Adding additional people to a few of our games-we can just do that. It’s not about controlling to a number, it is about managing the company as a whole. For about the last two years, we’ve been exploring opportunities with regard to what was then SOE to separate from Sony. It all stemmed through some early discussions we had with our management team at Sony, which was always very supportive and very good, but there’s additionally this realization that if we’re gonna grow, we first needed to take some difficult steps-we needed to restructure the company a bit and we were just simply too big for our revenue. But what happened is Sony explored various options and required its time doing it, they wanted to the actual right call.

And i also gotta tell you, you have gotta kiss lots of frogs if you want to meet the princess. Or knight in shining armor. I’m sorry, I suppose it is prince. [laughs] All of us talked to a lot of various companies and I do not think we could’ve asked for a better end result because we obtained a group of investors which believe in what we’re doing, so we’re excited about that. Oh yea, no, Buy H1Z1 Items it was nothing even that official. It was more like-I mean, the very preliminary conversation happened with these directly. It was such as, “Hey look, we’re never going to be able to make the kind of cash we can inside the company versus outside. ” And Sony needed cash, they’ve been looking to sell off what they call ‘non-core assets’ and a PC gaming company in the center of the Playstation division is kind of the definition of non-core.

The identity I might say has always been tangled up with the people that the actual games, so through that perspective it is the same people. But the freedom to make our own logo-it’s kind of challenging to explain how emotional that was for us, but it is very much therefore. Because we’ve experienced the Sony name for so long that people just didn’t understand anything else, but being able to make our own identity. Now that was awesome. That was a lot of fun. This past week we’ve been having a celebration 7 days both internally and externally, and internally it kind of strengthened the amount of pride a lot more in the company and sort of gave all of us something to move behind. So the greatest thing that’s changed that this is our own company now, not Sony’s anymore

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