Adjustment Of The Calcium Carbonate Mill

If there is a large misalignment of the bolt holes, then reconstruction work must be carried out. Secondly, according to the corresponding standard requirements, the datum point and the corresponding center mark should be buried, both of which are the basic basis for the installation and adjustment of the calcium carbonate mill.

In addition, before installation, the cleaning of the equipment should be strengthened, and the anti-rust oil and dust coated on the equipment should be removed. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the installation process, it is necessary to apply a layer of dry oil to the calcium carbonate mill parts in time to make them have good lubricating performance during the installation process.

Especially in the use of spirit levels and levels, as well as some steel rulers and other magnetic seats, some thin oil must be smeared in advance to ensure a certain lubricity. Installation steps of the calcium carbonate mill When installing the calcium carbonate mill, there are different types of calcium carbonate mills and different structures. This requires the installer to carry out scientific installation in the corresponding order.

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