It copes with a kind of bamboo toothbrush. It is used to add toothpaste to the brush, and then many times brush all components of the tooth to preserve oral hygiene.

The material:
Brush handle: the use of the unique ecological beginning of amazing bamboo uncooked materials
Brush bristles: Bamboo fiber degradable inexperienced composite bristles

    Strong sturdiness and put on resistance, special resilience; Soft and smooth
    The go area of bamboo bristles is included with giant and small oval pores, which can take in and evaporate a massive quantity of water in an instant.
    The combination of tea polyphenols in the composite bristles can kill the lactic acid micro organism and different dental caries microorganism between the teeth. It has the impact of inhibiting the undertaking of glucose polymerase, so that glucose can't be polymerized on the bacterial surface so that the microorganism can't be positioned on the tooth and the manner of dental caries formation is interrupted.

The traits
    It is a fully biodegradable toothbrush, in line with the contemporary green, environmental protection, low carbon requirements. Made of excessive fantastic bamboo as the primary cloth and made by way of one of a kind technology, it has the traits of herbal environmental safety and non-toxic

100% biodegradable
    The Brush cope with has a cylindrical, minimalist shape that flawlessly matches every hand. The bristles, made of biodegradable nylon, are mechanically used for up to a few months, and when the brush is finished, it returns safely to Earth.
    After carbonization (high temperature and excessive stress treatment), the bamboo brush has the benefits of no cracking, no deformation, put on resistance, tough toughness, correct inexperienced environmental protection, etc. Shallow carbonization on the groundwork of the above advantages, make the toothbrush extra fresh and clean

Some pointers for the toothbrush:
1. Dentists recommend brushing your enamel twice in the morning and evening, and altering your toothbrush in three months.
2. After the use of the bamboo toothbrush holder, without difficulty dry the extra water of the brush head, and make the brushing positioned upward, hold dry, keep away from pores long-term moisture, bacteria, or free bristles;
3. When you change every new toothbrush, your arms and mouth experience a little unusual at first. It takes 3-5 days to run in!

Why we want to trade the toothbrush:
    The toothbrush is inseparable from the oral fitness device in our each day life, however now not anyone understands how to hold a toothbrush, some humans put a bamboo toothbrush holder set in the hermetic field after they use it, there are even two or three human beings who share a toothbrush, the usage of the toothbrush approach no longer solely cannot smooth mouth, alternatively emerge as the supply of the microorganism in the mouth. The right toothbrush care technique is as follows:
    Brush your tooth after use to wash wholly with water, now not solely to wash the toothbrush residual toothpaste and meals debris, however additionally as a way as viable to dry the moisture on the best bamboo toothbrush, the toothbrush head up into the mouthwash cup, positioned in a dry and ventilated place. That's due to the fact a moist toothbrush can harbor bacteria. Some pupils observed that for each healthful human being and sufferers toothbrushes, after a month of use, there are a massive wide variety of bacterial reproductions on the toothbrush. Dirty toothbrushes now not solely reason gum inflammation, however additionally a supply of contamination for a range of diseases.

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