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\m/ MetalVania Platformer \m/

The wacky premise of Bad Pad is told in songs and is set around a gamepad's buttons who came to life, their endless 5d3b920ae0

Title: Bad Pad
Genre: Action, Indie
Headbang Games, Oray Studios
Headbang Games
Release Date: 8 Aug, 2018


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1.4GHz processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM

English,French,German,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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Fun game. Tough.. This game reminds me of super meat boy but more forgiving. The bosses are hard but not too hard although sometimes you will get screwd by RNG. All in all a pretty good playthrough.. Fun game. Tough.. metroidvania at it's best!!! Metal + metroidvania = Bad Pad!!!. Awesome cool little game, just cleared the first chapter and still have plenty to do.. This game reminds me of super meat boy but more forgiving. The bosses are hard but not too hard although sometimes you will get screwd by RNG. All in all a pretty good playthrough.. Awesome cool little game, just cleared the first chapter and still have plenty to do.. Awesome cool little game, just cleared the first chapter and still have plenty to do.. metroidvania at it's best!!! Metal + metroidvania = Bad Pad!!!. Fun game. Tough.

Go-Kart Racing Late For Work The Dungeon Paradox Ability to monitor Pre-Alpha Progress : As of today we will be posting the progress of the Pre-Alpha development over in the Announcements forum. This will allow you to monitor any and all progress that is done for the game on its path towards the Early Access release. Please note that the changelogs will rarely be fully exhaustive for the non-released builds and a functionality already implemented will not be listed in the first Pre-Alpha notes published. What is already working? * The core game loop, PLANNING and ACTION phase * Move, Attack (multiple), Reload, Interact, Look, Overwatch * Realistic projectile-simulation with drag and gravity * Deferred rendering with multiple dynamic lights * Usage of CTAA - Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing * 8 high quality animated soldiers, with multiple weapons * Four Monster opponents, in multiple variations, fully ingame * Additional 12 Monsters fully modeled and animated * Levers, gates, doors, buttons is functional, animated and in-game * Character creation step, ability to choose Attribute values and Class * Team creation, with selection screen of all available options * Save and Load of game progress * Progress down the Dungeon through the Levels We invite you to follow this journey and hope you will find it interesting.. Update version 1.5 released. : We're rounding up to v1.5! We've added a lot since we released v1.0, here's a reminder Bad Pad - Changelog [] . We are also working on a special edition of Bad Run [] . We're planning a closed alpha in February if you want to sign up to try the alpha, you can do so by subscribing to our mailing list on our website [] . The alpha will be playable on any device with a browser, internet access and decent WebGL support. More details are coming soon. Back to Bad Pad, here's what we got for you in the new version.. Bad Run - Turbo Edition - Alpha Version released! : We've been working on a new and improved version of Bad Run. The Turbo Edition will include lots of new content, levels and remastered graphics. The game is playable on any device with a browser and decent WebGL support. Gamepad support is partial at this time. If you want to try out Bad Run - Turbo Edition Alpha for free and read more about the game click on the image below.. Update version 1.53 released. : This update includes a new scheme selection with 4 different keyboard/gamepad mappings, the selection screen will pop up when you start a new game. Note you can still bind your own keys/buttons in the settings screen. Lava push-up level changes: Added shadows for each of the falling rocks in the bottom of screen as a hint. Fireballs bubbles hint are now bigger. Falling rock shards will not inflict damage.. Update version 1.44 released. : This patch is mostly to add support for Brazilian Portuguese language. Thanks to Alessandro "Digital Kaz" Cazetta and Felipe A. from Digital Kaz Brazil for volunteering to translate the game! This patch also includes a few more scenes incorporated with the new jamming levels (8 in total). We added a new trophy room for the collectibles, the room is accessible from the first scene of act 1 and act 4. Bug fixed - Intro cut-scene was not pausable, credits sequence didn't show the pause button when paused. Skeleton - Recover time varied in difficulty modes + random delay.. The self jamming levels - Update v1.42 released. : This update includes a pretty cool new feature, we call it the self jamming levels. The music in these levels are not pre-recorded, but generated with samples in real-time and influenced by the objects that are on the screen. The level moves with the beat. For a more detailed read, check out these blog posts: This update also includes additional code optimizations.. We got a few more treats for you, update v1.41 released! : A new secret was added.. Update version 1.495 released. : This is a small patch, including fixes for the last level and last boss fight. Plus keyboard/gamepad skip button indicator for cutscenes and a neater keyboard tutorial button image. A soundtrack DLC is coming soon, stay tuned.. Update version 1.37 released. : NW.js and Greenworks versions were updated. Bug fixed - Square UI was not hiding when returning to arcades/gameworld levels from menu. Camera control - Few changes in the new camera functions.

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