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Discovering the Appeal of Team Mediterranean Trancoso: A Paradise Transcending Limits

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Located along the charming coastline of Brazil, Club Mediterranean Trancoso stands as a beacon of luxurious and rest, providing an unparalleled retreat for people seeking solace in the middle of normal splendor. Using its recent transfer of ownership, the resort continues to enchant guests with its special blend of ethnic concentration, adventure, and tranquility. Let's embark on a journey to reveal the draw of Team Mediterranean Trancoso and why it remains a desired destination for discerning… Continue

Creative advertising solutions

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We’re a group of outliers who wake up every day with a single focus – helping you build the best brand in the world. With the power of experience, our job is to build loyalty, deliver on your promises and create meaningful relationships with your audience. Visit more info Creative advertising solutions.

Cycling the Wave Credit Card Cashout Achievement Experiences

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In the world of particular fund, various practices can be employed to gain access to cash when needed. One such process that has acquired interest is bank card cashing. In this comprehensive manual, we'll delve in to the nuances of charge card cashing, discovering the techniques, dangers, and advantages associated with this specific financial practice.

What is Credit Card Cashing?

Credit card cashing, also referred to as bank card income innovations, involves withdrawing… Continue

Diversity of love dolls

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急速な技術の進展に伴い、人工知能技術は私たちの生活を根本的に変えています。この分野では、さまざまなタイプの人工モデルも登場しており、その中には ラブドール ムチムチ、男 の 娘 ラブドール、セックス ラブドール、トルソー ラブドール などが含まれます。この記事では、これらの異なるタイプの人工モデルに焦点を当て、それぞれの技術的特徴と社会での役割について探ります。

ラブドール ムチムチは、その親しみや温かみのあるデザインにより、愉快なコンパニオンの方法として注目されています。高度な感情インテリジェンスを持ち、ユーザーの感情のニーズを理解し、適切に反応する能力があります。このタイプの人工モデルは、臨場感あるコンパニオン体験を提供することで、人間関係の中の寂しさを埋めることを目指しています。…


About us latest edition of windows 7, 8.1 x32&64 bit


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Use These Microsoft Word Add-Ons to Transform Your BusinessLearn about Abbott and our commitment to advancing human health. AutoTableDXF is an add-in for Excel. It is designed to provide Revit / Inventor
users a more convenient way working together with Excel. AutoTableDXF exports
 ...How do you display code snippets in MS Word preserving format ...


How to Determine the Propane Burn Rate for a Furnace

Gun Valkyrie: Prima Official eGuide

50 Best Microsoft Word Add-ins: Take Documents from Awful to Awesome

Scanner Plug-in for Microsoft Word

Scanner Plug-in for Microsoft Word
You'll be amazed at how, easily, the 50 best Microsoft Word add-ins can take your creativity to new levels.

50 Best Microsoft Word Add-ins: Take Documents from Awful to Awesome

Believe it or not, proficiency in Microsoft Word ranks among the top 20 skills required for positions that have the highest growth and wage potential between now and 2020 1. This finding is part of an extensive IDC study, which also found that core skills such as communication and presentation will be in high demand among employers regardless of industry. That said, being just so-so at Microsoft Word won’t boost your chances at landing a high-paying job or at getting promoted. To become more productive, more efficient, or more creative at using Microsoft Word, you can check out and unleash dozens of add-ins that are designed to augment Word’s already powerful features. So here’s a list which includes more than 50 of the best Microsoft Word add-ins to get you started.

  1. Mind-O-Mapper | Visualize and save your eureka moments so you won’t forget them. Mind-O-Mapper allows you to map concepts and ideas and translate these to reality. This smart add-in comes with a $2.99 price tag and works with Word 2013.

Mind-O-Mapper brings structure to clever ideas.

  • OmniPage File Converter for Word 2013 | Ever been frustrated at never being able to copy-paste text from an image or a protected pdf file to the document you’re working on? Despair no more! This app quickly scans any image and copies all the image’s text elements into your Word document. OmniPage File Converter works with Word 2013 and can be downloaded for free.
  • Free Legal Forms | Access and customize commonly used legal forms for free. This app from LegalZoom provides templates for a wide range of documentary needs — from sales contracts to pet-sitting agreements. Free Legal Forms works with Word 2013 and offers premium packages for more complex legal documentation requirements.
  • Office Tabs for Microsoft Office | If Microsoft Word’s new ribbon-based UI makes you a bit dizzy, you can use this app to transform the UI to Office’s more familiar tabbed interface. This add-in is free to use with Word 2003 and above. A similar add-in, Classic Menu for Office 2010. is also available.
  • Lucidchart | This app takes diagrams, charts and mockups to the ultimate level. Lucidchart has been praised for making it easy to enrich a Word document with visually compelling graphics. LucidChart works with Word 2013 but this add-in’s best feature is its price tag: FREE. Watch this funny, upbeat video on how Lucidchart solves common document-related problems.
  • Ultimate Plagiarism Checker | Plagiarism easily ruins the credibility of a professional or an organization. Prevent plagiarism at all cost with this free add-in that helps find plagiarized content in your Word documents. Ultimate Plagiarism Checker works with Word 2013.
  • Proposal Pack Wizard | This add-in bundles all the stuff you need to create and manage your company’s business, legal, and technical documents. The free trial version includes a limited number of document templates. The full version, which includes thousands of templates, samples and designs, costs $67.
  • Microsoft Mathematics Add-In for Word and OneNote | Solve equations and plot 2D and 3D graphs without ever leaving your Word document. Perform complex algebraic, integral and trigonometric computations with complete ease! Just do the math: this whiz of an add-in works with Word 2013 and won’t cost you a dime.
  • Maps for Office | This app allows you to generate a Google map in your Word 2013 document. Enter the location via its postal address or via its longitude and latitude values and specify whether you want to output a road map, a terrain map, or one from a satellite view. Maps for Office comes with a $3.49 price tag but you can check out a free version.
  • ProWritingAid | Need to edit an article fast? ProWritingAid helps you to quickly scan a document for grammatical, spelling, phrasing and other errors. It also suggests ways on how to further improve written content. This free app works with Word 2007 and above.

Pro Writing Aid improves your performance as a writer and editor.

  • WordCalc | You can now solve simple and complex mathematical equations within Microsoft Word. WordCalc is easy to use and supports the major mathematical operations as well as trigonometric functions. You don’t need to perform sophisticated computations to know that you need this free Word 2013 add-in.
  • Britannica Researcher | Integrate the world’s most respected reference source with the planet’s standard word processor and you have the recipe for research success. Enrich your work with well-written content from Britannica’s more than 80,000 articles and thousands of high-quality images. This add-in works with Word 2013 and costs $4.99.
  • Power Word for Word 2010 | This add-in perks up your MS word experience by bringing in a host of features including search, email sharing, language translation and a To-Do list manager. It works with Word 2010 and you can get it for free.
  • Paletti | Spice up your Word document with unusual and mesmerizing color themes. Create and save your own unique themes with this free app that works with Word 2013.

Transform your work into a stylish document using dozens of expertly designed color palettes.

  • Microsoft Office Word Add-in For MediaWiki | You better install this add-in if you’re using MediaWiki at work. This free add-in lets you save Word 2007 and 2010 documents straight to your company’s MediaWiki site.
  • Link Checker for Microsoft Word | Cut the time you spend verifying whether the hyperlinks in your document truly point to a valid destination. This add-in will help check documents for suspicious and broken links. Link Checker works with Word 2003 and above.
  • Avery Templates App for Microsoft Word | This add-in lets you access high-quality Avery products right from the Word document you’re working on. Create great-looking and matching labels for your office equipment, hobby paraphernalia, personal electronics, and other important stuff. Download Avery Templates for free and use it with MS Word 2013.

With the Docstoc add-in, you’ll always have the document template you need.

  • Pinion | This app makes it simple and easy to remember and track all the important tasks you need to accomplish. Pinion costs $1.99 and works with Word 2013.
  • Wikipedia | Access relevant information and images you need directly from Microsoft Word. Select search results from a task pane for easy navigation. The Wikipedia app is free to download and makes working with Word 2013 so smart and simple.
  • Tips for Word 2013 | Still new to Word 2013? Don’t worry. You can get regular doses of helpful tips that will transform you into a Microsoft Word ninja in no time. Tips for Word 2013 includes more than 130 tutorials on basic and advanced Word features. Download this app’s free trial version to learn more.
  • Pro Word Cloud | Generate visually engaging word clouds from the text elements in your Word document. This free app works with Word 2013.

You can use Pro Word Cloud to find out which topics are making a buzz. You can also use it to catch your readers’ attention.

  • LinguLab WordCloud | Want to know how search engines might assess your content? LinguLab WordCloud creates a visual summary of a Word 2013 document, highlighting the terms and phrases that appear most in your content. Activate this free add-in to augment your SEO strategy.
  • Consistency Checker | It’s common to use two or more forms of a term in just a single document, causing unwanted inconsistencies in your work. For example, you might spell “color” also as “colour” or use both number words and numerals in the same way. Consistency Checker helps you polish your document by eliminating unprofessional inconsistencies. This free add-in works with Word 2013 and could be the key to making your work perfect.
  • Word of the Day | Increase your vocabulary with Word of the Day. This free app will help improve your communication skills by expanding the pool of stock words you can draw from. Get it for free and use it with Word 2013.
  • Translator | This add-in allows you to select specific words, phrases, or sentences in your document and have them translated to another language. Voila! Instant translation at your fingertips. You can get this app pro bono.

Translator lets you know what a foreign word, phrase, or sentence means in an instant.

  • Intrasearch | Intrasearch makes it easy to learn more about any word or term in your document without opening a browser and copy-pasting the term in the search field. Intrasearch comes totally free and works with Word 2013.
  • Unit Converter | Activate this add-in to make unit conversions within Word easy and fast. Common units for length, weight, area, temperature, and other measures are supported. This free app works with Word 2013.
  • Search The Web | This app lets you perform a web search from Word 2013’s interface. That means no more switching between Word and your browser to find the information your document needs. This useful app is free. You can also check out a similar add-in called Quick Search .
  • Dictionary – Merriam-Webster | A word of advice: accuracy in your choice of words can make or break your career. The Merriam-Webster dictionary add-in will make sure your audience will understand your message perfectly. Be sure to grab this free add-in and use it with Word 2013.

Look up words in a snap with the Merriam Webster Dictionary add-in.

  • CountAll | The name says it all. This app counts the number of words in a document, how many times a certain world occurs. Get this app for free and deploy it in your MS Word 2013.
  • Selection Diff Tool | If you’re an editor, content manager, or technical documentation specialist, this add-in will help you perform certain tasks a lot easier. Selection Diff Tool identifies the differences between two blocks of seemingly identical content, allowing for better document tracking and management. This app works with Word 2013 and costs $4.99.
  • Word Facebook Integrator | You don’t need to switch between Word and Facebook to get the best of both worlds. With Word Facebook Integrator, you can now post messages and quotes to your FB wall directly from your Word document. You can also view and insert FB photos in the document you’re working on. This app works with Word 2013 and can be downloaded for free.
  • Vertex42 Template Gallery | Access hundreds of Microsoft Word templates that are regularly updated to give you the edge in document creation and enhancement. Create resumes, business proposals, contracts, and other documents the easy way. This add-in is free to download and works on Word 2013.

Instantly access more than 150 templates to suit any communication scenario.

  • My Facebook Photos | This app allows you to access your Facebook albums from Word’s task pane. You can then seamlessly insert images from your social network to your Word documents. This app works with Word 2013 and won’t cost you a cent.
  • Tick Tock Clock | This simple app allows you to insert time and date in your documents with a single click. Get Tick Tock Clock for free and use it with Word 2013.
  • Percentage Calculator | Compute for the percentage without leaving your Word 2013 document. This add-in lets you calculate simple percentages to more complex growth rate projections. Get it for free if you’ll be creating documents with significant mathematical or financial content.
  • Graph Plotter | This add-in lets you visualize different mathematical equations in the form of graphs. Use it to create stunning images for your Word 2013 document. Get this app for free.

Graph Plotter helps you build graphs and charts easily without ever leaving MS Word.

  • Pro Copy Editing | If you need professional copy editors and proofreaders fast, go no further than Pro Copy Editing. Using this add-in, you can access veteran editors from Oxford-based ProWritingAid to help you out in your writing or editing tasks. Most of the editors have bachelor’s degrees and years of professional experience. This free add-in works with Word 2013.
  • Book of Math Symbols | If you’re working on a math-intensive document, this Microsoft Word 2013 add-in will help make your job a lot easier. With a single click, you can insert hard to find mathematical symbols right where you want them. This app won’t cost you a penny.
  • WorkLoadTimer | This app creates a task pane in the MS Word UI that lets you key in start and stop times, the duration of which will be then automatically calculated. Know how much time you’re really focusing on work and how much you spend being distracted. This app comes free and works with Word 2013.
  • Syntax Highlighter | If you’re a technical writer who needs to create documents that contain programming codes, then this add-in is for you. Syntax Highlighter works like a built-in source code editor that helps you modify codes in a Word document to follow a properly formatted syntax. Syntax is free to use.

Syntax Highlighter makes it easy to modify computer programming codes with proper format and syntax.

  • ToDo | ToDo makes it easier for you to remember and accomplish your tasks by displaying your deliverables in the task pane. Download this free app and boost your productivity.
  • Imagr – Image Search | Spice up your document with engaging images that you can gather via a web search straight from Microsoft Word 2013. Imagr allows you to directly browse through millions of professional grade images on flickr. This add-in won’t cost you a dime but you need to comply with the images’ copyright notices.
  • TaskIt | This add-in is another to-do application that helps you track different tasks, projects and deliverables. All within your Word 2-13 documents. TaskIt is free to use.
  • IMG Effector | So you got tons of stock photos and clipart images. You can still raise the notch higher with IMG Effector, a free app that lets you alter images via 15 different effects! Be your creative best by activating this app in your Word 2013 software.

Use different visual effects to transform boring images into captivating graphics that connect with your audience.

  • Lorem Ipsum Generator | The artist in you wants to envision how a web page, slide, or document would look like even before it’s completed. This add-in lets you fill in empty spaces with placeholder text so you can efficiently and creatively implement a winning design or template. Get this free app and use it with Word 2013.
  • ShowMe | Content is king and videos reign supreme as the king of content. Spruce up your documents with videos using ShowMe, a simple but powerful tool that links your Word 2013 document with video repositories like YouTube, Yahoo Screen, and Vimeo.
  • Text Case Converter | This useful app enables you to convert selected text to any case scheme you want. Convert text to all caps, to all lower case letters, to conform with sentence capitalization structures, or to follow custom case settings. Make your job easier by grabbing this free app. Text Case Converter works with Word 2013.
  • Font Finder | Font Finder organizes all the fonts in your computing device so that you can efficiently use them in your documents. This free add-in works with Word 2013.

Unleash the true power of fonts with this add-in from Microsoft.

  • TIME UP | Stay on top of your tasks and appointments through effective time management. This add-in will help you keep track of the time you spend on your daily tasks and will alert you if you need to join a meeting or submit a report.
  • QR4Office | Due to its fast readability and usefulness, the QR code system is being used just about everywhere by all industries and for a myriad of purposes. You’ll do well to integrate a QR coding system for your documents for easy identification, tracking, and management. QR4Office works with Word 2013 and is free to use.
  • Signature | This simple app lets you add your custom signature to any document you create using Word 2013. This app is free.
  • Gliffy Diagrams | High-quality business and technical diagrams in your documents help communicate the level of professionalism, dependability, and commitment that govern your organization. They also help impress bosses, bag lucrative deals, and take you higher on the ladder of success. Gliffy Diagrams works with Word 2013 and comes with a free 30-day trial period.

Creating charts and diagrams in MS Word has never been this easy.

Win the Next Word War

As it is, Microsoft Word already trumps other word processing software and services in terms of adoption rate and feature set. But who wouldn’t want that added oomph to punctuate their MS Word skills? Add-ins extend the functionalities of MS Word and allow you to create better and better documents. They also set you apart as advanced users of the world’s standard word processing application. Forage through this list and try out the add-ins that are relevant to your tasks. Happy hunting!
Scanner Plug-in for Microsoft Word

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