All You Need To Know About Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping London is a surgical procedure that can improve the appearance of your nose and produce a more balanced look for faces. Many people decide to undergo nose reshaping after being unhappy with the shape of their nose for a long time, but there can be a number of reasons for choosing this option.
From problems people are born with to ones that occur in later life, there can be many applications for rhinoplasty. However, nose reshaping is generally most successful when the patient is seeking a remedy for a bump on the end of their nose, a nose with a drooping tip or a nose that looks as though it is too wide for their face. It is also a popular choice for people who have been in an accident and have been left with a nose that is not symmetrical or has become crooked or misaligned.
Some people also choose to have their nose reshaped as a way to alleviate breathing problems such as a deviated septum. Overall though, the majority of people choose this procedure as a way to boost their confidence in their appearance. It is also one of the most popular cosmetic surgery choices for both men and women.
Nose reshaping is a minor cosmetic surgery but it does require patients to have a general aesthetic so that they are asleep throughout the procedure. Depending how much reshaping is needed, surgery normally lasts for an hour or two and you will need to leave yourself some time for rest and recuperation afterwards. However, nose reshaping patients are typically able to go home the same day of their surgery.
Whether you're having Nose reshaping London for medical, cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, there are two main types of rhinoplasty. These are called open or closed procedures and which one is used depends on the individual needs of the patient and the amount of reshaping that needs done. Whichever type of surgery is used, you will be advised about how long it will take to heal by your doctor or nurse and you will usually have a follow up appointment a few weeks later. Once your nose reshaping procedure has healed there is nothing else you will have to do
A number of patients also decide to have other treatments at the same time as getting their nose reshaped. Women in particular tend to consider chin or cheek implants to enhance the balance of their face when having their nose reshaped.

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