A Rare Crest can give you the chance to acquire

Diablo Immortal is filled with D2R Ladder Items diverse items that will make your character stronger and more powerful, but none are as important as Legendary Gems. You can have six them in your inventory at any one time as well as one within each primary gear slot as well as providing massive bonuses to your stats and unique effects that can determine your character's build.

The problem is that not each of the Legendary Gems are created equal. Some are more rare and more powerful than others, which makes figuring out which are the most powerful gems a bit confusing. Here's everything you need to be aware of to obtain the essential items you need and how to improve their performance in Blizzard's mobile-first RPG.

How to locate Legendary Gems

Legendary Gems come in various varieties: 1-Star, 2-Star, and 5-Star. As you can imagine, 5-Star gems are superior to the 1-Star and 2-Star Legendary Gems. They are also far more rare and difficult to locate. How can you acquire these gems? They are primarily found by completing Elder Rifts in conjunction with Rare or Legendary Crests. These are consumable items which can be purchased through the battle pass, or any other in-game shop bundles.

A Rare Crest can give you the chance to acquire a 1- or 2-Star Legendary gem after the completion of an Elder Rift, while using a Legendary Crest guarantees that Legendary Gems will be dropped at a very small probability of receiving a five-Star Legendary Gem. The more crests you can slot in an Elder Rift, the more gems will be found when you finish it as the reward.

There are, however, different ways to obtain Legendary Gems. They can be purchased (or traded) by other players on the Marketplace with Platinum and they can also be created with a combination of Runes as well as Platinum. It is possible to Buy D2R Ladder Items craft 12 Star Legendary Gems directly at the Jeweler.

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