Agrona Vritra is the main antagonist of The Beginning After The End.

Agrona Vritra is the main antagonist of The Beginning After The End.


Agrona is handsome, with smooth skin and a sharp jaw. He has vibrantly scarlet eyes and massive horns sprouting from the sides of his black hair like an elk's antlers, except shiny and black, each coming to a spear-sharp point. His horns have several gold and silver rings wrapped around the many prongs, and bejeweled chains also trace the lines of the horns.


Agrona has a considerable fascination over the lives of the lesser beings, especially the ancient mages who learned to harness aether. Sylvia once described him as a "coy and charming knowledge-seeker." After being exiled, Agrona was driven mad by the betrayal of his clansmen and his love, causing him to become cruel and commit actions that once were against his ethics.

Abilities & Skills

As a member of the basilisk race, Agrona can utilize decay-type mana art.

Body Possession - Due to imbedding a spell onto Sylvie when she was still an egg, Agrona has the ability to possess Sylvie's body, though he is limited to only being able to move around and communicate with others and can't use any mana arts.

Memory Manipulation - Agrona has the ability to manipulate the memories of others upon physical contact as shown when he touched Cecilia, causing her to see altered versions of her memories while also suppressing Tessia's will/memories.

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