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When it comes to adult products, TENGA is one of the best known and trusted brands. The Japanese brand has made it their mission to bring the best of Japanese design and quality to life for your pleasure. From a wide variety of sexy and elegant vibrators to fun-shaped bottles, you’ll find everything you need for pleasurable play at TENGA. Do you know that there are many adult products for men and women? This article will tell you about the different adult products available in the market.
From vibrators to penis pumps, do you know what other adult products are available in the market? This article talks about all types of adult products from TENGA to BATHMATE and how they can help you improve your sexual life.

After over 7 years of involvement with our business, our determination of airplane cups should have quality affirmation! Try not to have a migraine when you need to purchase a plane cup? Simply get it with me!

Masturbation cups are the most famous grown-up items for men, otherwise called masturbation cups, since they are practically the same in appearance to cups, so they get their name. There are still a ton of clients who put masturbation cups and masturbation stick (well known gadget) disarray. There are many kinds of airplane cups, and their capacities are likewise unique. Some can be utilized more than once, while others are expendable items that can't be cleaned and are dispensable. Among them, it is predominantly separated into two classifications: electric and non-electric.

The most popular ones incorporate JapaneseTenga,Japan'sMen's Max and AmericanFleshlight(The first brand on the planet to create airplane cups). The over three brands can be viewed as the best quality, generally sturdy and most advantageous airplane cups on the planet. The value goes from many yuan to huge number of yuan, there should be a style that suits your heart! Furthermore we are additionally the Hong Kong approved seller and general specialist of the three significant airplane cup brands, clients can dispose of the danger of purchasing counterfeit items and purchase with inner serenity.
OTAKU x Tenga extreme stimulation Christmas set, from the most real uterus feeling to the strongest friction stimulation pleasure at the same time!
OTAKU - Rental Womb (レンタルウテルスっNiang), made of super soft materials, makes you feel like experiencing the real world when you insert it, and enter the girl's honey hole to explore a new field! The 590 grams of meat and weight, combined with the internal structure of the double-layer structure, can greatly highlight the feeling of insertion, and pursue the ultimate uterus feeling experience.
The channel uses 4 bumps in the opposite direction to create a girl's curved interior. Of course, the tail section is the biggest selling point of the product! The inner uterus is made of several layers of rings, which enhances the feeling of insertion. Under the effect of vacuum, it can suck your head tightly, so that you can enjoy the refreshing feeling from the moment you enter to the deepest insertion. !
Extras of the first special song:
One Qianhe Q version keychain
Four silicone balls
Tenga's new collection - Tenga - crysta masturbation cups, with a transparent, delicate and floating hard object? ! The visual sense of touch to stimulate your sensitive areas. The texture of the body is very tough, it can withstand shapes of different lengths and smalls, and wraps you incisively and vividly. As long as you apply more pressure, the floating hard objects can directly rub your dragon, which can be achieved simply according to your own preferences. The best stimulation effect.
Bathmate - Hydro 7 Penis Enlarger is the best-selling penis enhancement pump brand with users all over the world. Designed to be used in a bath or shower, using the power of water to increase the length and thickness of the penis. In addition to making the penis longer and thicker, regular use can make the penis healthier and firmer, improve staying power, and increase sexual satisfaction, which can really boost your confidence in sex. In the five years since its launch, it has been sold in 60 countries around the world and has more than 200,000 satisfied users. Success factors are based on simplicity of use, convenience, but most importantly, its proven practical results. After all, 200,000 is by no means a minority. Regardless of its advantages or effects, you will be amazed.
Kiiroo - Keon up and down electric aircraft cup, a replacement for FLESHLIGHT LAUNCH™. After collecting the opinions of a large number of customers on FLESHLIGHT LAUNCH, it is improved and evolved to bring users a more perfect experience. Incidentally, the old FLESHLIGHT LAUNCH™ has been discontinued.
Products are smaller, quieter and lighter than ever. When running at full speed, it is only 70 decibels, which is very quiet. The total weight is about 1.2 kg, and the weight is reduced by 300 grams compared with the previous generation. The up and down telescopic range is also increased compared to the previous generation, with a total range of up to 8cm, breaking the telescopic range of all the up and down electric aircraft cups in the market. The number of times per minute up and down has been greatly increased from 180 times in the previous generation to 230 times, which is definitely a speed that cannot be achieved by human hands!
The function of up and down adjustment continues to be maintained, but the buttons have changed from the previous generation's light touch to a physical button, which is simpler and more direct to use. There are 4 stages of up and down range adjustment, and 8 stages of speed adjustment, making the gameplay more versatile. And the mobile phone control function is also more powerful, as long as the Bluetooth connection, you can use the mobile phone to control your Kiiroo - Keon, also added more control modes, you can arbitrarily adjust to create the most comfortable sex game for you.
The product is equipped with a mobile phone control mode, and a companion function is added. Users can chat or video chat directly on the mobile phone APPS, and the control of the product can also be handed over to the other party!
The function of the linked video is also completely retained. You can link with the feelme website to achieve the linkage effect with the video, allowing you to enjoy a real automatic plugging experience! In the future, a large number of Japanese AV videos will be added, which will definitely suit your taste!

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