After simplifying my life, I stopped buying dish sponges

I find that more and more people around me are pursuing a simple life bamboo sponge, giving up miscellaneous items and complicated lifestyles.

Simplifying our lives allows us to focus more on our inner world and reduce the accumulation and waste of items, making our lifestyle more meaningful.

In the process of simplifying my own life, I started to choose more environmentally friendly and practical items, such as the used loofah for kitchen cleaning.

The material of loofah is natural plant fiber, which will not pollute the environment. It can replace dishwashing hemp sponge, remove food residue and oil stains, and will not scratch pots and pans, making it healthier and more environmentally friendly.

What's more, it can be reused to reduce waste.

For a while I bought a lot of cleaning supplies, including dish towels and sponges. But it doesn't feel very good to use.

Occasionally, I can go back to my hometown and see that my father is using loofah to make bulk loofah 6 inch to wash pots and utensils.

In fact, I also used a loofah to wash dishes a long time ago.

If you think about it carefully, the cleaning power of the loofah sponge is not worse than that of the dishwashing sponge, or even stronger. So, I quietly changed it back.

Five years ago, I bought a dishwasher sponge and have been using the loofah ever since. I found the loofah to be a perfect example of multitasking:

scrub the dishes

The fibers of the loofah sponge are soft and elastic, which can easily remove stains from pots and pans, scrub non-stick pots and pans, and weep easily.

In addition, loofah can also be used to clean kitchen sinks and toilets, and has a certain effect of sterilization and disinfection.

make soap tray

Loofahs are thinly sliced with scissors and can be made into soapy nurseries.

make face towels

According to relevant information, loofah is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, which can moisturize the skin and prevent skin aging.

We put the loofah in boiling water and take it out to cool. When used as a face towel, it can remove facial oil, shrink pores, and make our skin healthier.

Tried this a while ago, and it works fine. It is worth noting that washing your face should be light.

make bath towels

Another friend can tell me that loofah can also be used as a bath towel. I haven't started to try this company yet. I plan to try it again when the bath towel at home is broken.

make a cup brush

Cousin, the loofah brushes are made for brushing cups and glasses. It smells so good!

The price of loofah is affordable, and there are friends around me who buy it. One is about 5 yuan. If it is used as a dishwashing sponge, it can be cut into five or six pieces.

The loofah I used was grown by my father in his hometown, and he had no money. With this free, easy-to-use loofah, I'm no longer buying dish sponges.

PS: It is also a good thing for friends at home who have the conditions to try to grow loofah and experience the joy of harvest.

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