Airline Operation Solutions
Designed and developed with world-outstanding airlines in mind, BookingXML is the ultimate airline management and route profitability solution. The system gives management teams and decision makers with invaluable data and statistics, while placing good control over operational costs, budgeting and profitability reporting.
A fully integrated solution using one common database implying no unnecessary data – instantly shared data and no need for multiple data entering. Integration awareness and flexibility acknowledging the complex surroundings and variation of third-party systems that need and give important information real time.
People with decades of experience within the aviation industry all working closely together to get the best solution for our customers.
These including dispatch, flight planning, flight watch, weather data provision, operations control, ground to air communications and integration with crew, schedules and maintenance planning. Gate allocation, slot control, ATC and airport management can also be covered. There is improving use of simulation and expert systems, for the management of irregular operations.
Our experienced team develops a B2B and B2C Flight Booking Engine to allow travel agencies and businesses to sell flight tickets to B2B/B2C customers with real-time flight fares and availability.
Flight operations are one of the highest cost centres for an airline. In a growing global aviation market, airlines need to continuously optimize their flight operations and asset utilization to attain enhanced revenues and deliver sustainable operations.
Airline Operations Management System

We give flight operating system software development services, such as Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) apps. We design DMS for centralized storage of general operations manuals, FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manuals), QRH (Quick Reference Handbooks), and custom document creation.
Our solutions support the work flow from Long Term Planning to Day of Operation – whilst complying with all the complex legislation and dynamics that characterise the Airline business.
We deliver specially designed solutions requested by Airline Operators of all sizes. Our clients vary from Low Cost to Flag Carriers and you can grow together with BookingXML’s Airline Suite.
Airlines are now looking at ways to use technology to improve their service. One way to do that is through airline operations solutions. An airline operations solution is a system that is designed to help an airline to manage its operations and employees.
Key Features:
Primary or secondary source of operational flight data
Two working modes: normal and simulation with undo/redo options and testing of complex IRROPS recovery scenarios
Source of data for 3rd party systems
Advanced limitation rule mechanism
Advanced validation of movement data, recalculations and warnings
Configurable curfews and curfew exclusions
Intelligent advice about any implications and costs of proposed changes or opportunities
Access a centralized online flight operations portal to plan, schedule, and manage complex flight and crew operations
Consolidate all aspects of crew management, including crew qualifications, training, bidding, scheduling, and payroll processing, in one solution
Increase personnel engagement with intuitive interface
Increase personnel confidence in accuracy of crew bidding and crew scheduling awards
Improve crew utilization and operational efficiency
Eliminate duplication of efforts
Ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations
Utilize a flexible and scalable solution to facilitate evolving flight operations

Benefits of Airline Operation Solution:
Increased Productivity: The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time
Reduction in Aircraft Turn-Time: Improved collaboration on operational problems by delivery of critical information without delay
Improved Operational Awareness: Critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay
Improved Recover from Irregularities & Unpredicted Situations: Immediate and effective response to all related irregular operations
Support Individual Airline Policies & Procedures: The flexible and customizable rules within the system allows establishment of individual policies & procedures
Information Available for Pro-active Decision Making: Alerts delivered on-time as they occur allowing for early reaction in the case of any unpredicted events
Comprehensive Audit Trails: Increased regulatory compliance & improved safety
Ability to Exchange Real-Time Information Among All Airline Branches: Improve organizational and aircraft communication through electronic data exchange
BookingXML provides airlines:
Advance alerts to potential disruptive conditions in any part of their network, at any phase of flight, and any airport.
Total visibility into the real-time performance of their fleet and flights, gate-to-gate, on the ground, and airborne.
The ability for airline/cargo networks and station operations to adjust priorities as conditions change throughout the day.
The information necessary to facilitate the coordination between operators and ANSPs, to ensure the system is flexibly accommodating changing demand while keeping delay and fuel burn to a minimum.
A common operating platform for efficient operations management in real time collaboration with key stakeholders worldwide – using real-world workflow scenarios.
List data, reporting, and analytical tools that enable insights into operational performance to drive continuous improvement.
What IT solutions are available for airlines?
Airline IT solutions lead a wide range of benefits when integrated with other systems and each other. This means that the operational environment can be viewed comprehensively and managed from a single platform. Although this is not unusual for airport systems, smart management technology can help to identify issues before they become problems, maximize resources and increase passenger experience.
Implementing key airline IT solutions can also to streamline operations through all teams, giving through to the right information at the right time to the right people – when they need it. This benefits ground handling teams, baggage reconciliation processes, security, passenger processing and back office in addition to making compliance automatic.
Software that supports the highly complex management of flight scheduling and trip oversight, crew compliance and communication, customer data, charter and maintenance, in business and commercial aviation.
Other components that set systems apart include the quality of the integrations to other systems such as flight planning and maintenance tracking tools, the amount of automation to remove time extensive and error prone manual intervention, and the economy and delivery of the service by the vendor.
How does digitalization help airlines run more efficiently?
Many airlines acknowledge that a digital transition is critical to reimagining and rebuilding aircraft operations, flying, and the on-board experience in order to make them safer, more efficient, and more entertaining.
Connecting application-rich cockpit and cabin crew tablets to accessible flight deck connection channels can allow constant data sharing with the ground. These advantages can be magnified exponentially when in-flight connectivity is included. Pilots will demand the same level of connectivity in the air as they have on the ground. And it’s easy to see why.
Those flying with a connected app ecosystem are in the best position to obtain real-time, consistently formatted, uplinked updates from the ground, giving them the most up-to-date and complete picture for decision-making.
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