Apply Nano Technology to Sinks-Nano Titanium Sinks

Nano technology and its application

Nanotechnology has become a common technology, which, according to the National Nanotechonology Initiative, is defined as the manipulation of matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometer. This technology has been widely applied to daily life, such as medical treatment, environmental protection, renewable energy, food, textiles and so on.

When nano technology was applied to sink production, nano titanium sinks appeared in the market. A nano titanium sink is made by applying a layer of nano-based coating on a stainless steel sink (especially SUS304 stainless steel sink).

What benefits do nano titanium sinks have?

1.Sanitary and safe to use

The nano layer makes the surface of a nano titanium sink anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, and rustless. Therefore, nano titanium sinks are quite sanitaryand safe to be used in kitchens.

2.Easy to clean and maintain

Apart from its features of being sanitary, nano titanium sinks are also stain-resistant, waterproof and oil-proof. These upsides that a nano titaniumsink has make it have a surface that’s easy to clean. Meanwhile, these advantages also make the daily maintenance of a nano titanium sink a piece of cake. A nano titanium sink is definitely a good choice for those who are tired of cumbersome cleaning.


We have to admit that the splashing-water noises in the early morning are really annoying. Well, nano titanium sinks are much more sound proof compared with normal stainless steel sinks to some extent, since nano sinks have extremely high hardness and sound-proof features.

4.Extremely durable

Constructed under high pressure and applied with a protective coating, nano titanium sinks can have much longer durability than any other materials of sinks.

Although nano titanium sinks are relatively expensive, their unique benefits will certainly deserve the price. Apart from stainless steel sinks, Symbol also manufactures and provides nano titanium sinks. Our nano titanium sinks are under the guarantee of CUPC.

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