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Today, the average consumer has access to a staggering number of options in consumer goods. While this doesn’t apply to some goods for niche uses, it certainly holds true in the market for clothing. There are many fibers out there, some natural and some synthetic, and here we’re going to take a look at whether 100% cotton sweatpants are worth it. So if you’re looking for 100% cotton sweatpants in women’s sizes, or even for men, read on.

You’re going to hear a lot of hype about synthetic fibers like spandex and polyester, mostly from those who want to defend their inclusion of them into blended cotton fabric. The truth is, there are plenty of reasons to go with 100% cotton clothing, including sweatpants, and plenty to eschew the synthetic fibers. This doesn’t mean there is anything inherently wrong with them, but there are some distinct advantages to cotton.

First off, cotton is naturally soft and hypoallergenic, so it rarely, if ever causes reactions or irritations. This is one of the reasons that some people will tell you to look for 100% cotton sheets, as they are not only softer and more comfortable than synthetics, but will not irritate your skin either. Considering the fact that sweatpants will ride against your skin as many hours of the day if not more than your sheets, that alone is a reason to get 100 cotton sweatpants in women’s sizes, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Then there is the fact that cotton is a naturally absorbent and breathable fiber, which is another reason that many people tout 100% cotton sheets, and why this article touts 100% cotton sweatpants. It’s not only soft and comfortable, but it will actually keep you comfortable throughout the seasons. It will keep you warm in the winter, which is obvious enough, but since it wicks moisture away from your skin and breathes, cotton will keep you warm in the summer too.

Cotton is also a durable fabric that resists wear and tear remarkably well. As anyone knows who owns cotton garments, cotton does not have good elastic resilience, but it does hold its shape well and it does stand up to a lot of heavy wear. Therefore, if you are someone who has a few favorite garments and rotates through them but they all get worn a lot, cotton has some more advantages for you.

There are other reasons that 100% cotton garments, including sweatpants, are the superior option in clothing much of the time, and if you’re looking for a pair for yourself, don’t miss a chance to shop at Just Sweatshirts at

Don’t be fooled by the name, Just Sweatshirts is mostly sweatshirts and offers lots of comfortable offerings in bottoms as well, including sweatpants. Plus, as 100% cotton garments are getting rarer and rarer these days, they remain committed to providing their customers with high-quality, 100% cotton garments. Their 100% cotton fabrics are even pre-shrunk for a great fit and ring-spun to avoid pilling as well. In short, 100% cotton sweatpants are worth it; check out their website at, and if you have any questions call them up at 1-866-888-5878.

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