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跟著TOM FORD「穿」上私人海島香,沉醉於夏日陽光浴!

Posted by djkasdgh34vc on June 1, 2023 at 10:46pm 0 Comments

義大利私人海島?地中海神秘海域?佛羅里達棕櫚灘?陽光在金色沙灘上蒸騰出明媚氣息,潮起潮湧,激蕩出柔美或剛勁的浪花……今夏海島游計劃,還未出發就已經浮現無數想像。海島的味道,究竟是什麼樣的?這道開放性命題,TOM FORD已經給出了答案!

「私人調配系列是我鍾愛並喜愛使用的香水系列。」 — TOM FORD

這一次,TOM FORD私人調配系列再次推出3款全新香水,將海島風情加入「私人氣味實驗室」。臻選珍稀香料,經由設計師精心調配。傾灑間,心醉神迷。

TOM FORD 絕謐海岸香氛

天藍色磨砂瓶身,搭配壓印鍍金品牌標識的亮藍色銘牌,考究而別緻。TOM FORD 香水… Continue
According to rumors, lifelike sex dolls first appeared during the First World War. In order to expand their territory, the Dutch would send soldiers all year round. Sending troops to war must be a long process, and they cannot bring their own wives, but the soldiers you know might fight. Everyone was gone, and there were many healthy young men who invented inflatable dolls in order to satisfy the soldiers' sexual desires.

About the origin of sex dolls

At that time, the inflatable dolls were still called Dutch wives, which was totally different from the current inflatable dolls. At that time, some rattans were wrapped together and used with a little oil. With the development of the times, in the 1990s cheap sex dolls have become popular in Japan. The inflatable dolls are made of plastic. They fill up the air like a balloon. They are used for men’s venting, but it is conceivable that such things are not very good. Sell, because the gap with real people is too big.

Today, with the gradual increase in people's experience, physical dolls have begun to become popular. Yes, they are sex dolls that are the same as real people seen on the Internet. This kind of anime sex doll was robbed wildly as soon as it came out. People not only used it as a sex tool, but some people really took it as their wife to raise, and some people used her as a friend to take pictures or something.

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