more feasible than you think

For example, if you've never chartered a superyacht before, it's a good idea to start with a smaller one - say around 100 ft (30 m) or so - until you get an idea of what exactly your experience will be like. The most popular time for superyacht charters is between December and April. During these months, cold weather in northern Europe means that many wealthy people choose southern countries as vacation destinations. This results in more empty boats on charter and, therefore, greater availability.

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