Alarm Lamp Flashes Errors in Canon MG2420

You press the power switch connected to the Canon MG2420 power cord, push the ON button, and see an alarm lamp flashes on your printer that’s showing errors in the Canon printer. The flashlight in a Canon printer indicates so many symptoms of the model. For example, if you see two flashes in the printer, it’s showing no paper inside the Canon printer.

Each time your printer flash frequently, you’ll get a support code to resolve the issue. The alarm and ON lamp flashes alternately for some Canon printer errors. In every case, taking appropriate action can solve the issue.

If an error occurs in the canon printer, the Color of the alarm lamp becomes orange. Hence, when you see the orange flash, count its number and find a related solution.

Flashing 2 Times
When you turn on the Canon printer and see a flashlight two times, it’s the symptom of an empty paper tray. The support code you’ll see on the PC screen is 1000. To prevent the error, load correct-sized papers in the paper rear tray. Then, press the color button in the canon MG2420 printer to restart the process.

If you see a 5100 error code with two flashes, check the printer and remove the jammed paper or stucked material or tape.

Flashing 3 Times
Alarm flashing three times has two options that you can recognize by seeing the error code on the PC screen.

Error code 1203 –
Error 1203 with three flashes indicates that your Canon MG2420 cover is open during print. To remove the error code, remove the paper slowly, close the cover, and then dismiss the code by pressing the Color or black button. Try printing again.

Error code 1300 –
The code 1300 with three flashes shows the paper jam issues in the output slot or paper tray. Though you’ve to see if the paper is stuck in the output slot or paper tray, you’ve to take action manually. First, hold the paper and pull the paper out slowly, otherwise turn off and turn on the machine.

4 and 5 Flashes

Blinking the alarm light four times shows 1648 code which asks you to reinstall the Fine cartridge correctly. However, the five flashes in Canon MG2420 with error 1687 show that you are FINE cartridge is not installed; hence install it. The other two codes also want you to check the print head and ink cartridge. Make sure you are using a compatible ink cartridge.

7 Times Flashes
When the orange and green light flashes alternatively, it’s the direct symptom of printer error that can be solved which requires servicing.

Flashing 8 Times
If your Canon MG2420 is flashing eight times and you see error code 1700 or 1701, you’ve to check the ink absorber to see if it’s full or remaining space. Next, you’ve to take out ink absorbing pads and dip in the lukewarm water to remove the ink, then squeeze and remove all the ink from the absorber. Finally, dry the ink pads and locate them in the rubber frame.

Flashing 9 Times
Sometimes the tape or any other component remains inside the printer. And when this tape hasn’t been removed from the FINE cartridge holder, the Canon MG2420 alarm light blinks nine times. You also see the 1890 error code and so retract the output tray extension and paper tray, then pull out the tape or protective material. Finally, restart your Canon model to see whether the flash is one time or 9.

10 Times Alternative Flashing
Ten times orange and green flashing is the result of overheating. Hence you’ve to turn off your Canon MG2420 for some time. Also, check and replace the ink cartridges to not see B200 or other errors.

11 Times Flash
You receive the error code 4102 on the PC screen with 11 alarm flashes during the printing process. To resolve this code, you’ve made the paper type the same as the paper size from the paper setting.

To change the paper setting, follow the below steps;

Select print on the file you need to print.
Choose your printer model name.
Open Properties and select paper size
Set Orientation exactly to the physical paper requirement.
Complete the setup and click OK.
Flashing 12 times
Canon MG2420 printer supports the CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM feature, where you can download and print exclusive printing materials. When an issue occurs with Creative Park Premium, the alarm flashes 12 times, showing you error code 4100. The Error code 4100 also occurs when another specific data can’t be printed. To prevent this error, fill the genuine ink in ink tanks for each Color available in the MG2420 model and try printing again.

Flashing 13 or 16 times
D:\WEBSITE CONTENT\Canon'\blog\blogs 2022\Flashing 13 or 16 times -- 1686 error code.png
Your canon printer isn’t detecting ink level, and so it displays a 1686 error code with the 13 times flash. Press Stop or Cancel to stop all running processes and change the cartridge to remove the error.

Flashing 14 or 15 times
If you count the number of flashes 14 or 15, then your model can’t recognize the FINE cartridge. First, ensure an appropriate ink tank has been installed; otherwise, change the cartridge. If the issue still can’t be fixed, the printer requires service.

Every time you see an error on the computer screen will associate the alarm flashlight number in your Canon printer MG2420, and the solution is given above. If you still see the error, your model needs servicing.

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