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Some people crave that new car smell. While there are some perks to buying the latest model however, there are many advantages to purchasing a secondhand vehicle , and the majority of people agree.On average three out of four car buyers say they will purchase their next car secondhand instead of new.

If you're looking for a new car and want to know more about the benefits of purchasing an used vehicle, here's a brief review of ten simple and unnoticed reasons why purchasing an used car is an obvious choice.

Vehicles last longer nowadays

It might have been better to not buy a used car solely for its dependability a few decades back than it is now. Your Uncle Frank might be saying that you should spend a lot on a new vehicle. The modern cars and parts are more durable than ever. The life span of cars has increased and many different brands and models can last or far exceed 200,000 kilometres. Check this site out to find out extra resources on import auto sales.

Price reductions at the beginning

Brand new cars begin to depreciate the moment you drive them off the dealership's lot. As per southern motors it is possible to lose 10% in the initial month and as much as 20% over the course of the next year. Then, the rate of depreciation decreases. When you purchase an used vehicle that is several years old, the previous owner has taken on the initial depreciation hit and is paying a much lower cost.

You can try driving an used car

Although you've probably heard of driving an automobile Have you ever thought of purchasing one? It's gaining popularity , and with good reason. Taking a quick test drive around the block while the salesperson is yammering in your ear doesn't provide you with much information. You can try an automobile and then return it to the dealer for a full refund in the event that you choose not to purchase it.

More options for your budget

The depreciation rate is a huge factor in your favor when shopping for import auto sales. Even if the vehicles are just a few years old they'll still be less expensive than when they were brand new. This will give you a wider range of options that can be tailored to your budget.

If, for instance, you're budgeting $13,500, there's only a handful of brand new options available to you. There are plenty of choices on the market for used cars that cover multiple vehicle types and brands, such as SUVs and trucks.

A bustling used car market

There are more options that will fit your budget, and an increased selection of used automobiles to choose from. The used car market in Canada is thriving at the moment. The experience can be similar to buying a new vehicle. There are many reliable sources to purchase from, such as dealerships and online sellers.

Learn about the history of any car on the internet

One of the biggest issues with buying a used car is not knowing the car's history. This is a problem that your illustrious Uncle Frank might not be aware of is a thing of past. With services such as CARFAX and Drives, you can review every vehicle's history online with just a couple of clicks or taps of your finger. Drives offers no-cost southern motors reports on each car in its inventory.

For extra peace of mind, shop CPO

Sometimes, buying a used vehicle is more risky than purchasing a brand new one. Private auctions of used cars are an excellent illustration. CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles are the highest price and provide the most assurance of security. They are vehicles which have been lightly used, perfectly reconditioned, and are backed by the manufacturer or dealerships. They've been meticulously examined to make sure they're in good mechanical condition and meet strict requirements on the mileage and age limit.

Car insurance is less expensive

While your options for car insurance and rates can vary based on where you live and the type of vehicle you own, generally, car insurance for a used car is less expensive than the insurance you would get for a new car. This is due to the fact that used vehicles are typically less expensive to insure than new ones.

Extended warranties are offered

Warranty coverage from the factory can be transferred to new owners. However, even if the warranty has expired, used vehicle buyers are able to benefit from extended warranties. This might not be an option for everyone, however, most dealers offer a variety of warranty options for used vehicles, specifically those that are certified pre-owned vehicles. Extended warranties are a great way for you to feel secure when purchasing a second-hand car.

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