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Unfähig, sich selbst zu befreien? Das Geheimnis, sich in Sexpuppen zu verlieben

Posted by schonpuppen on February 28, 2024 at 4:00am 0 Comments

Vielleicht ist es die Schwierigkeit, einen emotionalen Ausgleich zu finden, oder das tiefe Gefühl des Verlusts, das es schwer macht, sich zu befreien, aber viele Menschen entscheiden sich für Sexpuppen, um der Einsamkeit entgegenzuwirken – indem sie sie sorgfältig anziehen, Make-up auftragen und Fotos machen, als ob sie es wären Sie waren real und teilten Momente des Lebens mit ihnen.

Im Film „Lars und das echte Mädchen“ lebt der männliche Protagonist Lars längere Zeit bei seinen…


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Automatum Activation Code [Patch]

Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

About This Game


Automatum is a 2D action and platform game with a dark pixel art style, where you control a small alien. With his ability to parasyte bodies you will resolve puzzles, fight and make your way through the levels. You will unlock new abilities that combined with your skill will let you face all kinds of challenges. A constant feeling of improvement and control over this pile of human flesh that serves as carriage towards your precious freedom.
•10 hours of gameplay
•High difficulty
•10 levels
•Great challenges
•Hidden collectibles b4d347fde0

Title: Automatum
Genre: Action, Indie
Old Point Games
Old Point Games
Release Date: 30 Jul, 2018


  • OS: Windows XP 32 bits
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: (Integrated): Intel HD Graphics or AMD Radeon HD Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 50 MB available space


Nice game! It can be frustrating at parts due to the high difficulty, but overall it is a nice challenge!. --- Alien themed puzzle solving platformer with shooting mechanics. ---

This game is overly bad. Not inherently bad, since it have some cool ideas and concepts, but definitely done way too quick. I can't recommend a game like this because, for me at least, it quickly became boring, repetitive and difficult (in the bad way, the one that makes you feel the game is unfair). In the other hand, with very little tweaks here and there, I think the game could improve MASSIVELY, specially by polishing the character control. I don't know if the developers will update the game in the future, but if they do, I'll probably have to change my recommendation.

Be careful IF YOU HAVE MOTION SICKNESS because this game will most surely trigger it!

Weird mouse input lag, probably caused by V-Sync?
Continuous strong camera shake when firing. (they have a slider now, thank god)
Bad movement control and feeling.
Not relevant sprites drawn in front of main character.
Weird main character collision box.
The checkpoint spiraling sprite is the most seen and the less prety.
No minimap or way to know where to go or where have you been.
Hard to differentiate enemies with the background.
Enrage mode is not achievable outside bossfights, at least in low levels.
Gravity is extremely high for a platformer, it makes very difficult to control the character when falling.

I found the secondary shooting mode by chance, didn't even see it.
Door that regenerates self is not explained, you have to figure out how to break it.
Nearly imposible jumps whitout hurting yourself, not a good jump to make in the first level.
There are weird purple and red circles around that appear to do nothing.
The first boss doesn't give you a wide enough timeframe to be able to evade his attacks, specially when camera shake doesn't even let you focus your eyes on it.

Now the controlled missile mechanic is getting old and difficult at the same time.
Enemies can get stuck just under the floor tile you are standing on and quickly hit you when peeking.
A turret hit me just as a puzzle locked door was opening, not even a second given to evade the hit.
A turret hit me before even appearing on the screen.
The spring system apply the upward force waaaaaay to quick.
There is a zone where it seems you can't go further because an impossible jump. Turns out that there are green buttons (which until now means they are OK) that when shoot turn red again, and place floor tiles to make the jump. 100% intuitive!

(Writting date until this point: 3 Aug 2018)

Once you have dealt with this game controls for 2 hours or more, it starts to look like it might be playeable.
This level have some weird missile puzzle that are actually not that difficult to do, but hard to spot and understand.Sometimes, you have to take your time and scratch your head until you realize what you have todo. Others, the buttons you have to hit are just waaaay out of your normal sight, so you are gonna spend some time looking for them.

I got the enrage mode out of a boss fight!
There is a puzzle where the clue is written with the same material as the floor. I don't know if people will see it, but I just shoot the buttons until it opened (took me 20 seconds) and then realize the solution was just below me.
The boss is cool! There are some mobs that spawn weirdly because they are been spawned out of the screen, so they fall when you jump... and there is a non explained "rule" in fase 3 which consist in climbing to the side platforms when the boss is attacking with the laser because it is the only way of dodge it.aaaaaaa

The level layout is bonkers. You kinda can find your way around by following the cables but let me tell you something, there are LOTS of cables and aaaaaall of them >yellow<. Please, use different colors, it's not that hard :c
Also, there is a black hole behind a box, close to a turret. If you dont figure it out quickly, Mr.Turret is gonna kill you because his bullets are not affected by it, but yours do.
I just figured out turrets can AND WILL shoot you through regenerative doors.

(Writting date until this point: 5 Aug 2018)

The level is splited in two zones, right and left. I have been wandering the right part over and over, for more or less 40 minutes and I am unable to reach the other half of the leve. I have followed the wires, the walls, I have reloaded the level and the game, etc...
I think I have had enough of this game for now, so I'm gonna wait for some month and see if they fix it.

(Writting date until this point: 6 Aug 2018)


Enrage mode is cool.
I found what looks like a secret zone and rescued a marine.
There are abundant lives spaced around.

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