All About Cricut Maker 3Blades: Setup, Install, & Replace

Are you searching for the best blades for your machine? No worries, here you’ll find out about Cricut Maker 3 blades. We all know that the majority of crafters prefer this cutting machine. However, one crucial feature that makes the machine demandable among the audience is its sharp blades.

We can’t deny that Design Space is responsible for creating designs on Canvas. However, the blades installed in the machine are equally responsible during the cutting procedure. Every crafter needs to ensure to use the correct blade form while installing it on the machine.

Are you pumped up to know about the Maker 3 blades? Then keep scrolling down the article and learn new things about the blades.

Cricut Maker 3 Blades: Classification
This machine can cut down the thinnest to thickest material using its sharp blades. While unwrapping the machine, you’ll find other items, including the blades. Each blade comes in a different shape, size, and cut-down material per its capability. So, without any delay, let’s get started to learn about the Maker 3 blades:

Premium Fine-Point Blade
Specially developed from premium German carbide steel, the Premium Fine-Point blade focuses on giving precise cuts to the most delicate materials. In earlier times, it was referred to as the German Carbide Blade. Crafters recommend this blade to cut material like paper, poster board, cardstock, vinyl, and many more. You can use this blade with Premium Fine-Point Housing or Silver Fine-Point Housing.

Deep Point Blade
Besides a fine-point blade, the crafter prefers to use Deep Point Blade to access the critical cut on impossible material. The steeper blade angle (60 degrees vs. 45 degrees for the other fine point blades) and the harder and more durable steel add to the blade duration. It is preferred to cut materials such as magnets, chipboard, stamp material, etc. The Deep point blade must be used with Deep-Point Blade Housing.

Bonded-Fabric Blade
Crafters choose Bonded-Fabric blades when they need to cut fabric for any projects. You must purchase a separate fabric cutter to maintain its sharpness. This blade gives the Premium Fine-Point Blade performance and comes in distinctive pink. The color matches the FabricGrip mat, helping them know which fine-point blade is available for cutting fabric. It can be used with Bonded-Fabric Blade housing or Premium Fine-Point Blade Housing.

Rotary Blade
For the first time in the home sewing world, the Rotary Blade helps bring customized and precise fabric cutting. With the help of its gliding, rolling action, it virtually cut down the fabric quickly and accurately within a blink of an eye. Using this blade with soft, little dense materials like tissue paper and cork is recommended. It can be used with Rotary Blade drive housing.

Knife Blade
The Knife Blade slices dense material up to 3/32 inches thick with unusual ease and safety. Cut thicker material like Balsa Wood, Mat Board & Chipboard is the best choice. Other than that, it moves the star wheels on the roller bar to the side to ignore marks on the material. It must be used with Knife Blade drive housing.

In conclusion, with the classification of the Maker 3 blades, you must be searching about the blade installation procedure for the electronic cutting machine. You need to have a look at the section explained below.

How to Install a Blade in Maker 3 Machine?
Installing a blade in the Cricut Maker 3 machine is relatively easy. However, you need to pay attention during the procedure; in case of a mishap, your blade and the machine will get damaged. Have a look at the steps here:

In the initial stage of the procedure, ensure that your blade housing is positioned above Clamp B.
It would be best to close the left arm first while closing the Clamp arms around the blade housing.
The left arm will have a depression that will be well protected around the housing.
Hold on to the left arm in its place, swing the right arm, and close the plastic tab.
You need to apply gentle pressure to close the plastic tab, which is normal.
When properly closed, both the Clamp A & Clamp B plastic tabs will get aligned.
Once the blade is installed into the machine, your machine will start functioning as per your commands.

How to Change/Replace Cricut Maker 3 Blade?
All users must change their machine blades regularly to keep them sharp for a longer time frame. Please follow the steps mentioned below to learn about how you can change/replace your machine blade:

First, you must open Clamp B and remove the blade housing from your machine.
Second, gently push the pin on the top of the housing and slowly pull out the blade from the bottom.
Third, gently remove the protected cover from your new blade and put it inside the housing.
You’ll notice that the magnet will hold the blade in its position.
Last, replacing the blade housing in your machine would be best.
After replacing the worn-out blade, your machine will work again by giving the desired customized project.

As I’ve shown in the article, you must’ve understood the overall details about the Cricut Maker 3 blades, its installation process, and the replacement process. Besides, if you’ve any queries, don’t hesitate to read the FAQs below.

Question: How to increase the Cricut Maker 3 blades’ durability?
Answer: You can increase the blade durability by using them for cutting the correct material and keeping it covered inside the plastic cover. However, you can also improve the blade’s life by sharpening it daily and cleaning it before using it.

Question: What is the correct time frame for cleaning the Maker 3 blade?
Answer: To get hassle-free projects from the cutting machine, all users must keep cleaning the blades after two or four cuts. It’s essential to clean the blade as there may be debris left by the material during the cutting process.

Question: When is the best time to replace the Cricut Maker 3 blades?
Answer: If the blade starts losing its sharpness and doesn’t perform as per the requirements, it’s an indication to replace the blade. Besides, replacing the blade is simple, which is mentioned in the above section.

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